Famous Astrologer In Ludhiana

In Ludhiana, a bustling city in the heart of Punjab, the mystical art of astrology holds a significant place in the lives of its residents. From seeking guidance for important life decisions to finding solace in times of uncertainty, astrology serves as a compass navigating through life's complexities. In this vibrant city, several renowned astrologers have earned admiration and trust for their profound insights and accurate predictionsAstrology has deep roots in Indian culture, where the positions and movements of celestial bodies are believed to influence human affairs and natural phenomena. Ludhiana, known for its rich cultural heritage, embraces astrology as an integral part of its social fabric. Families often consult astrologers during auspicious occasions such as weddings, childbirth, or starting new ventures, seeking blessings and guidance to ensure a prosperous future.

Top 10 Famous Astrologers in Ludhiana

1.  Samadhan Astrologer

Famous Astrologer In Ludhiana

Samadhan Astrology is the most popular and best organization committed to offering all kinds of astrology or numerology. We are basically meet our customers’ different need and also find out the best solution to the difficulties needs or problems. Samadhan Astrology basically helps to provide the flexible programs such as Annual, monthly astrology or numerology.

This is the reason most of the people are like to prefer our services. Samadhan astrology has the wonderful experience and more knowledge about numerology. We also try to give the best and positive hope to everyone . Samadhan astrology basically over 15 years of experience in the field of astrology. We also have been awarded on various forms of astrology. Samadhan astrology provides the many types of services which are the help to make the best and easy life of everyone.

This all is helpful to provide the solution to all problems which are you faced in your life. In astrology basically, numerology is depended upon the numbers So that’s why With the help of numbers pandit Nitin Shastri Ji find your all life problems and also provide the best Astrology services in India , Best astrology solution in Jalandhar also used  Numerology Specialist in India for the better understanding in all over the world and ourselves as individual .  pandit ji provide all solution for the making best and better your whole life. Our astrologers are more expert in astrology that’s why they find out your life issues for the solving all difficult problems.

For the reason of astrology, Pandit Ji also expert in black magic . with the help of black magic they solve your all problems like love marriage, family issues or anything else pandit Nitin Shastri Ji solved in few days this is the reason pandit Ji was also known as best astrology services in India.  Pandit Nitin Shastri Ji is the No.1 Astrologer in India, We have many years of experience  in the Astrology Field

Contact Details

Address: Shop No. 182/1, Sodal Road, Opp. Ramleela Ground, Mathura Nagar, Ludhiana
Phone Number: +91 96506 44380
Email: [email protected]

2.  Jagdamba Astro

Famous Astrologer In Ludhiana

We offer best astrological solutions for problems which are related to business, vastu, stress, diseases , education, career, property etc.

Astrologer Rajinder Malhotra has more than 15 years of experience and has more than 1000 satisfied clients from all over the world.We provide consultation in kundali/horoscope analysis, vastu, match making, havan and puja, gemstone recommendation.

Being one of the best astrologer, we ensure to solve all your problems in the best possible time period.The key factor of our success is that we do not make our clients be afraid of some unnecessary superstitions. Instead we motivate them and guide them to follow some astrological remedies so that they can get rid of their problems.

Contact Details

Address: Suffian Bagh Road Issa Nagri, Mohar Singh Nagar Ludhiana, Punjab 141008, India
Phone Number: 9814278941
Email: [email protected]

3. Vedic Astrology Centre

Famous Astrologer In Ludhiana

Neeraj Sharma (Renowned Astrologer Globally) who guides everyone who comes to him irrespective of their religion, caste or social status. He heals the problem through power of prayers (Prayers is simply a two way conversation between human and God), remedies and stones. He gives best possible solution to his followers and reconciles their problems in the best possible way.

His services are based on passion for this science along with 12 years of experience and an extensive knowledge. Almost everyone has heard about the astrology and most of the people are aware of the sun signs.

Usually people read the daily horoscope in newspapers and also read predictions on various website and magazine, etc. If you want to know your correct horoscope and future, then must visit Vedic Astrology Centre and meet Astrologer Neeraj Sharma.

Being an Astrologer Mr. Neeraj Sharma wants to reach out and help people, because he feels that one’s life depend on the luck then astrology has to reach the end user because he needs it.Astrologer Neeraj sharma’s office Vedic Astrology Centre is in Global business Park Zirakpur it is very close to the Chandigarh and Panchkula. He has established himself as an astrologer with the right knowledge of astrology.

