Famous Astrologer In Meerut

Famous Astrologer In Meerut

In the heartland of India, where tradition weaves itself into the fabric of everyday life, lies Meerut, a city steeped in history and mysticism. Amidst its bustling streets and vibrant culture, one finds a niche community of individuals whose connection with the celestial realm transcends the ordinary – the famous astrologers of Meerut. With their profound knowledge of the stars and the ancient wisdom passed down through generations, these seers have carved a niche for themselves in guiding people through life's journey.

Top 10 Famous Astrologers in Meerut

1.  My Rudra Astrology

The Tarot is a form of Fortune- telling, or predicting events, that has been used for many centuries to provide guidance and help people understand the issues influencing their lives. Tarot can be used to bring insight and understanding to personal and professional situations.

The typical Tarot deck has 78 cards that are divided into Major Arcana (22) and the Minor Arcana (56). Major Arcana are archetypal events, big issues that concern character and destiny. Minor arcana are concerned with circumstances and behavior and illustrates how energy of the majors manifests in your daily life.

The Majors, numbered from zero to twenty one, are ports in a journey and begins with wildly innocent enthusiasm of the Fool and ends with the sophistication and the knowledge of the World. They are the most powerful cards in the deck. The minors are divided into four suits: wands, cups, swords and pentacles. They correspond to the four elements, the four personality types, the four seasons. Each suit is numbered from one through ten and has four court cards. The pips, or numbered cards represent the patterns that the archetypes weave in our lives, the court cards usually represent people or behavior patterns.

Contact Details

Address: 494 Nagla Batoo Road, Near Saket Petrol Pump, Meerut
Phone No: +91 9897084511
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.myrudraastrology.com/

2.  Astrologer Gauravarya

However, The Sun is exalted in Aries. The Sun strong and balanced in Aries brings great energy and vitality, but if excessive or aggravated, can go into overdrive and consume vital fluids, Radical Moisture. However, Mars gives piles of problems also. Also, in fire sign, mars will have more heating. However, Fixed Fire, is prone to chronic Choleric and bilious pathologies.  Bile stagnation and congestion in the liver and gall bladder lead to a fatty liver, and backup of fats and cholesterol into the blood and blood vessels, leading to cardiovascular disease.

However, Through Jupiter, Sag rules the liver, blood, and arterial circulation.  Prone to Jupiterian excess, immoderation in diet and lifestyle. So, Rules locomotor apparatus – hips, loins, thighs, buttocks – as a sign of long journeys. Certainly, The Earth signs are all primarily Melancholic in temperament, with Virgo and Capricorn being purely Melancholic. However, Gemstones are considered powerful objects in Astrology.

They hold hidden reserves of energy which can alter the course of your destiny. Certainly, Gemstones can ward off the negative influence of malefic planets and boost the positive effects of benefic planets, thus help you to fill your life with success and happiness. However, A Yantra is defined as a mystical diagram, coming from the Tantric traditions of India.

A Yantra is supposed to invoke hidden and divine powers and improve the destiny of the person using it. In contrast, The Yantra will certainly bring happiness and divine grace in your life. We offer Yantras considering various factors

Contact Details

Address: Meerut, Ghaziabad, Noida, Moradabad, Bijnor, Bareilly, Luckonw
Phone No: 7906448365
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.astrologergauravarya.com/

3. Astroindusoot

Shri Vibhor Indusoot, though young at age, is a much talked about name in the world of astrology due to his ocean-like experience. His predictions are not only based on complex and unique calculations but are backed by strong intuitions and divine grace. He has earned several feathers in his cap by predicting some astounding events in almost all the arenas of life ranging from politics, natural disasters, death and the rise of celebrities etc.

Vibhor Indusoot, not only did extensive research in almost all the branches of astrology but also inherited this divine science from his father. His father, late Shri Suresh Indusoot himself was a learned and renowned Astrologer, who wrote more than 40 books on Astrology. The title ‘Indusoot’ was bestowed to Shri. Suresh ji by his guru.

The word Indusoot implies a deeper meaning: Indu- means the moon and Soot means -Son. The Son of the Moon and according to Hindu mythology, moon’s son is known as planet Buddha (Mercury), which in Known as karaka of Astrology. Vibhor Indusoot is serving people by guiding them Astrologically for last more than 18 years. His followers are not only confined in India but are spread in different parts of the planet Earth.

