Chennai: The Emerging Data Centre Hub in India

The data centre market in India sees a surge due to various policy initiatives by the government that has helped widen the customer base and increased corporate requirements for data storage. CBRE report for 2021 suggests that the Indian data centre market is set to grow exponentially this year and on-wards with rising demand and supply of various services. Data centres are at the helm of this transition in demand. It suggests that recent years have seen the emergence of important new locations for data centres in the Asia Pacific, where, in India, Mumbai, and Chennai are emerging markets.The modern data centre in Chennai is getting attention due to its geographical proximity to key Asian cities.

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Data Centre Chennai: The Emerging Market

Among other reasons for the Chennai data centre market growth is the trend of submarine cable landing stations. Additionally, adequate power and real estate facilities are also making it a favorable destination for fulfilling demand and supply requirements.

Chennai has impressionable optic fibre network connectivity with undersea cable landing stations, delivering a bandwidth of 2 X 200 Gbps speed.It is coupled with a high scale of network reliability, which has led to the emergence of the data centre Chennai hub. With remote working being the new norm, companies look towards adopting smart technologies rapidly. It has, in turn, created a surge in the demand of data centre services. Further, lower data tariffs, smart TV, OTT consumptions, and personal data protection bill with various Digital India programs drive the market demand.

The city holds an advantage due to its coastal location,where it is easy to build these modern facilities. Data centres in Chennai are upgrading their infrastructure in lieu of such increasing demands.

Recently, the surge in data storage and processing requirements resulting from increased levels of remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic has also generated significant requirements for additional data centre capacity. Under this surge, the colocation data centre in Chennai is seeing increased demand.

Features of Data Centre in Chennai

Colocation data centres in Chennai are helping organizations operate smoothly in this technologically-driven business world, where expanding IT infrastructure has become essential. It offers various features which are necessary for business continuity operations.

  • Carrier Neutrality

A company-owned data centre facility is generally limited to a single network carrier supplied by its network service providers. However, the modern colocation data centre in Chennai is carrier-neutral, where enterprises can choose their preferred inter connectivity partner. Some advanced data centres in Chennai also provide network redundancy facility.

  • On-Demand Support

24*7 support facility is crucial for handling technical issues and monitoring infrastructure through video surveillance. Besides, an advanced data centre in Chennai provides 24*7 multi layer physical security at all facilities for the smooth functioning of a business’s mission-critical operations. Since support services are available on-demand round the clock, you can get a rapid response from technicians available on the site.

  • Security and Compliance

Ideally, a colocation centre must have multilayer high-level physical security inside-out.Additionally, video surveillance and hi-tech security devices at the premises offer enhanced protection from intrusion. Apart from security, data centre Chennai also meets compliance requirements for running facilities with specific tier availability and high uptime. They are compliant-ready and follow guidelines specified under TIA 942 standard.

These features of the modern data centre in Chennai are helping organizations operate smoothly. Since all these facilities are available in the city and are only bound to grow, Chennai is proving to be a significant data centre hub in India after Mumbai.

Choosing a Colocation Partner in Chennai

As trends and technological advancements improve, major players look forward to utilizing available resources in the city. The data centre in Chennai is considered a perfect partner in all aspects.

STT GDC India is a renowned colocation data centre provider that operates in multiple locations. The organization has recently been awarded as Frost & Sullivan Colocation Service Provider of the Year 2021. Carrier-neutral data centre in Chennai by STT GDC India connects with multiple global telecom service providers for enhanced inter connectivity. Besides, they provide security, reliability, connectivity, and modular infrastructure design facilities to accommodate all of their tenants’ needs.

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