Contact Details

Address: Shop No 5, Lower Ground Floor, Asian Lak Tower, behind Anshul plaza, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001
Phone Number: +91 9988747095
Email: [email protected]

4. Profgurdeep Arora

Famous Astrologer In Ludhiana

Prof. Gurdeep Arora was born in 1974, and from the childhood, he follows the religious path to find the one light (GOD). He start searching the GOD in his life and starts the Journey in year 1988 with first visit to Amarnath Yatra.

To find the GOD in real life, he starts searching and visting most of the religious places in ALL INDIA, Including Temples, Guru Dwara’s, He also meet many Indian Rishi Muni to find the truth about real GOD. After that he got the answer from his soul that Astro is the real GOD, By Astro you can help people. Astrology helps to make the people happier, healthy and peaceful.

Thus he learned about the astrology for a long time and running a very good orgnization in ludhiana. Where he tells about the people life predections and remedies with a very successful rate as a Skilled Astrologer.

Jai Maa Astrologer Provides complete and remarkably accurate Astrology Kundli and Relating Features and Advice, Horoscopes and Relationship Answers . Very early in his childhood he lost his innocent heart to the mystical and the para-normal subjects. And thus, mesmerized he fumbled his way through the study of Astrology, Kundli, Red Book, Palmistry, Numerology, Gemology, Rekiki & Vastu Shastra.

Just during the days of doing studies, he started to find the depth of Astrology Listen truth of life on solution of problems is just systematic remedies of all problems like Kundali Matching , Reading and Matching, Palmistry, Marriage, Reiki and many Vaastu and Permanent resolution of all astrological and metaphysical problems etc.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91 9914600832
Email: [email protected]

5. Acharya Astrologer

Famous Astrologer In Ludhiana

We, ACHARYA ASTROLOGER are dedicate to spread the Spiritual Astrology all over the world. Each and everyone should have all the benefits of Spiritual Astrology and Vastu to get rid of all troubles and to live a joyful life. We are putting our all efforts to spread this true Knowledge through best media ,News papers,events etc. Pandit Gaurav ACHARYA is blessed by the Almighty (GOD) to have the capabilities to treat the people in such a way that they really overcome all of their problems in a magical way.

Solving various problems of individual’s life, we have become one of the leading names in the field of astrology. We have been providing various types of astrological services like vedic Jyotish,Lal Kitab,Numerology,Vastu,Tantra Shastra,Gems Cunsultation & and so on. With our astrological services, we provide best solutions for various obstacles come in personal life, professional life,social Life,career etc.

Today, we have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the preeminent providers of Astrology Services In India. Our astrology services are given by well experienced and knowledgeable Pandit Gaurav ACHARYA , who has been purely dedicated towards humanity. With our services, we are sure to create a positive environment, prosperity and mental peace. By showing the right path to the valuable clients, we assist them in spending a peaceful, productive and happy life.

Contact Details

Address: #59 GF, Pink Flats-Sant Isher Singh Nagar, Pakhowal Road,Ludhiana-141001 Punjab, INDIA.
Phone Number: (+91) 9914144100

6. Pandit Gopal Shastri

Famous Astrologer In Ludhiana

Pandit Gopal Shastri ji is the renowned astrologer who has excellence in astrology. He is best astrologer because until now he has made many predictions, which actually become true for many. He believes in the astrology and its effect on human lives. His perspective towards the life and astrology has made him famous and get honoured by many organizations. He understands human beings and helps them to achieve their life’s dream. A person if ever faces any shortcomings in their life they can come to him for the solution.

Pandit Gopal Shastri ji has a profound knowledge about the astrological sub-branches like:We know every person does have some problem. Handling all those issues is not sometimes easy. So, to tackle all those problems, astrology is the best remedy. This actually makes it easy for a person to handle the situation and makes it possible to come out of trouble. Whatever the problem you are facing, we have the best and proven astrological solution to tackle those problems. Our astrological procedures surely work in a good way and people can get the finest possible results soon. So, stop worrying about any particular situation and use astrology to get rid of all the troubles.