The use of “Nadi Astrology” a type of south Indian Astrology in north Indian style of Astrology is a unique feature of Shri Vibhor Indusoot. The blend of the two styles makes his timing of events precise not only upto months, days, hours but up to the minutes. His ability to predict with precision could be easily understood by the statistics itself as he has analyzed more than one lakh seventy five thousand horoscopes in this 18 years of carrier as an Astrologer.

A great devotee of lord Hanuman, Shri Vibhor Indusoot also possesses a vast knowledge of Vastu Shastra also. The combination of two becomes excessively beneficial for the guidance seekers. Co-incidence could take place once, but what one would say if Shri. Vibhor Indusoot predicted successfully the following national events well before it took place.

Contact Details

Address: 161/1, 3rd floor, Business Avenue, Mangal Pandey Nagar, Meerut-250004
Phone No: +91 9068311666
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://astroindusoot.com/

4. Adi shakti Astro

Adishakti Astro, Meerut (Noida Delhi NCR), India also tends to provide insight into personal dharma, or life path, and reveal our innate gifts and challenges. "It can help us better understand our relationships with our family, friends, and life partners. Having this fundamental understanding really helps to ease and relieve stress and our emotional ups and downs".

Vedic Astrologer, Anand Alok Banerjee (Dada) having years of experience in astrology for Business Career Wealth Finance Health Marriage Love related issues.

The Sanskrit word for Vedic astrology or Hindu astrology, is jyotiṣa and the modality seems to have first appeared in the Rigveda, an ancient Indian text (though some assert it's been around since 10,000 B.C.).

"Vedic astrology contains within it the rich spiritual traditions and myths of ancient Indian culture," explains by maharshi Parashara Vedic Astrology and author of many ancient Indian texts. "Even today, throughout much of India, Jyotish is an accepted science and, for many, is part of their lifestyle."

In its earliest days, Vedic astrology was used to determine important dates for sacrifices and rituals. Over time it became increasingly personalized; people started studying its planetary movements in an effort to understand their own destiny.

It's related to other ancient Indian practices, and similar to Western astrology, it "offers us a guide or road map to a better understanding of our physical, emotional, spiritual, and even monetary experiences

Contact Details

Address: 151, Kali Mandir, Sadar Bazar, Meerut Cantt - 250001(U.P)
Phone No: 9634698617
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.adishaktiastro.com/

5. Sood Jyotish

It is generally seen that the results given by astrology software are not correct even by 30-40%. Personal experience is very useful in the work of astrology. For example, if the doctor gives wrong medicine to the patient, what will be the effect on the patient? Similarly, this also happens in astrological work, if the position of the planets is not studied properly and due to calculations not being correct, the person may see loss instead of profit. We work on such measures, which give immediate results. We do not believe in such remedies which are found in astrology books sold in the market or by searching on Google, because we have researched astrology for many years, as a result of which we are able to help people suffering from problems. . We try our best to solve the problem in the shortest time.

If someone in your family is seriously ill or the patient is in a nursing home, then contact our helpline immediately. Please believe that your problem will definitely be solved by coming to us. Through our knowledge of astrology, we have saved the lives of many patients to whom doctors had given the answer that they would not survive or could not recover. Someone's kidney had failed or someone had a very serious disease, there was no hope of survival. But by taking the right measures, many times the life of the patient is saved. Medical science does not have the answer to what happened to the patient who had lost hope of survival that he survived and is living a healthy life.

If you are facing the problem of Pitra Dosh then special remedies are suggested for it. If necessary, special puja is also done for him. At present, more than 90 percent of people are suffering from Pitra Dosh but no one pays attention to it even after facing many problems. He keeps wandering here and there to solve his problems and spends a lot of his money unnecessarily. Once you get rid of Pitra Dosha, you will see that many of your stalled tasks will start getting completed. You can find out whether there is Pitra Dosh in your horoscope by sending your date of birth. You are not your own son

Contact Details

Address: Shiv Lok behind Kailash Hospital, Near Shiv Temple, Devkinanadan Hospital Wali Gali, Baghpat Road, Meerut City-250002
Phone No: 9634698617
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.adishaktiastro.com/

6. Astro Bholle

Acclaimed astrologer Sachin Bholle is a renowned and famous name in Vedic Indian science Astrology for his expertise in astrology with successful predicting experience of more than 15 years. Astrologer Bholle predicts relevant and practically applicable predictions according to changing scenarios of time trends.

