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About WhizAi -Enterprise BI Solutions Leader in Health Care Sector:

WhizAI empowers life sciences, Health Care organizations by accelerating time to insight.The Enterprise BI Solutions combines pre-trained and configurable models and unrivaled domain expertise.

Every question asked by the user further automates the system to understand context and intent.

Unlike search-based analytics platforms, which require users to learn predefined keywords, WhizAI’s NLP-based user experience allows life sciences users to ask questions using their own words via text or voice without any training or coding.  Achieve 100% user adoption with WhizAI making it as one of the leaders in the field of Enterprise BI Solutions  & Market Access Analytics Pharma

WhizAi solutions for:  

  • Field sales analytics
  • Brand insights
  • Market Access
  • Patient Services &
  • Manufacturing

Why WhizAI for Field Analytics for Enterprise BI Solutions  Industry

Deliver instant actionable insights into the prescribing trend of an HCP, for instance, pre-call insights, and address real-time ad-hoc requests from HCPs with self-serve capability for the field reps.

Scale to large volumes of data and provide agility in accessing information. Reduce time to market in addressing shifting market dynamics with self-serve capability and reduce dependency on IT.

Reduce the time lag in accessing actionable insights and empower commercial operations to create dashboards within minutes to track sales performance and create a holistic business view.

Integrate multiple data sources to measure campaign effectiveness and generate insights to map HCP preference with available marketing campaigns and create personalized messaging for Market Access Analytics Pharma Industry Customers all over the world.

Why WhizAI for Enterprise BI in Healthcare Indutry Solutions

Fine-tune brand strategy with continuous AI-powered insights that dig through your data to instantaneously show changes in customer behavior.

Get deep insights into performance drivers to develop and refine brand strategies and effectively fine-tune planning efforts.

Increase ROI across the organization - including improved sales efficiencies, product maximization, and overall competitive advantage with advanced machine learning-based insights.

Enhance market planning and situation analyses and improve forecasting accuracy by incorporating multiple datasets and metrics.

Why WhizAI for Market Access

Understand payer/plan dynamics and market access restrictions for brands and competitors to increase access to new patients and productivity.

Gain faster, deeper insights into market access dynamics and provide visibility into all geographic markets supporting national and regional analytics.

Evaluate rejection codes to assess reasons for product refusal.

Track trends in patient access and reimbursement.

Track claim adjudication between the retail pharmacy, payer, and patient at the point of sale.

Add another layer of detail to ‘New to Brand’ analyses by capturing the share of different types of claims.


220 Davidson Ave, Suite 105,

Somerset, NJ, USA 08873


Ideas to Impacts, Unit No 101,

Lane No 3, Pallod Farms, Baner,

Pune, Maharashtra – 411045


Vikentiya Khvoiky St,

18/14, second floor,

Office 209 Kyiv 0200

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