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Swings and climbing frames for the children's room

Swings and climbing frames for the children's room

Swinging, climbing, balancing – with a lot of enthusiasm, children train their sense of balance and motor skills at the same time. And non toxic baby swings are not only possible on the playground, but also in the children's room! We show you gymnastic equipment and toys that work even in the smallest children's room.

Childhood memories: Climbing course in the children's room

In my childhood there was a boy in my preschool class who had all sorts of opportunities for gymnastics in his nursery. He had a climbing wall, a swing and you were also allowed to go up on the furniture. That must have been so impressive for me as a child that I can still remember it exactly today.

Children love to climb in their own walls. Away from TV, iPad and Co: Made room for newly designed movement possibilities:

Swings for the home

Swings such as those from the Finnish brand Lillagunga provide a highlight in every children's room. Even the little ones were thought of. With the toddler swing in different color variants, they are not neglected either. Whether romping or measuring forces – fun for young and old is pre-programmed here. Some swings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Gymnastic equipment without mounting

Childhood memories are awakened once again. Who still knows him from the schoolyard: the yellow Pedalo balance trainer. This is certainly also fun for the adults.

If you have enough space available at home, you can create a home parkour. Suitable for this are a slide or a balance beam for balancing, a climbing triangle or a large wooden rocker.

The Wobbelboard is at the same time seesaw and bridge to climb over it or play.

Gymnastic equipment for attaching to the wall and ceiling

In a small room you may have the possibility to attach a few rings or a trapezoidal rod for gymnastics in the middle of the room. The rings are suitable for children from the age of three and can also be used by adults. Especially under gymnastic rings and rung walls, a soft play mattress makes sense, which sometimes cushions falls or jumps.

Climbing wall in the children's roomClimbing handles for attaching to the wall such as these from the Danish label That's weight limit for baby swings mine are available in a set of 8 in the colors gray, white and black. The appropriate type of fastening for wooden walls, concrete or stone masonry can be selected when buying. All of the brand's products, which designer Mette Neerup Mariager brings out for her brand, are designed, produced and packaged in Denmark.

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