FFXIV How to Get the Dance Pole

Square Enix developers treat FFXIV’s long-standing RP community with a new piece of furniture. Role-players are getting creative on what to do with the new decorative item.

Final Fantasy XIV is famous for a lot of things. From outstanding graphics to its entertaining gameplay, fans would agree that there are numerous aspects to love about the game. One of Square Enix’s MMORPG’s most popular aspects is the game’s aesthetics and cosmetics. For various reasons, players just love to get their hands on tons of fashion items and furniture. One piece of furniture, in particular, has been making a buzz around gamers with FFXIV accounts. Introducing the Dance Pole, the apple of the eye of many furniture hunters.

Fashion and Furniture is one of the most popular features that the residents of Eorzea attend to after they finish the main story/sequence quests. Aside from improving their gear, farming more FFXIV gil, or limit-testing the extremes of the game, acquiring cosmetics is one of the things that players enjoy most about the MMO. Customizing outfits and decorating residences offer players so much creative freedom that they sometimes get lost at the moment. Some gamers will just log in to the game and just spend their whole game time improving their clothes and homes.

Cosmetics also give depth to roleplaying in Final Fantasy XIV. Players who like to RP are willing to spend money and time just to acquire items, clothes, or furniture to improve their role-playing experience. Though every piece of furniture in the game has value for players, one certain item has piqued the interest of gamers the most.

The Dance Pole:

Things are getting sensual in some houses in Eorzea, as Square Enix patches in the Dance Pole. The item’s description says, “Even season adventurers may find that sensually swiveling upon this pole proves a challenge to their balance and brawn alike.” The introduction of the new item has provided players with new opportunities for role-playing as they can now style their houses into bars and other mature establishments. FFXIV devs have announced that in-game role-playing will not go against the new rules after they updated the game’s terms of services.

The release of the Dance Pole serves as a treat to FFXIV’s long-standing role-playing community. Other new pieces of furniture have also been released along with the pole. Unfortunately, the Dance Pole only serves as a visible placed object and cannot be interacted with as it is only used for decorative purposes. Though this restriction will limit the usage of the item, hardcore role-players can still do great and entertaining things with it as the hindrance won't easily stop their imagination.

How To Get the Dance Pole in the Game?

Fortunately for players, the popular piece of item is not that hard to acquire. Players will simply have to navigate themselves to the arcada zone in Eorzea, the Gold Saucer. From there, they have to locate the <Price Claim> Gold Saucer Attendant. The Dance Pole will be available in the Others category for 2,000 MGP. The price is quite reasonable for a decorative piece of furniture.

What Else is New in FFXIV?

Aside from the introduction of the sensual decorative piece of furniture, a lot of things have been patched in the game recently. Pandaemonium has been released, and players can now earn great rewards in its Savage mode. Raiders can also earn the Limbo armor by continuously grinding for Asphodelos tokens. The new Tomestones of Astronomy have also been patched in which players can acquire through Duty Roulettes.

Some of the changes in the game include notable taps on the skills of several jobs. A new treasure hunt dungeon has also been released that is very similar to previous treasure hunting ventures. Players are also happy with the addition of new crafting recipes, mounts, and minions.

The Dance Pole may be Square Enix’s way of showing their appreciation to FFXIV’s role-playing community. Providing small treats like this go a long way in their community building. As players purchase MGP with FFXIV gil to buy the new decorative piece, they are now wondering what are the next pieces of furniture the gaming studio will release.

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