Ensure the Success of Digital Marketing Strategies with Explainer Video use

One of the popular means to increase the success of digital marketing strategy today is the incorporation of explainer videos. These engage the viewers and turn them loyal.

The explainer video refers to a powerful concept helping organisations to enhance the business outreach and awareness by attracting the attention of viewers. This has a positive impact with long-lasting effects on minds of the target audience. With explainer video animation, startups can compete with big and established companies, encouraging people to buy products. This adds to the revenue stream while helping to build rapport with the customers. After displaying the services and products with videos streamlining the forms and services becomes easier.

Reaching the pinnacle of success in business is possible especially when you are using the video solutions to reach the target audience. You want to use the right one to reach out to the people you want.

Using an explainer video as a digital marketing strategy

Most organizations today use these videos to market their products and services. This strategy helped organization to increase their click-through and conversation rate by 27-34%. The best videos are engaging and creative, ideal for generating organic traffic and revenue. This works well for both large and small organizations. Some touchpoints for incorporating the videos are the following.

  • Landing page video: subpar content on home page increase bounce rate for the organization. Addition of the video to the home page of the business page proves to be useful for 83% organizations. There is an increase in potential sales and customers. Get a greater number of clicks as the customers understand the services and products available better. Short and impressive videos uploaded to the landing page works well as part of the marketing strategy of the companies.
  • Social networking videos: today you find most things on the social media platforms and posts containing videos get 48% more views. Businesses today create interesting explainer video to publish on various social networking channels and this assures tremendous growth in customers. Stronger relationships increase the productivity of businesses so make live and short videos to attract attention.
  • Email containing videos: converting visitors into possible customers is a difficult process but with videos, increasing visitor’s interest and click-through rates becomes easier. In general, people consider emails boring so hardly anyone reads this. Improve its open rate with explainer videos to share information with their target audience in an interactive way.
  • Paid ads with videos: people become aware of the services and products from companies through video ads making this an effective and trending way. Most marketers are using videos today to improve the ROI. Use attractive and informative videos to portray the personality of the brand. Engaging the buyers this way is easier and you can inspire them to buy your services or products.
  • Client testimonials: incorporation of videos in the testimonials is another successful marketing strategy. The testimonials from happy customers on the website is common for businesses and you can add to their effectiveness with videos involving real people. The loyal customer is happy to share their genuine and personal experiences regarding the organization. The trust of the customer depends on the authenticity and transparency of the videos made.
  • FAQ: take your customer experience to the next level by answering the problems faced by them through demonstrative videos. The strength of the customer base increase when they get fast solutions or services.

Benefits of using the explainer videos

  • Increase brand awareness: creating and uploading engaging and conceptual videos leads to significant improvement in awareness regarding your brand. High number of customers view the videos uploaded on the websites. Creating the videos is affordable so does not require much time and money involvement.
  • Increase conversation rates: converting customers into leads is not easy but is possible with good explainer videos. Studies show that 74% viewers of the videos make subsequent purchases. The brain catches the visual and infographics better than other content.
  • Explanations are easier: answer the queries of the customers effectively with videos to demonstrate the solution. Better understanding increases the engagement. Study show that 83% businesses found addition of video to the homepage useful as this attracts attention of the viewers. The best videos combine entertainment and simplicity so create content in a way that tells a story and the users can relate to it personally. Approximately, 69% users learn about the services and products through videos.
  • Increase in social shares: this increases the productivity and more sharing equals business growth. Posting the videos on various social sites increase the shares by 1200% than regular text and image.


Sharing information becomes effective and better when you use videos as these boosts sales, conversion rates, and build trust. There are different areas to use the videos and this increase revenue generation and overall business performance. Incorporate animated video production in your digital marketing strategy today to start seeing the difference.

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