Discord and Clubhouse: Which One’s the Best for Me?

There are many community-building apps available in the tech world right now. These apps are primarily geared towards people working remotely and trying to collaborate. However, many of these apps can also be used to interact, engage, and connect with friends, family, and fans. Discord and Clubhouse are two such community-building apps out there. Both come with unique offerings and features. You may have read reviews about them online during the ongoing pandemic. Or you may even have seen a tech show on your Spectrum Customer Service Phone Number discussing such collaborative tools. It makes sense if you are confused between choosing one of these. To help make matters easy for you, read through the comprehensive comparison of these two apps. That way you can choose the one that best matches your interests.

About Discord

Discord is an application that comes with many offerings. It can be used for both professional and personal needs. Following are some of the features of this powerful collaborative application.

Cross-platform Support

One of the best features of Discord is that it can work on Windows PC, Android/iOS products, and Mac OS computers as well. You can simply start working on Discord on your Windows PC but simultaneously access it on your phone as well. There are millions of users registered on Discord as of now. The platform is very popular among gamers.

Professional Collaboration

One of the key benefits of using Discord for both freelancers and small businesses is that it can be used for meetings and collaborative work. It is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Teams. Here, you can share your screen, files, and much more for effective work. Discord is also renowned for its privacy features. Rest assured that your data is safe on this platform.

Partner Program

Discord Partner Program is an excellent feature that allows live streamers, tournament organizers, game developers, and content creators to earn rewards from the company. They can easily monetize their skills by becoming a part of this program. There are many features that you can access by joining this program. You can use flash images, invite people to your server, or create a unique URL to attract people to your channel. Apart from this, you can also create animated icons for your profile.

Multiple Servers

Discord allows people to create community servers. You can host different types of servers on a single account and add people of relevant interests to each. Make sure to create rules for each server. Create moderators so that you can moderate the chat easily.

About Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a community platform that has many audio rooms where you can listen to discussions. As soon as the meeting ends, the content will disappear forever. Read about its key features below.

Join Channels Easily

Clubhouse is actually an audio version of Yahoo chat rooms. Over here, you will be able to join different chat rooms and listen to different types of topics under discussion. You won’t need to subscribe to a particular channel. Simply join a room that you like. If you don’t like it, you can leave it instantly.


If you are the owner of a room, you can easily increase the visibility of your channel. Include keywords relevant to the topic under discussion in the first three lines of your bio. People interested in your content will be able to see your channel in the search results.

Social Media Support

Clubhouse will allow you to link your profile with your social media accounts. This will allow you to bring more followers to your channel. They will be able to listen to your broadcast whenever they’re free. This will enable you to get more followers. You can, therefore, have a great time hosting a discussion.

Setting Up Servers

On Discord, setting up a server or channel is quite a complex process. However, on Clubhouse, it is quite easy. Just create a room and invite people by sharing the URL with your contacts on social media.

Summing Up

Both of the apps come with different collaboration options. On Discord, you can easily share files and sensitive data. Not only can you send messages, GIFs, or audio on a server, but you can also make a voice call. However, on Clubhouse, the case is quite different. It is a platform primarily geared towards chat rooms and discussions. Here, you can listen to a meeting related to your interests whenever you want to. Just join it to listen to the discussion and leave instantly if it is boring.

Based on all these propositions, you can make a choice that helps you to work more productively.

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