10 Best Homeopathy Doctors In Gorakhpur ( Updated 2023 )

Homeopathy is an advanced, effective, and gentle system of holistic medicine that has been successfully used for over two hundred years and on every continent. Homeopathy is not to be confused with herbal medicine or nutritional therapy. The set of principles that guide the selection of medicine make homeopathy a distinct and integral system unto itself. Many doctors are practicing Homeopathy in India for many years.

Homeopathic medicines, called remedies, may be safely and effectively applied in chronic (long-term) conditions, as well as acute (short-term and self-limiting) illnesses and injuries of adults, children, and animals. Homeopathy stands out distinct as compared to other modes of treatment by its fundamental principles directed towards treating diseases at the root level, by addressing the multiple causative factors such as genetic, immunological, metabolic, hormonal, emotional and the like.

As a result, the diseases are treated in totality rather than in parts or as entities separate from the 'whole' of the individual patient. In that sense, homeopathic science believes in the 'holistic' approach.

Every life is precious. Everyone wants to consult the best doctor for their health. Here we bought you the 10 Best Homeopathy Doctors In Gorakhpur for your next doctor visit.

1. Dr. Batra's

Considered as one of the top Homeopathy Doctors in Gorakhpur, Dr. Batra specializes in Homeopathy for the cure of many diseases. They believe that a job is not simply about getting to office every day, finishing routine stuff by the end of the day and then packing off without any take-home feeling. They believe that this is the place where you spend most of your waking time so why not make it worthwhile! That is why we take all the care to see that you get the best while you give your best at your job at Dr. Batra's.

Contact Details:

Address : SS Plaza, 61 A, Kalepur, Paidleyganj, Landmark: Near Chatra Sangh Chauraha, Gorakhpur - 273001
Phone : 9033001649
Website :

2. Dr. Ram Ratan Banerji

Top men of the homeopathy medical field, reputed for discipline, timeliness and virtuosity, writing for several medical journals, skilled in carrying out health awareness program in Bhojpuri language for public health thinking of Purvanchal, in Hindi and English language for urban citizens , A look at the life of Dr. Ram Ratan Banerjee, who proves the superiority of multi-faceted personality at the public, national and international level, through awareness channels against TV channels.  

A practice that is based on the concept that disease can be treated with minute doses of drugs, Capable of producing in healthy people. The same symptoms as those of disease being treated. This principle is similar to the concept behind exposure therapy for Allergies, but the amounts of active medication used in homeopathy are so small as to be almost undetectable. Scientific studies of Homeopathy have returned mixed results.

Contact Details:

Address : SANTOSH HOMOEO SEWASHRAM “SHILPI MANSION” 1C, Beniganj Road, Ranigola, Gorakhpur
Phone : 9795143945
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

3. Dr.  Anand Kumar

Dr.  Anand Kumar made a conscious decision to establis himself in his home town and further the visionary ideals his illustrious ancestor had embarked upon, a vocation he is actively involved at present.  As his ancestors had through generations built up an amiable reputation a Homeopaths par excellence, Dr.  Anand Kumar decided to move into this field where he is able to utilize his dual expertise towards the benefit of society which has always laid very high expectations on his shoulders.

Dr.  Anand Kumar, Academic Qualifications:  M.B.B.S.  from the most prestiges Medical Collage of Asia - Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. Jr.  Residency from Safdarjung Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Deen Dayal Upadhaya Hospital, New Delhi in various disciplines of medical field.  Dr.  Anand Kumar belongs to a family of reputed doctors through three generation and has deliberated to propagate this legacy through his training and service in th medical profession.  Following his training. Dr.  Anand Kuman had the privilege to work as an apprentice to his father Dr SOHAN LAL, where he honed his professional skills.  He has been practicing Homoeopathy as an alternate medicine.

Contact Details:

Address : DR. SHIV RATAN LAL MARG, Near Ghantaghar, Raiganj Road, Gorakhpur
Phone : 9415211197
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

4. Dr Atul Singh

The word “homeopathy” is derived from two Greek words: homoios which means “similar” andpathos which means “suffering.” Homeopathy's basic premise is called the “principle of similars,” and it refers to recurrent observation and experience that a medicinal substance will elicit a healing response for the specific syndrome of symptoms (or suffering) that it has been proven to cause when given in overdose to a healthy person.