Post-graduate with an excellent academic record, having deep inter-disciplined knowledge of various Humanities subjects with a scientific approach, astrologer Bholle is blessed with a large amount of clairvoyance, intuitiveness, and spiritual virtues. He chose his profession as Astrologer with a mission to serve and research this great and precious science by making its concepts again relevant and practically compatible according to changing scenario of the world as It were in the golden era of its renowned founders, thinkers, and experts.

Astrologer Bholle’s capability of interpreting astrology’s principles, according to changing time trends with a practical approach but in a scientific manner to predict the most accurate prediction, is the result of his research work, is being done for more than a decade.

In his prominent research work till now, astrologer Bholle has pointed out the Birth chart’s 30 to 35 variable but decisive factors for accurate prediction and discovered an invaluable method of one by one calculation of these 30-35 factors to reach on most accurate level of prediction. Besides this, a remarkable number of astrology’s key concepts have been successfully reinterpreted scientifically, with consideration of relevancy and practical applicability in this changing scenario of time.

Contact Details

Address:Bholle Niketan, Near Flyover, Gangol Road, Partapur, Meerut (U.P) 250103
Phone No: +91 9958711822
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.adishaktiastro.com/

7.  Nirvana Jyotish

Acharya Vishal ji is one of the best astrologers based in Delhi. His great knowledge in astrology, Astro Vaastu and gem stone gave him a huge client cover in India, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Vishal ji is a selfless human being who believes in helping others in order to bring positive changes in their lives. He has been helping for past 15 + years. He believes that astrology is a science, we are blessed by God, and it should be used for doing good for the humankind.

Universe always tend to give us signs and astrology is one of the ways of God, showing us our path. Acharya Vishal ji has been helping people through his knowledge of astrology for past 15 + years he is truly blessed by God, great sages and Guru Brihaspati. His followers believe that he is blessed with the gift of insight, which he has proved by helping number of people. Vishal ji believes in Karma and he wants to help others in overcoming negative aspects of life. He possesses some rare powerful remedies which were passed to him by his great gurus and they have proved to be a miracle.

Astrology Acharya Vishal ji holds expertise in helping people suffering from various Kundali doshas and their past life Karma’s by reading their horoscope and guiding/counselling them through powerful astrological remedies and gemstone science. His set of skills are best used by him for past 15 years in solving career problems, late marriage, business money matters, love marital discord, litigation, business and corporate astrology, financial set back in business, health issues, divorce and education.

Contact Details

Address: B-41 , Flat No- FF2 Ramprastha Colony, Meerut
Phone No: +91 9958711822
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.adishaktiastro.com/

8. Swastik Ahavishya

Discover a universe of astrological insights at Swastik Bhavishya. We provide comprehensive astrological readings and forecasts tailored to your unique birth chart. Delve into the fascinating realm of astrology and learn how the positions of celestial bodies influence your personality, relationships, and life events. Immerse yourself in our educational resources, including a rich repository of articles, blogs, and tutorials covering various astrological topics. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced enthusiast, our content helps you understand zodiac signs, planetary influences, astrology history, and more.

Seek personalized guidance through private consultations with our experienced astrologers. Gain deep insights and advice based on your birth chart and specific life circumstances. Our consultations are designed to provide clarity and support on your journey through life. Connect with a vibrant community of astrology enthusiasts through our forums, discussions, and active social media channels. Share experiences, ask questions, and foster a sense of belonging in the mystical world of astrology.

Contact Details

Phone No: 9411262174
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.swastikbhavishya.in/

Exploring the Mystique of Astrology: The Famous Astrologers of Meerut

In the city of Meerut, where history blends seamlessly with modernity, one can find a treasure trove of ancient wisdom and mystical practices. Among these, the art of astrology holds a special place, guiding individuals through the celestial maze of life. Meerut boasts a lineage of renowned astrologers, whose expertise and insights have drawn seekers from far and wide. Let's delve into the world of astrology in Meerut and explore some of its most famous practitioners.

1. Pandit Ramesh Sharma: Known for his profound knowledge of Vedic astrology, Pandit Ramesh Sharma has been a guiding light for countless individuals seeking clarity and direction in their lives. With decades of experience and a compassionate approach, he offers remedies and solutions rooted in ancient scriptures, helping people navigate challenges and unlock their true potential.

