5 Hanging Planters for Every Balcony

Planters are one of the best items that can make any balcony look swoon-worthy. They bring a natural effect into any home and are also really good for the environment. There are different types of planters available in the market, but amongst them, hanging planters have always been a popular choice. Hanging planters are stylish, unique and they look absolutely amazing no matter where you put them. Also, they make decorating your balcony a simple and easy job.

At Woodenstreet, you can find some amazing hanging plant pots for your home. From wall hanging planters to flower basket hangers, you can get everything that you need here. Here are 5 of the most popular hanging baskets for plants from Woodenstreet that can make your balcony look fabulous:

Macrame Cotton Three Pot Wall Hanger

hanging planters

This is one of the most popular hanging pots online, made with cotton. The best thing about this product is its unique appeal, its soft texture and its affordability. You can hang this artificial hanging planter in your living room as well as your balcony, as it pretty much goes with everything. The beautiful and serene white color also makes this a product to reckon with. No matter what type of décor you have, you can get this product for your home.

Blue and Brown Earthen Planter Hanged with Round Wall Hook

hanging pots online

This is a beautiful traditional hanging plant pots indoor that you can get for your home. If you are planning for hanging plants at home in something simple but noticeable, then this is the piece for you. As one of the most popular hanging planters online, this product is durable, environmentally-friendly and subtle in style. If you have traditional décor at your place and want something that simply resonates with that décor, then this is the product you should go for.

Oval Shape Hanging Metal Planter

hanging planters online

This is one of the most popular hanging flower pots for balcony, with its simple appeal and long-lasting nature. It can blend in almost any décor which makes this such a popular item. Another great thing about such hanging planters outdoor is that they are really durable, and can withstand almost anything. If you don’t want something too flashy, but simple and subtle, then these hanging plant pots online are the ones you should go for.

Rope Flower Pot Holder Balcony Gardening Set of 1

hanging planter

For people who have a flair for gardening, and who wants something unique and beautiful at the same time this product can be a great choice. Such hanging flower pots online are really pretty, and their serene white color is a blessing atop all that. These hanging plant holders is the best product to keep indoors as it is made of cotton, but it can increase the beauty of your hoe a hundred folds no matter where you decide to place it.  That is why they are regarded as the best indoor hanging planters.

Artificial Bougainvillea Plant with Hanging Ironware Basket

hanging flower pots for balcony in india

This is one of the best hanging flower pots with artificial flowers that you can get for your home.  If you are planning to buy hanging planters online that are pretty, natural and come with actual artificial flowers with them, then this product can be a great fit for you. You can even use them as ceiling hanging planters for balcony, and their natural material makes them a much better choice than plastic hanging planters. Overall, they are a practical and useful item.


Life with planters is always more beautiful, and you can get your hands at the very best products from Woodenstreet. There are so many amazing options to choose from here, and you can also get all the product at affordable price ranges.

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