Eyebrow transplant - A permanent solution for eyebrow hair loss

Eyebrows play an important role in shaping the features of the face. They act as the face frame. They help give a good first impression to other people while meeting them. Eyebrows help us express our emotions too.

Some people have fuller eyebrows naturally. While others use makeup products to fill their eyebrow lines and make them look fuller. But it’s not always the best and most convenient option. It takes a lot of time and if not done right they don’t look good.

Besides that, people nowadays want a permanent solution to their every problem.  If you also want and are looking for a permanent solution for eyebrow hair loss. You are looking in the right place.

Eyebrow hair loss treatment is done with the help of an eyebrow transplant. It is the most effective treatment for eyebrow hair loss. Its results are also amazing.

Eyebrow restoration:

Eyebrow restoration helps you in getting both to extend the shape of your eyebrows or help you make them look fuller and thicker. There was a time when sharp thin eyebrows were in fashion. Nowadays, women like to have thicker and fuller eyebrows. As they look attractive and give your face a nice touch.

How eyebrow transplant can help you:

If you get burnt in the eyebrow area, which damages your hair follicles in this area, and as a result, you are experiencing thin eyebrows and no eyebrows. You can be helped with an eyebrow transplant.

Same as overly plucked eyebrows, genetic hair loss in eyebrows, and Trichotillomania (the urge to pull out your hair in stress the urge is irresistible the person feels compelled to fill out their hair some people fill out hair from the scalp, some from eyebrows or any other part of the body). So the people suffering from this disorder can be helped to restore their eyebrow hair by eyebrow transplant.

Other than this, an eyebrow transplant helps you to construct your eyebrows from scratch. It helps you to deal with a patchy eyebrow. You can change the shape, and extend your shape using the eyebrow hair transplant.

What is an eyebrow transplant?

Eyebrow transplant is a technique in which hair follicles are taken from your scalp and transplanted by an experienced and certified doctor to your eyebrow area. This will promote the natural growth of hair in your eyebrow region.

Which technique does an eyebrow transplant use?

The eyebrow transplant uses the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique. FUE technique works as the hair restoration is done, in which the hair follicles are taken from the back of your head or any other area of your body that has hair and doesn’t fall out. These hair follicles were then transplanted to your scalp area.

The difference between both procedures is the recipient zone. In a hair transplant, hair follicles are transplanted to the scalp and in an eyebrow transplant, hair follicles are transplanted to the eyebrow area.

Steps to perform an eyebrow transplant:

In 4 steps, an eyebrow transplant is performed

·         Consultation with a doctor

·         Harvesting the hair follicles

·         Placing the hair follicles

·         Recovery and follow-ups.

How does an eyebrow transplant work?

Same as the scalp hair restoration works using (FUE). In an eyebrow transplant, the hair follicles are taken from above the eye area and above the neck area. Because these areas don’t get much hair fall and the hair follicles of these areas are stronger than the rest.

Hair follicles from these areas are removed and stored in chilled saline water. The doctor will then transplant these hair follicles into your eyebrow area.

While doing that the doctor will keep in mind the structure of your face and how it should be planted so it will look good and not fake. The surgeon will study all those things first and then start the transplanting process.

Planting them requires high precision, only that way you can achieve a natural look.

The whole procedure doesn’t involve stitches, so no stitches marks will be there. A punching device is used to extract hair follicles. This device helps leave no scar. To transplant these hair follicles to the eyebrow eye a microscope is used to ensure the precision of the process and to ensure that the number of hair stands are enough to shape the eyebrow or not.

How much time is required for an eyebrow transplant?

It takes a few hours. Usually, 200-300 hair grafts are required to fill up an eyebrow hair

Does the procedure hurt?

In eyebrow hair loss treatment, local anaesthesia will be given to you. So you won’t feel any pain. Once it starts giving its effect the doctor will begin the surgery.

How much time it takes to show visible results:

The eyebrow hair loss treatment once done can take up to 3 months. Thy grafted hair will first fall out and new hair in those areas will come out.

The doctor will make sure that the hair will come out in the area where the hair follicles were transplanted

Does that process needs timely touch-ups:

Usually, an eyebrow transplant can work for a year or more. But if you want clearer results and fuller eyebrows you can have a touch-up treatment after 9 months.

What are the pros of eyebrow transplant?

·         The natural growth of thicker eyebrows.

·         Fuller eyebrows.

·         No more makeup to draw fake eyebrows.

·         Leaves no scars.

·         Covers scars of burn on the eyebrow.

·         Gives your eyebrow a natural look.

Because the process uses your hair follicles to perform the process, it is very rare to develop any kind of infection or allergy.


Eyebrow transplant for hair loss is the best way to deal with thin eyebrows, burnt eyebrows, and short eyebrows and to draw a new eyebrow from scratch. The technique used for eyebrow transplant is FUE (follicular unit extraction), the process takes the hair follicles from your scalp and places them in your eyebrow area by using a microscope. The micro-scope helps in placing these grafts with precision. The process involves no stitches and is done under local anaesthesia. The results of this process are amazing. It will help promote the growth of natural, fuller, and thicker eyebrows.

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