After 1050 recharge cycles, Microsoft Surface Pro start falling apart. Sometimes, due to varied reasons, the battery gets down. Amidst the recent outbreak, you don't need to buy a new Microsoft Surface or visit the Microsoft Surface Store.

You can do the replacement on your own. Don’t know how to do it? The guide will help you get a perfect replacement if you follow it to the end. However, before you do that, check the battery. You need to be sure whether the battery needs to be replaced or not.

2 Ways to Check the Battery Status

Need to check whether the battery needs to be replaced? Check the points mentioned below.

·        Hold down the Option key for some time and then click on the battery icon. Now, at the top of the icon, you will see the battery health and will be listed as Service Battery, Replace Now, and Replace Soon.

·        Alternatively, you can tap on the ‘About This Surface’ option. Next, tap on the System Report button. Finally, select the Power option. Under here, you are able to see the battery status.

Easy Hacks to Replace the Microsoft Surface Pro battery

Follow the given techniques and replace the battery on your own.

Removable Batteries (Before 2009)

If you are using a Microsoft Surface Pro with a removable battery, follow the steps provided below.

Step 1

First, you need to shut down your laptop. Now, use a screwdriver and remove the ten screws from the bottom of the laptop. There are three long screws. Remember the positions and place of the screws.

Step 2

Place your fingers between the vent and the lower case now. After that, push the lower case toward you to remove the clips that keep the lower and upper cases together. Set aside the lowercase letters. Then, to avoid short-circuiting, cautiously remove the battery from the logic board. To reach the battery, pull the battery towards you.

Step 3

Remove the 6.5 mm tri-wing screws from the upper case with a Y1 screwdriver as well. So that you don't lose them, put them away with the other screws. Carefully lift up one corner of the upper case using a plastic opening tool. Remove the battery sticker only if absolutely necessary.

Step 4

Afterward, lift up the battery and carefully remove it from the upper case. Now, insert the new battery where the old battery was located. Next, you need to reconnect the battery in the same area from where you removed it.

Thoroughly inspect the logic board in order to make sure that the battery is connected properly and no screw is missing. Furthermore, you should place the laptop back to the lower case and then connect the lower case to the upper case.

Microsoft Surface Pro Battery Replacement Dubai

In-Built Battery (2012 and later)

Are you using a Microsoft Surface Pro model that was built in 20012 or a later one? If yes, then the battery is in-built. It can be a challenging task to replace the battery on your own. Also, there’s no other way to replace the battery without taking the Microsoft Surface to a service center. In short, it would be a wise decision if you handed over the task to the professionals.

Now, in order to replace the battery, search for a nearby Microsoft Surface and inform them about your problem. They have trained people who can replace the in-built battery. Unfortunately, if there’s no Microsoft Surface Center near your location, you should take a look at the Authorized Providers in your locality. Check who offers the most reliable battery replacement.

Microsoft Surface Pro Battery Replacement (2022 and Beyond)

In the past, built-in Microsoft Surface Pro models had glued batteries that were quite tricky to remove. Also, you had to replace the aluminum top case entirely. However, Microsoft Surface is trying a brand-new approach with the upcoming models where you can remove the battery using special tools.

However, this facility is only available for the 2022 Microsoft Surface All models. And, Surface never mentioned that they charge an additional fee for the replacement.

Microsoft Surface Pro Battery Replacement Service in All over Dubai, UAE

Microsoft Surface Pro Battery Replacement in Dubai Are you suffering from trouble with the battery of your laptop? We are here for you to deal with your problem. We are sure to use a 100% original battery. We provide free pick and delivery service anywhere in Dubai to save your precious time and money. We Offer One year warranty for MS Surface battery replacement. Just you need to do call us on our toll-free number  +971 52 325 2808 or leave your inquiry our experts will get you soon.

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