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Do You Know These Delicious Things About Doritos

Delicious things about Doritos chips every fan should know. Order imported doritos nachos and other flavors in India online for a great snacking time.

Do You Know These Delicious Things About Doritos

Some Not So Well Known Facts Every Fan Of Doritos Should Know

We all know that Doritos Nachos are irresistible! They are crunchy, cheesy, spicy, and addictive once you start popping them into your mouths. But we are sharing some delicious things that every Doritos fan deserves to know. These most-loved imported tortilla chips involve super interesting stores and we can’t wait to share them with all Doritos fans. So while you read this, keep munching your favorite tortilla chip flavor.

It’s a great thing that we can get Doritos in India. You may find them on the top shelves of all the online stores delivering imported snacks in India. Since now you are already snacking on these crunchy cheesy chips, why not know more about them. If you are a huge fan of these tortilla chips, you are going to love this information.

Interesting Things To Learn About Doritos Chips

Doritos chips are basically flavored tortilla chips produced by Frito-Lay, an American company. The first-ever Doritos was Toasted Corn which was launched in 1966.

1. How Doritos Got This Golden Name

A lot is in a name when it’s about your favorite chips. Doritos gets its name from the Spanish word doradito which literally means little fried and golden thing. This is true but there is more to it. Oro is a Spanish word for gold. It was mixed with an extra D before Oro and suffix To from Frito.

2. Doritos Are Triangles

Doritos are inspired by Mexico’s traditional snack Totopo which is very similar to a tortilla. A tortilla is a thin round shaped flatbread made from maize flour. Corn tortillas are said to be made as early as 500 BCE.  Tortillas are round but Doritos symbolize tortillas that are further cut into pie shapes. So if you want to avoid regular potato chips, try these yummy angles!

3. Doritos and DisneyLand

Yes, our favorite Doritos chips were born in Disneyland. Frito-Lay had a restaurant called Casa de Fritos in Frontierland. Frito-Lay contracted with Alex Foods for supplying many items for Casa de Fritos. A salesman suggested turning the surplus tortillas into chips instead of discarding them. As the Vice President Arch West visited the place during his vacation, he persuaded the contractors to mass-produce the chips and sell them nationwide.

4. Father Of Doritos

Arch West who is responsible for bringing Doritos is called the Father of Doritos. Arch West was also testing the taste of new flavors almost until he died. When he passed away in 2011, he was 97. His family members sprinkled these tortilla chips on his grave as he was a big fan of Doritos.

5. What Makes Doritos So Dear

Doritos are engineered to appeal to our tastebuds and brain. Even after we bite them, the dust on our fingers tempts us. The reason is its intense flavory character. The powerful umami flavor is something you will crave due to its stimulating nature. The perfect balance of the powerful tastes prevent any single flavor from overpowering you after you finish the chips. What remains is simply a relishing experience for palates and minds. This makes Doritos unique chips.

6. Super Bowl Ads By Doritos

For many years, Doritos campaigned heavily during the Super Bowl championship Tournaments. The contest Crash the Super Bowl was held in 2007. The ad developers were encouraged to participate and win $100,000 and also to attend the Super Bowl. The contest allowed people to vote for their top five favorite finalists. Two commercials garnered the maximum number of views at the end. The contest had 8 editions in nine years and ran from 2006 to 2016.

7. Most Loved Doritos Flavor

The classic Nacho Cheese is the top-selling in most of the stores though personal favorites differ. By now, Doritos offers many enticing flavors. If you love cheesy snacks,  you should definitely order this flavor. Other popular flavors are Cool Ranch and Spicy Nacho.

8. Doritos Flavors

The original Doritos was not a flavored one. Toasted Corn was the first flavor released in 1966. Taco soon followed a year later and the classic Nacho Cheese came in 1972. And now there have been over 100 different flavors. Some popular ones are Spicy Nacho, Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, and Flamin Hot.

9. Doritos In India

Doritos in India is the third brand of Pepsico after Lay’s and Kurkure. Nacho Cheese and Sweet Chilly were the first to land in India. However, you may not find all the flavors in your nearest stores and markets. But you can find them with the top online stores delivering imported Doritos chips. Thanks to the online deliveries, we have hundreds of options for spicing up our snack time.

10. World Famous Tortilla Chips

Doritos is among the world’s top-selling tortilla chips. It is globally present in more than 50 countries in assorted flavors. It is the most favorite snack in the USA and also popular worldwide.

If you are looking to buy some imported snacks, dips, chocolates, and candies, look no further than SnackZack. Apart from the classic Doritos Nacho Cheese, there are lots of flavors to explore. If you are planning a party, why not order these cheesy and crunchy chips for a great treat for your friends! Or simply surprise your snacky friend by sending gifts of yummy snacks and premium chocolates.

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