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Funky Shirts Every Man Wants to Buy

Funky Shirts Every Man Wants to Buy

Funky Shirts To Add A Little Style in Your Boring Everyday Wear

While most men have their own sense of style, which can be defined as classic or formal, the fashion industry has been evolving to meet the unique needs of all demographics. In Cities, versatile shirts have been seen as a way to express individualism and create a unique look.

Funky means something pleasantly unconventional!!

A man's wardrobe used to consist of a few button-ups and too many ties, but this is quickly evolving into newfound freedom of style. Today, men can wear whatever they please. And everyone has their own fashion guidelines. However, funky shirts are becoming all the more popular with people of all ages.

In the age and era of booming science, technology, and art, fashion is also experimenting and making bold statements. And you say it right when you say men are nowhere behind women in the fashion race.

The world of fashion today is all about quirky, experimental colors. Men are no longer restricted to the old-fashioned black, white, grey, or blue suits that they used to wear. Men are free to wow the world with their unique style.

5 Shirts  Every Men Fancy to Buy Online

Trends in funky shirts can be explored online. The range of funky shirts available on the internet will far beat any of your previous favorite stores and you are sure to find a style you like without hustling from store to store.

These 5 latest shirts are available online for less than the prices at your local store. What's more, you'll be able to buy these styles from the latest brands that are no less stylish than Arrow, Van Heusen, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein.

#1 Collarless Shirts:

Collarless or the Chinese collar shirts are chic. This smooth and suave look of this shirt gives an up-class casual or semi-casual look to your attire. Paired with almost anything from denim and formal trousers to coats and flannel jackets, it will become the most versatile item of your wardrobe. Made in cotton and linen fabric, this shirt will add both glamour and class to your wardrobe. Make sure you get one of these collarless shirts the next time you go shopping if you don't already have plenty of them.

Price range: (Rs 1200-1800)

#2 Floral Printed Shirts:

Florals are everywhere this season. From tops to bottoms, floral has invaded the wardrobe of men. Floral must-haves are available online on shopping portals like amazon, beyoung, feranoid, myntra, and more. The range of prints on pre-shrunk cotton, silk, and polyester is unlimited. Price range( Rs 800-1200)

#3 Traditional printed Shirts:
A classic that’s been in existence for a long time, Bandhani, Kalamkari, Ikat, Ajrak, and many other prints have found a new place in men’s wardrobes.

Traditional Indian prints are loved by both men and women. Their bright, saturated colors and unique patterns make them perfect for all types of occasions. Men love rocking these prints with their casual and semi-casual outfits. These prints never fail to attract attention- they're perfect for making a statement. Price Range ( Rs 750-1000)

#4 Asymmetrical Shirts:
Popular with the young and bold, asymmetric is the latest in men’s shirts. The best asymmetric designs are still made by the mighty designers of men’s wear and are expensive for regular wear. But if you want to change your look this party season, try one of these,, and you will not fail to get noticed. Price Range(RS 1300-1800).

#5 Neon, Pink, and Orange Colored Shirts:

Bright, vivid colors are taking over the menswear market and we couldn’t be happier. From neon to bold shades of pink, orange, and purple, men can now step out in any spectrum of the rainbow. Hipsters and fashion-forward guys showed us that it was okay to wear these colors. This new trend surfaced in 2020,  and many Bollywood celebrities  have been enticing over it ever since. Price range( Rs 800-100)


Fashion is the rage of the time, and there’s simply no better way to express yourself than with a new shirt. Whether you’re after something modern or classic, the Feranoid online store has your needs covered. With a full range of men’s shirts, Feranoid provides you with options for dress shirts and casual shirts alike.
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