Contact Details

Address:  Aggar Nagar - B Block, Ludhiana
Phone Number: +91-7888878978
Email: [email protected]

7. Ajay Astro

Famous Astrologer In Ludhiana

Based in Punjab, Ajay Astro was established in the year 1994, with sole intent of making everyone life happy, wealthy and prosperous. Under the effective headship of Mr. Ajay Verma (Bunty) who has been in this stream since 1989, the Owner of the Company

who gained this knowledge from his father, Sh. Baldev Raj Verma (Astrologer and Research scholar of LAL KITAB since 1974). Who gained this knowledge from Pandit Roop Chand Joshi. He reguarly gone to Pandit Ji till 1981. We have grown tremendously and scaled new horizons of success. With our services, we have brought major changes in the life of many people. Our proficiency lies in offering clients with services including Matchmaking Services, Janampatri Services, Pyravastu, Vastu Consultancy, etc.

Contact Details

Address:  Verma Arcade, B-XX 2027 Gobind Nagar, Near P.A.U. Gate No.3, Gobind Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab - 141001, India.
Phone Number: 9356 830 953
Email: [email protected]

8. Jatinder Pahwa

Famous Astrologer In Ludhiana

Jatinder Pahwa, popularly known as Johney-ji, hails from Ludhiana, Punjab and is the son of Krishan Lal Pahwa. Krishan Lal Pahwa was a frequent visitor to Pandit Roop Chand Joshi and that is how Johney-ji developed an early interest in Lal Kitab. Roop Chand-ji gave Krishan Lal Pahwa the Lal Kitab which was originally scripted by him in Urdu. At the age of 13, Johney-ji with the help of a Urdu translator, translated and interpreted the whole book in Hindi thereby starting his journey into the world of Lal Kitab.

His early clientele included family members and friends and over time his popularity soared with clients from across the world. He has been an expert in the field for over 45 years and has helped thousands of people find remedies to their day-to-day hassles and make the right life choices for a prosperous living.

Contact Details

Address:  Flats-Sant Isher Singh Nagar, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana-141001 Punjab, INDIA.
Phone Number: +91 99152 33913
Email: [email protected]

9.  Astrologer Rajni Kapoor

Famous Astrologer In Ludhiana

Astrologer Rajni Kapoor is an experienced and well-respected astrologer who specializes in KP Astrology, Vastu, Astro Vastu, Nadi Astrology, and Lal Kitab. She has been providing guidance to clients for over a decade, and is known for her expertise in interpreting natal charts and other horoscopes with precision. She is also well known for her ability to provide accurate and helpful advice on personal and career issues. She is highly sought after for her expertise in the field of astrology.

Astrologer Rajni Kapoor is an expert in KP Astrology, Vastu, Astro Vastu, Nadi Astrology, and Lal Kitab. For over a decade her reputation has been built on expertise with natal charts and precise guidance with personal and career issues.Her expertise lies in her ability to interpret natal charts and other related horoscopes with accuracy.

Her services are available at reasonable rates as well. She also assists clients with advice regarding their career and personal life issues. Rajni Kapoor can answer any question related to astrology with ease and precision.Astrologer Rajni Kapoor is one of India's most renowned astrologers. Her accurate assessment of charts and other related horoscopes has made her a name to reckon with in the industry.

Contact Details

Address: Shop No. 159, Guru Ram Das Market, Opposite Shitla Mata Mandir, Phase 1, Dugri, Ludhiana, Punjab, India 141003
Phone Number: +91 623 973 3015
Email: [email protected]

10. shubh Urja

Famous Astrologer In Ludhiana

We all know that in Jyotish Shastra i.e. Astrology, in order to bring wellness and good changes in our life we take the help of Yantra, Mantra, Tantra, Gems, Numerology and colours. In Vaastu Shastra, we use Pyramid Yantra etc. and in Reiki we take the help of healing crystals and symbols to cure ourselves. It is also mentioned in our Religious Scriptures that they have a specific energy.

God has provided us with ten powerful sources to maintain Good Health, Good Destiny, Happiness and he has also provided ways to cure our problems. But we do not take best benefits out of these powerful sources as sometimes we make use of Yantras but are unable to use Mantras. Moreover, sometimes we make use of Numerology and we do not use colors to purify our soul and body.

