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How Can I Find Email Address By Name & URL?

By using these email finder tools, you can find anyone’s email address by name, zip code, website URL, and category.

How Can I Find Email Address By Name & URL?

Working as an email marketer for the last 5 years, I’ve tried most of the email data providing companies available on the market.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that the email database that I have purchased is 60-65% correct. However, in my experience, the numbers are usually very small.

If you don’t have any problems with the quality of data and prefer quantity over quality then you can buy this email marketing data. But for those who need bulk quality emails (e.g. when trying to collect 100% real emails for email marketing for new startups), it’s extremely important to find as many valid emails on your list as you can.

Luckily, with great attention to detail and the tactic, I will share below you can increase your email research success rate to 90-95%. And the best thing about this tactic is that most of the operations can be performed automatically without any coding.

It's quite easy to find anyone's corporate or personal email address these days. In most cases, people use simple, standardized patterns like {First Name},{Last Name}, [domain.com] etc. So you can use email finder tools like Top Lead Extractor or Cute Web Email Extractor to identify the majority of email addresses for your prospecting list. By using these email finder tools, you can find anyone’s email address by name, zip code, website URL, and category.

The Best Email Finder Tools To Find Emails By Names, Zip Codes, And URLs

Finding an email address of a customer is often the first and most important task for any email marketer. Often you know the targeted industry but you're lacking contact information. An email address list is literally the backbone of an email marketing campaign.

There are 4 billion email users and it is not an easy task to find targeted customer emails from 4 billion users. To make this work easier, we've scoured the web for the top email scraping tools - everything you need to source candidates more effectively.

1.  Cute Web Email Extractor

Find anyone's email based on their name, website URL, zip code, and industry type, quickly and easily with Cute Web Email Scraper.

To find anyone's email address with this email scraper, simply enter the person's name, last name, zip code, or list of website URLs in the search bar. Cute Web Email Grabber will automatically suggest the correct email address for your given instructions from websites and search engines. The amazing thing about the email search tool is that you can get an email database for more than 195 countries from more than 66 search engines. Once an email address has been found, click on the “Export” button and it will be inserted into your computer in CSV, Excel, or Text form automatically.

This is a Business Email Finder that can help you:

- find anyone's email address from websites, search engines, and local files in a quick and easy way

- save you more than hundreds of hours per month for finding prospect emails

- increase your business sales, recruiting, and marketing productivity by saving manual work hours

- keep your email address list filled up with new email leads regularly

- automate the process of email finding

- find bulk emails on a daily basis for targeted email marketing.

Who Can Use Cute Web Email Extractor?

1. Salespeople, Freelancers, Email Marketers, Business Owners, sales managers, and wholesales teams

2. Recruiters that use recruiting email outreach and search for new leads

3. For every person that wants to save time on manual work

4. Marketing teams that work with email prospecting

Install our Cute Web Gmail Email Extractor software to find anyone's email address right now and see your lead pipeline growing every minute!

See How Software Works?

2.  Top Lead Extractor

Top Lead Scraper is focused on finding personal email addresses and business email addresses. It doesn't stop at finding email addresses though, for telemarketers it also provides contact numbers for telemarketing. With Email and Phone Number Scraper, you can search for prospects by name, company, website, or job position. Once you've found and extracted data of customers then you can add them to your prospect list. You have different formats to save data such as Excel, CSV, Text, etc.

See How Software Works?

Final Words:

By using these email data collection tools, you will be able to find your prospect's emails by name, zip code, category, and website URL. You will get 99% accurate and valid data for email marketing.

Why waste several days or months in manual searching for the prospect's emails while you can do this automatically by using these  best email finder tools in a few hours or minutes. And you are free to use them if you rely on the quality of the contacts.

However, if your goal is quality and quantity, I will definitely recommend you to use the tools described in this article, no matter if you are looking to connect with prospective customers, partners, investors, or co-workers.

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