Different Forms of Marijuana and How to Identify Them

With the legalization of cannabis came massive innovation in the industry. The market today contains a variety of products unrecognizable, or even conceivable, just two decades ago. Those new to cannabis can find the menu overwhelming, but with a few basics, you should manage just fine. We discuss cannabis in the many different forms that most of the marijuana dispensaries offer so that you can better identify just what it is:


Cannabis sativa is popular for its uplifting, energizing effects. These plants are typically tall, with reaching stems that grow very long between growth points. This makes them somewhat easy to identify after a brief inspection since they are comparatively leaner than other cannabis varieties. However, any product should state clearly on the label whether it is Sativa- or Indica-leaning.

Sativas offer an option for cannabis enthusiasts to use during the day. These strains are mostly wakeful. They boost stamina, focus, and motivation. This makes them a good choice for getting work done, exercising, or even just getting out and about town. Think adventure. Think about being outdoors. Think actually completing those years-long projects just lying abandoned.


Cannabis indica, on the other hand, is drowsier. Some of these strains can be outright tranquilizing. However, it is not really the Indica responsible for this. Rather, Indica plants tend to express higher levels of myrcene and other sleep-inducing terpenes. These are bushier plants. Shorter. The distance between growth points is smaller, making these plants appear dense when compared to other cannabis plants.

Indicas are most suited to late afternoon, evening, and even bedtime use. Generally, these strains are more relaxing than Sativas are, ideal for lazy days, movie days, and for those recovering after surgery. The more sedative strains can help you keep still for healing. They are not particularly high-energy. Often, you feel introspective and supremely chilled, as opposed to in any way active.


Cannabis ruderalis is, in many ways, macroscopically similar to Indica. These hardy plants grow quickly and survive in some of the coldest and harshest environments. Because these areas have short summers with little light, these plants are ready to harvest in around three months from planting. They are short and dense, but the National Institutes of Health says they are very low in tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

As such, you will rarely find Ruderalis on the shelves. If ever. Instead, breeders use these strains to create hybrids. By crossing these fast-growing, durable plants with potent Sativas and Indicas, you get the best of all. It is possible to use Ruderalis strains on their own, if you do some searching for them, but they are more valuable medicinally than recreationally. Rather, most opt for stronger hybrids.

Understanding Hybrids

Most strains available today are hybrids. You can find pure Sativas and Indicas, but the overwhelming majority is hybrid. Some are half hybrid, others a mere quarter. This allows you to choose your experience, fine-tune it. All legal cannabis should carry a label. This will tell you its exact hybrid ratio, as well as its full cannabinoid, terpenoid, and in some cases, even flavonoid profiles.

A strain with equal parts Indica and Sativa is nicely balanced. Effects are busy and productive, but perhaps without the spacey intensity of pure Sativas or the sleepiness of pure Indicas. A strain with more Sativa will have stronger Sativa effects. One with more Indica will express effects consistent with it. In this way, you can monitor your usage and choose products for your specific mood or situation.

Types of Cannabis Products

The choice available today can be overwhelming for those new to cannabis. Products are simply abundant. Weed comes in many different forms, each with its own unique effects and methods of use. All products should come clearly marked, so you can know what they are without having to open them. Labels should be obvious and tell you what the product is, along with all of its laboratory results.


So much bud is on offer that it can confuse you. There are hundreds of strains. Thousands. Each has its own lineage, its own effects, its own THC percentage, and its own cannabinoid profile. They are unique, yet honestly, much the same too. How do you go about identifying that which is what? How do you know what to buy? You have to consider its parentage, its hybridization ratio, and its potency.


Extracts are everywhere and, like flowers, are easy to identify. Companies extract cannabinoids to make potent concentrates that include products such as tincture, oil, wax, shatter, hash, capsules, and more. These products are typically very potent, as the pure extract is. They are also popular and abundantly available. Just search Google for “weed delivery near me” to learn all about this particular adventure.


Infusing edibles is another form of cannabis. Those who do not enjoy smoking, or those just wanting the intensity of this type of buzz, eat edibles in droves. You can find them infused with a specific strain, or with Sativa, Indica, or hybrid varieties. Brownies were always popular. Today, you can find granola bars, gummies, chocolates, and more. You can even make your own edibles at home if you have cannabutter.


Topical cannabis products include those applied to the skin. Bath salts, creams, lotions, oils, salves, ointments, shampoos, toothpaste, and such are common examples. Topicals do not make you high, but they work locally to provide targeted relief for sore muscles, skin issues, and more. Having said that, transdermal patches can give users a buzz, but this information should be available on its packaging.

Using Marijuana Delivery LA

Cannabis is on offer throughout California. You can find it in all its many forms at any weed store in Los Angeles. You can search “weed delivery near me” in any search engine to find quick service and access to these products and more. If you need to identify any product or are looking for something specific, then our friendly staff are happy to help you better navigate your way through the menu.

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