Similarly, we make use of Pyramids but not Gems. However, when we try to make collective use of these above mentioned powers then either the method used by us is not right or we do not get beneficial results, hence, we fail to get the correct positive energy. All these ten powers are proved to be auspicious in our Vedas and they have their own particular energies. So, when we start using all these ten powers collectively this generates Shubh Urja i.e. Auspicious Positive Energy. “Shubh Urja” has used all these ten powerful sources to produce a collection of Auspicious Energy as a whole. In Shubh Urja Products, we have used

Contact Details

Address: 505/5-A, Vikas Nagar, Back Side Stadium, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana, Punjab, India 141013
Phone Number: +91 98725-88425
Email: [email protected]

Famous Astrologer In Ludhiana

Unveiling the Mystique: Ludhiana's Renowned Astrologers

In Ludhiana, amidst the bustling streets and vibrant culture, lies a realm where the ancient art of astrology thrives. Renowned astrologers in Ludhiana have been guiding people on their life's journey for decades, offering insights, remedies, and solace through the cosmic lens. Let's delve into the celestial tapestry of Ludhiana's famous astrologers, where wisdom meets destiny.

1. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma: Dr. Sharma's name resonates with authenticity and precision. With a Ph.D. in Astrology and years of dedicated practice, he has earned the trust of countless individuals seeking clarity in their lives. His profound knowledge and compassionate demeanor make him a beacon of light for those navigating life's uncertainties.

2. Smt. Radha Devi Gupta: A revered figure in Ludhiana's astrological circles, Smt. Radha Devi Gupta is renowned for her expertise in Vedic astrology. Her intuitive insights and practical guidance have helped many overcome obstacles and make informed decisions. With a deep understanding of planetary alignments, she offers holistic solutions tailored to individual needs.

3. Pt. Vikram Sharma: Pt. Vikram Sharma's name evokes reverence among seekers of astrological wisdom. Specializing in horoscope analysis and gemstone recommendations, his predictions are often hailed for their accuracy. His down-to-earth approach and commitment to client satisfaction have earned him a loyal following in Ludhiana and beyond.

4. Smt. Poonam Verma: Smt. Poonam Verma is celebrated for her proficiency in palmistry and numerology. With a keen eye for detail and a compassionate demeanor, she deciphers the intricacies of fate etched in the lines of one's palm. Her insightful readings and practical advice empower individuals to embrace their strengths and navigate challenges with confidence.

5. Shri Sanjay Kumar Jain: Shri Sanjay Kumar Jain is a beacon of wisdom in Ludhiana's astrological landscape. Specializing in vastu shastra and spiritual healing, he offers transformative solutions for harmonizing one's living spaces and inner energies. His holistic approach fosters holistic well-being and prosperity in the lives of his clients.

In Ludhiana, the journey to self-discovery often begins with a visit to one of these esteemed astrologers. Whether seeking guidance on career, relationships, health, or spirituality, their insights illuminate the path ahead with clarity and purpose. As Ludhiana continues to evolve, these luminaries remain steadfast in their commitment to serving humanity through the profound wisdom of astrology.

Famous Astrologer In Ludhiana

Who are the renowned astrologers in Ludhiana?

Discover names like those recognized for their expertise in astrology in Ludhiana.

What services do famous astrologers in Ludhiana offer?

Typically, they provide horoscope readings, tarot card consultations, vastu shastra guidance, and solutions for various life issues.

How accurate are the predictions of astrologers in Ludhiana?

While accuracy varies, many clients find their insights helpful in navigating life's challenges and making informed decisions.

How can I contact a famous astrologer in Ludhiana?

Contact details are often available online via their websites, social media platforms, or through referrals from acquaintances.

Do famous astrologers in Ludhiana offer online consultations?

Yes, most of them provide online consultation services, making it convenient for clients to seek guidance from anywhere.

What are the consultation fees of famous astrologers in Ludhiana?

Fees vary depending on the astrologer's experience and expertise. It's advisable to inquire about charges before booking a session.

Can famous astrologers in Ludhiana help with specific problems like career or relationships?

Yes, many specialize in various aspects of life, offering tailored solutions for career growth, relationship issues, health concerns, etc.

Are famous astrologers in Ludhiana affiliated with any organizations or associations?

Some may be associated with reputable astrology organizations, enhancing their credibility and expertise.

Do famous astrologers in Ludhiana provide remedies or solutions for problems?

Yes, they often suggest remedies such as gemstone recommendations, rituals, or astrological remedies to alleviate problems.

Are famous astrologers in Ludhiana available for public events or seminars?

Many astrologers participate in public events, workshops, or seminars to share their knowledge and insights with the community.

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