How Can I Change My Name In Gazette In Maharashtra?

Name change procedure in Maharashtra, Gazette in Maharashtra can be done quickly for any document, although gazette notification is available as a gazette service offline and online also in Maharashtra. Each person must physically apply to the Gazette Department in Maharashtra. If you want to change your name online, you have used to change your name in the Central Government Gazette in Maharashtra. Document Advisor is a platform that offers document-related services to change your name or correct your character according to government guidelines for the citizens of Maharashtra.

Citizens of Maharashtra can apply for gazette online Maharashtra through the Central Government Gazette, an online name change process. The people of Maharashtra have not visited any place. We help Maharashtra people to change names on ID documents such as PAN Card, Aadhar Passport Card, Voter ID Card, etc., as well as School & Education Certificates, Land, Property Documents, and other documents in Maharashtra.

When changing the name, gender, surname, religion, or date of birth, there is a condition that an English language newspaper or a local language newspaper is selected for advertising. To announce the change of name, you must write the affidavit on ₹ ten denomination stamp paper. Stamp paper value may vary from state to state—the publication of a notice in the Gazette of India. Gazette online Maharashtra refers to any form of a magazine, newspaper, etc.

Create An Affidavit

  • First, you must write your name, address, and age on the affidavit.
  • In this affidavit, you will not forget to note that you are a citizen of India.
  • After that, write about the change of name, gender, surname, religion, and date of birth.
  • Whatever you want for a new name, new faith, or new date of birth, you must also mention that name there.
  • Most of the affidavits will be written in English as it was written only in English.
  • This affidavit must accompany a copy of the Aadhar card and proof of your Indian identity.
  • After completing this process, you can submit the affidavit for publication in the newspaper.
  • Fees apply for printing the testimony in the newspaper office and taking a copy of the newspaper with you.

Keep the copy of the affidavit with you. This is an important document and will be helpful in future court proceedings.

This is the first step for an online application for a name change in Gazette Maharashtra. Expatriate Indians who need to change their name must provide a certificate stating the name change. The instrument must be duly signed by the Office of the High Commission of India or the Embassy of India.

Newspaper Publication

After notarizing the affidavit, you must publicize your name change in two local Maharashtra newspapers.

  • A classified advertisement must be published in the daily news in the local official language of the state.
  • The second classification should be published in a local English newspaper.

For example, if you are based in Mumbai, you can choose Mumbai Mirror and Times of India/Hindustan Times. If you belong to satara, you can select Pudhari /Sakal and The Hindu/Indian Express. You can contact the newspaper office to update your name, and they usually have a dedicated area for name change announcements and can advise you on the format. This is one of the pivotal steps of publishing an advertisement in a Newspaper for a name change gazette online Maharashtra.

Reason for change of name

If you wish to change your first or last name, you must also state the reason for the first or last name change during the Maharashtra government gazette application process. Sometimes people need to change their name for some reason. If no person or government objects to your name change, it is necessary to justify that. The newspaper also advertises in two languages since no one objects to the name change. When nobody has any object, then only the new name applies. Apart from that, an affidavit is often made because if one does not want to put a surname before one's name, the reason must be stated in the affidavit. If the girl's surname changes after marriage, then it is valid; an affidavit makes a statement explaining the reason.

Gazette Publication

This is the fourth and final step in the online application process gazette name change online Maharashtra. It is about the publication of the register change in the applicant's government gazette: highlighted change notice, affidavit, certified passport photo, and required fees. Once the process is complete, the applicant's call change notice may be published in the Gazette, and the applicant will receive copies of this notice at the store with the applicant's assistance. It usually takes 14 days before the application is submitted for the registration change to be published in the Official Journal.

Documents required

Some documents are necessary for everyone in the process of changing Name, Surname, Religion, and Date of Birth. Without these documents, your application process cannot be completed.

  • Name Change Application (Online Application)
  • Affidavit
  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN card
  • Ration card
  • Rent agreement
  • Electricity Bill
  • School leaving Certificate
  • own photo
  • Signature
  • Marriage Certificate

The Steps For The Name Change

1) Visit the website and fill out the inquiry form.

This is the first step in the name change request process. Visit the website of Sarkari suvidha and fill out the complete name change or religion change, or birth date change form. When you fill out the form, you can see a confirmation page, confirm the details, and make the payment.

2) Preparation of the application

This is the second step in the gazette process. After receiving the duly completed form and the payment, they prepare your application form and email or call you if you have any requirements.

3) Submission of application

This is the third step in the name change online application process. They submit the duly completed application to the Government Gazette Authority for approval; after submission of the form, the authority will take the necessary time to approve or deny the application.

  1. Get Approved Gazette Copy on your Email ID

This is the fourth and last step of the Gazette application process; they mail you the approved gazette copy on your email id immediately after getting approval from the gazette authority.

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