Contact Details:

Address : 33 Kasiya Road, Paidleganj, Gorakhpur
Phone : 9236185711
Website :

5. Dr. Ravi

Dr. Ravi has successfully treated patients suffering from severe acute and chronic health issues across the world. His expertise lies in giving you a permanent cure. Let's discover how we can help you in living your life fully again.

Our expertise lies in to ‘not just treat the disease in person, but the person in disease’ which means helping patients to start living their life fully again and re-engage with their normal day-to-day activities by treating their body as whole. Our approach towards treatment is to first identify the root cause of the disease and then provide suitable medication using a single medicine. From normal cold to cancer, including skin diseases, acne, warts, herpes, eczema, hair loss, Uterine fibroid, Infertility, brain tumor, paralysis, etc., we were able to give hope and cure patients not just in India but abroad using our unique medication process of medicine energy transmission through hair.

Contact Details:

Address : D- 1012/1 Near Polytechnic Flyover Old Picnic Spot Road
Opposite Dwarika Puri Colony, Indiranagar, Gorakhpur
Phone : 7311160111
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

6. Mishra Homeo

Our mission is to provide you with personalized, high-quality care. We are dedicated to improving and maintaining your health through preventative care and treating chronic diseases.

Mishra Homeo Hall  offers broad array of services geared to address today’s most common non-emergency illnesses and injuries. We know there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all cure, so we never use a one-size-fits-all approach to your diagnosis.

Contact Details:

Address : Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Phone : +91 98895 52423
Website :

7. Dr. M U Khan

(B.H.M.S. (Bang), C.C.H.
Dr. M.U . Khan is a consultant homeopathy doctor with me than 12 years. of clinical experience. He has a flourishing practic in Gorakhpur, india . He is Known to thousands of patients as a kind and lively doctor. He uses multi complementary therapies to treat the whole person.
Recognized as an expert is solving complex cases of skin, infertility, female gynecological ailments, pediatric cases and orthopedic diseses. Dr. Khan's live of treatment includes his own special preparation and medicines, He enjoys the challenges presented by each new chronic patient he treats.
Dr. Khan says that homeopathic treatment offers. The most safe and natural solution to chronic diseases such as respiratory problem, abdominal, skin and male sexual disorders. He further adds, "those who prefer quick relief through allopathic and surgery live only HALF LIFE adopt homeopathic for permanent  improvement in yours. Constitution and enjoy FULL LIFE".

Contact Details:

Address : Yashoda Complex Ghashkampani Chauraha Reti Road Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273001India
Phone : 090267 84375
Website :

8. Maurya Homoeo Care

We, Maurya Homeo Care Center - Dr Vinod Kumar, situated at Chargaon, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh provide perfect care to the patients with homeopathy and help them to get rid of the problem through which they are suffering from. Our objective is to deal with various health problems encountered by number of people. We are very proficient in our service. Our clinic has achieved eminence in this industry because of our client’s belief and trust.

Contact Details:

Address : Rail Vihar Chauraha,In Front Of Saraswati Shishu Mandir School, Chargaon, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273013
Phone : +91-9007859527
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

9.Tarini Homoeopathy

We, Tarini Homeo Clinic, situated at Mohaddipur, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh provide perfect care to the patients with homeopathy and help them to get rid of the problem through which they are suffering from. Our objective is to deal with various health problems encountered by a number of people. We are very proficient in our service. Our clinic has achieved eminence in this industry because of our client’s belief and trust.

Address : Char Phatak, Mohaddipur,Power House Road, Mohaddipur, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273010
Phone : +91-9235691340
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

10. Siachen

Dr. R.K. Upadhyay, a Homeopathic Dermatologist, is a master in skin disorders. In his career spanning for over 32 years, he has treated the most complex skin related problems. We at Dr. Upadhyay Homeopathic Skin Care aim at bringing back smiles on the faces of our patients, by giving them homeopathic cures to problems, for which even allopathic treatment is not available. Our medicines and services are backed by an experienced research team who take utmost care while forming the homeopathic solutions.

Dr. Upadhyay Homeopathic Skin Care is committed towards the cause of helping people get rid of all their skin problems using effective homeopathic medicines. We have experienced successful hair regrowth within a period of 90 days and have eliminated pimples forever, in a span of just 4 months with our homeopathic medicines. Psoriasis, which is a fatal disease, causes several long lasting visible problems that make the life of the patient miserable and unhappy.

Address : 27/28H, 3nd Floor, Surya Building Ernakulam (Cochin) – 682001 Kerala, India.
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

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