2. Sushil Kumar Shastri: A name synonymous with accuracy and reliability, Sushil Kumar Shastri has carved a niche for himself in the realm of astrology in Meerut. His deep understanding of planetary influences combined with a pragmatic outlook enables him to provide practical solutions tailored to each individual's unique circumstances. From career guidance to relationship compatibility, his consultations are sought after for their authenticity and effectiveness.

3. Geeta Devi: An astute palmist and astrologer, Geeta Devi possesses an innate intuition that allows her to decipher the intricacies of one's fate with remarkable precision. Her gentle demeanor and insightful readings have earned her a loyal following among residents of Meerut and beyond. Whether it's unraveling the mysteries of the palm or interpreting the positions of the stars, her guidance offers solace and clarity to those in search of answers.

4. Acharya Rajesh Tiwari: With a holistic approach that encompasses astrology, numerology, and vastu shastra, Acharya Rajesh Tiwari is revered for his comprehensive understanding of cosmic energies and their impact on human life. His consultations go beyond mere predictions, empowering individuals to align their actions with the cosmic rhythm for greater harmony and success. From auspicious timing for important events to remedies for planetary afflictions, his wisdom encompasses a wide spectrum of life's challenges.

5. Anjali Joshi: A beacon of hope for those grappling with life's uncertainties, Anjali Joshi combines her knowledge of astrology with a deep empathy for her clients' struggles. Her intuitive insights and practical advice serve as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards fulfillment and happiness. Whether it's matters of love, career, or health, her guidance is delivered with warmth and sincerity, earning her the trust and admiration of all who seek her counsel.

the famous astrologers of Meerut embody the rich tapestry of ancient wisdom that continues to thrive in the modern world. Their dedication to the craft and unwavering commitment to helping others navigate life's challenges make them pillars of support in an ever-changing world. Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, a visit to one of these esteemed practitioners is sure to leave you with a deeper understanding of yourself and the cosmos that surrounds you.

Who is the famous astrologer in Meerut?

The famous astrologer in Meerut refers to [Insert Name], a renowned practitioner with years of experience and a proven track record in astrology.

What services does the famous astrologer in Meerut offer?

 offers a wide range of astrology services including horoscope reading, palmistry, numerology, Vastu consultation, remedial measures for various life issues, relationship guidance, career advice, and more.

 How can I schedule a consultation with the famous astrologer in Meerut?

To schedule a consultation with [Insert Name], you can typically reach out through their website, contact them via phone or email, or visit their office if applicable. Booking procedures may vary, so it's best to check their preferred method of communication.

Are online consultations available with the famous astrologer in Meerut?

Yes, many famous astrologers in Meerut offer online consultations for the convenience of their clients. You can inquire about their online consultation process and schedule an appointment accordingly.

 What should I bring or prepare for my consultation with the famous astrologer in Meerut?

It's advisable to bring relevant birth details such as date, time, and place of birth for accurate readings. Additionally, prepare any specific questions or concerns you have in mind to make the most of your consultation.

How accurate are the predictions and advice provided by the famous astrologer in Meerut?

While astrology is not an exact science, the famous astrologer in Meerut utilizes their expertise, knowledge, and intuitive insights to provide guidance and predictions based on astrological principles. Many clients have reported positive experiences and found the advice to be helpful in navigating various aspects of life.

Is confidentiality maintained during consultations with the famous astrologer in Meerut?

Yes, confidentiality is typically maintained during consultations with the famous astrologer in Meerut. Your personal information and concerns are treated with the utmost privacy and respect.

 Can the famous astrologer in Meerut provide remedies for astrological issues?

Yes, the famous astrologer in Meerut may suggest remedial measures such as gemstone recommendations, yantra installations, prayers, rituals, or other spiritual practices to mitigate astrological challenges and enhance positive influences in your life.

What sets the famous astrologer in Meerut apart from others?

The famous astrologer in Meerut distinguishes themselves through their depth of knowledge, accuracy in predictions, compassionate approach, and dedication to helping clients find solutions to their problems using astrological insights.

 How can I stay updated on events or workshops conducted by the famous astrologer in Meerut?

You can stay updated on events, workshops, or any announcements by following the famous astrologer in Meerut on their social media platforms, subscribing to their newsletter if available, or regularly visiting their website for updates.

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