Dog Food Online | What Are The Different Types Of Canine Food

Types Of Dog Food And How To Pick The Right One

Feeding the right food is the prime concern of every pet parent today. Buying dog food online is making things easier. But choosing the perfect one is still important. As it should be fulfilling your dog’s nutritional requirements. Many dogs are fussy and enjoy only certain types of food. A deep peek into the types of dog food can help you a lot in understanding your dog’s foods.

Dog foods today are available in many forms, shapes, flavors, and sizes. This boon of having abundant options also confuses dog parents. As we shop for our canine friends, we come across a variety of foods. The types and highlighted food features are sometimes perplexing. If you are a new dog parent, this guide on different types will be a great piece of information for you.

Everything You Need To Know About Different Dog Foods

Here are the major types of dog foods you will find in any reputed pet food store.

1. Kibble or Dry Dog Food

The pet shops are flooded with dry dog food. Needless to say, it is the most popular choice for pet parents. They are made from a variety of ingredients like meat, beef, chicken, rice, grains, and vegetables. Hill’s science diet dog food offers biology-based dry food for your four-legged friends.    

  • Most economical dog food
  • Promotes dental health
  • Satiates their natural instinct to chew
  • Longer shelf life
  • Easy to store and handle
  • Low risk of spoilage

2. Wet Dog Food or Canned Food

The second most popular food for dogs in the market is canned food. This food is more expensive than dry food. The food contains around 75% water. If you are buying wet dog food, look for the label 100% nutritionally complete.

  • Provides plenty of meat protein for pups & dogs
  • A great supplement to your pet’s food
  • Highly palatable and appealing
  • Keeps dogs hydrated
  • Easy to digest

3. Semi-Moist

Semi-Moist dog food contains 20 to 60% water. They are more expensive than the dry option.

  • Provides high energy
  • Highly palatable
  • Adds variety to your dog food
  • Convenient to serve

It also contains higher sugar and salt compared to the first two types. Another drawback is the shorter life span once you open it. Consult your vet before you feed or semi-moist your pets frequently. They can be good for occasional treats but not good for everyday nutrition.  

4. Frozen Dog Food

Frozen dog food is also quite popular and some stores are also door delivering them. It is usually raw or cooked food frozen to keep the freshness and nutrients intact. Stella & Chewy and Instinct are some popular frozen canine food. Other leading brands like Champions also offer digestive care dog food.  

5. Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Raw dog food undergoes a freeze-drying process involving the removal of moisture. The process preserves food and retains nutrients and flavors. They have a good shelf life compared to frozen. Pet nutritionists agree that top-quality protein sources like salmon, turkey, and chicken freeze-dried offer great nutrition.

6. Dog Treats

Treat is a unique food available at pet supply stores that focuses on great taste, flavors, and aroma. Hence they may use artificial flavors and preservatives. They are mostly used for training and rewards. There is nothing wrong with buying treats sometimes. But make sure to buy treats that provide good nutrition and low calories. Some dog chew sticks and bones are good sources of protein. But many dog treats have very high fat, carbohydrates, and oil. Always remember that treats are not a substitute for regular dog food.

7. Grain-Free Food for Dog

Grain-free offerings are what their name suggests. They do not contain any grain like soy, rice, wheat or barley, or oat. These foods are also labeled gluten-free. You can shop grain free dog food online from leading pet stores.

8. Chicken-Free Dog Food

Chicken-free food is specifically for dogs who are allergic to chicken. You will find plenty of dog foods that contain protein sources other than chicken. If your dog or pup is having a chicken protein allergy, you can feed food with beef, turkey, duck, salmon or fish, and lamb. However, always consult your vet before giving tailored food to your dog. Many prescription diet pet food is tailoring ingredients for sensitive dogs.

How To Pick Right Food For Your Dog

When you are buying dog food online, act and think as if you are buying for humans. What suits one dog not necessarily suits the other one. Hence you need to know what is necessary for your dog to keep him healthy and happy. Here are some best dog food tips.

Food For Everyday Nutrition & Good Pet Health

All you need to do is to know what your dog likes and what is good for him. If the dog is having good general health, a glossy coat, healthy skin and joints, good digestion and not having excess fat, everything is right with his diet. If your dog shows some symptoms after eating a certain food, consult your vet.

Stay Away From Allergic Foods

As you get a new pet, find out the food sensitivities and allergies if any. Do not restrict your dog to just a certain ingredient. You can keep them on meat-based as well as non-meat-based nutrients unless they have certain allergies.

Breed and Age Matters

Also, energy and nutritional needs differ for pups, young dogs, senior dogs, and different breeds. Hence, we have Royal Canin puppy food. As nutritional needs of toy breeds vary from that of large breeds. If you are getting food from the market, look for foods suitable for all breeds or toy breeds and large dogs.

Consult Your Vet

No worries if your dog is gaining weight or suffering from allergies and stomach upsets. There are many prescription dog food available today. Your veterinarian may prescribe these foods for your pet once diagnosed. Royal Canin, Hill’s Prescription, Purina, and Blue Buffalo are some leading brands for veterinary food.


In a nutshell, know the food you are buying for your dearest pet. Avoid foods that cause skin allergies or other health problems. Also, do not buy dog food online or in-store very high in artificial flavors and preservatives. Keep a check on calorie contents. Consult your vet to know a properly balanced diet for your dog even if you feed home-cooked food. Good food and care make healthier and happier dogs!

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