10 Effective Study Habits to Learn Efficiently

We all know that it is difficult to study in the same rhythm in long run. We all face some distraction and issue that prevents us to study effectively. To avoid those situations, here we are going to discuss ten effective study habits to learn efficiently.

10 Effective Ways to Study

These are effective study habits that you can apply in your study routine.

1. Make a Schedule

Make a schedule – a study time, that should be religiously followed every day. This will help in keeping up with studying at school and make preparation for exams a less tedious process. Also, keep you updated and make studies not so grilling.

2. Avoid Procrastination

This is one habit that sticks to you for your whole life if not corrected in childhood. Putting off things of importance not only is harmful, but is also a vital reason for lethargy, lack of success in life, and fall in academic records.

3. Take Regular Intervals

Take regular intervals between studies. Taking intervals is one of the most effective study habits. Ideally, study for around 50 minutes and then take a 10-minute break to munch, a walk or just chat with family. It is better to avoid watching television during this break. You can explore some study break ideas to make your intervals more engaging.

4. Cleanliness

To start with studies, the first step is a eat and tidy ambiance and surroundings. Keep your study area as clean as possible and away from noises. Always, keep your study table neat and clean.

5. Daily Revision

Prepare questions about the chapter that will be discussed in the following class. This will help you identify areas that you don’t understand. Regular revision helps you to retain your knowledge for long time.

6. Realistic Goals

Know your capacity to study and your intake power. Do not set the goal of completing four chapters if you can do only three comfortably. This way you achieve realistic goals which do not build stress. And devote time accordingly without rushing it.

7. Put on Paper

Putting important things on paper is an intelligent and effective study habits. Write down answers, solve math sums and science problems, and write down all you study. When you just read, half of the things do not register, but when you attempt to write, you know which piece of information you have missed. Your speed also increases. The mistakes thus stand corrected and you are in a better position to answer the exam and perform well in class and elsewhere. The written word comes from the mind and is an accumulation of all that you have been able to get inside it. It is most efficient habits for effective study. It will surely help you in exam prep like government job preparation.

8. Practical Usage

Put to practical usage any new concept that you learn. This can be specially done with science experiments and languages which are easy to perform at home. Doing so will help you understand the concept with clarity and also help you remember it for the rest of your life as you have witnessed it. This is a great learning kit. More you put to use any information, the more likely is that you will never forget it.

9. Highlighting

Highlighting helps in easy revisions and to note down the important definitions, formulas, etc. Also, it is an innovative but effective study habits. Sincere students typically always have a pencil in hand or a marker while studying, and underline or bracket the important areas. During exams, just one glance and you know which are the essential parts. Later on, when you go through your books a few years later, these highlights help your memory.

10. Discuss with Seniors and Teachers

Being in constant consultation and guidance of those who are experienced is an activity that makes for a better education process. In a classroom, a teacher’s attention is divided innumerably. It is when a student takes the effort to individually meet the teacher with queries, doubts, and problems, are needs and questions answered. Your seniors have passed a similar stage that you are in, thus talking to them will only provide you with tips and tricks, answers, and the dos.

Last Words

As discussed above we need to enjoy our study time, not take it as a burden. You can follow 10 effective study habits to learn effectively. Thanks for reading this article. I hope you like this.

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