Different custom sticker printing and their use on boxes

Companies look for cheap packaging options. However, the quality should be best. It allows them to attract more buyers. They can do it while spending less money. So, instead of customizing the whole box, they just make an attractive sticker and paste it on the box. This technique is useful for small boxes. Stickers cover the main area of the box. However, larger boxes need larger stickers as well. Custom sticker printing allows companies to print stickers of all sizes. They can print smaller stickers for gift or retail boxes. Whereas, they can print larger stickers on the mailer or shipping boxes.

Some popular stickers are:

Holographic stickers:

These stickers are very unique for people. When they view these stickers from different sides, they see different colors. This option is not available while customizing boxes. Therefore, it highlights the product among the others. Competitor companies usually use custom boxes. People are tired of seeing the same designs on the boxes. They prefer products that have a unique outlook. Such products appeal to them more.


These stickers make sure that people only buy the original products. Some companies steal the hard work of other companies. They produce a copy of popular products that sell them at lower prices to the people. However, they can not make a copy of these holographic custom stickers. These stickers do not change their color from different directions. Therefore, people can use it as a safety measure to differentiate between real and fake products.

Transparent stickers:

Some companies use sticker printing on transparent sheets. It is useful because it provides a new angle to the sticker. Companies can use different colors of printing. As the background is transparent, it looks cool with all the font colors. Companies do not need to worry and provide a contrasting look. They can match the font color with the product. If cosmetic products are packed in the box, the pink color is suitable for printing.


Companies can prepare these stickers easily. They only need adhesive and a transparent sheet. They can print whatever they want on one side of the sheet. Whereas, they apply adhesive on the other side. It allows easy sticking of the sticker with the box. Companies use these stickers for mailers and shipping boxes. This approach saves money and also makes the box unique. Moreover, companies can prepare these stickers in any shape or size.

White background stickers:

Companies use custom sticker printing on white background paper as well. This allows them to print the sticker on one side, whereas, they can apply the adhesive on the other side and cover it with plain paper. it allows the sticker to be stored for a long time. Companies can also sell these stickers. Children are especially interested in buying such stickers. Companies can also ship these stickers for the retailers to use.


Black fonts on personalized stickers having a white background give a very bold look. People can read easily whatever is printed on the stickers. Therefore, many companies print the price of the product on such stickers. They paste the stickers in front of the box. This enables people to see the price of the product easily. Moreover, companies also use these stickers to print the expiry and manufacturing date of the product. This is important for food items. People need to be sure that the item they are buying is fresh.

Mailer boxes:

Companies use these boxes to send products to their customers. Some products need extra protection therefore companies ship them in boxes. However, clothes are sent in packets. There is no need to customize the whole packet. Instead, companies use custom sticker printing to print stickers on it. It gives a different appearance to the packet. Moreover, companies can also print their logos on the packet. It is a good way of marketing the company.

Shipping boxes:

Companies use these boxes to supply products to retail shops. Some of the products are fragile and need extra care. However, companies do not need to use expensive material or customize the entire box to protect the product, instead they paste a sticker with the sentence ‘handle with care. It Is an effective approach to handle such products. Companies use vibrant colors for these stickers. Shipping companies and retailers pay extra attention to these products. It saves money and also ensures the safety of the product.

Retail boxes:

Companies use these boxes to attract more buyers to their products in the retail shops. Moreover, retailers also prefer these boxes as they are easy to use and compatible with different products. Customizing the whole box requires a lot of money. Moreover, it is not suitable when dealing with a lot of products. It is not possible to customize each box according to the product. Therefore, companies make stickers that are according to the product. They can make large-sized stickers that cover most of the box. These are made in different colors. Therefore, the box becomes a good combination of plain and unique outlook.

These stickers are also very useful for smaller products. Companies print their logo on the sticker and paste the sticker on the front of the box. People can see the product details easily.

Gift boxes:

People prefer to use personalized stickers labels for gift packaging as well. They spend their time and money to find a gift that their loved one will like. However, the packaging of the gift can not be ignored. It makes the gift unique and more valuable than the other gifts. People can use different stickers on the gift boxes. It makes the gift more appropriate for the occasion.


Companies offer red and unique stickers for anniversary gifts. These are present in the shape of a heart too. People can paste them on the gift directly or on the gift box to make it more attractive.


Birthdays demand the use of colorful stickers. Vibrant colored stickers enhance the beauty of birthday gifts.

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