How Can I Get Email Data Of Any Country?

Email marketing is not only an old and traditional way to build a relationship with your customers but gives you a proven way to nurture leads and convert them into permanent customers.

No matter what type of business you are running, an email list is the most important element of a successful email marketing strategy. With that email address list, you can share your story, send promotional offers to customers, and showcase your products, all while turning subscribers into paying customers.

Online businesses that want to attract potential customers through email marketing can use email finder tools to get data for email marketing for a targeted country and industry. You can also extract and export your targeted email list in various usable formats with a few simple steps.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best, reliable, and fastest ways and tools to build a targeted email list for a targeted country.

The Best Ways To Get Email Data For Any Country For Email Marketing

You can create it by yourself by using email finders and scrapers or you can outsource it and buy it from an email database provider.

I will explain to you both the options briefly.

Way #1: Get Data With Email Scraping Tools

You can find custom data for email marketing from the best email scraper software like Cute Web Email Extractor. This helps you save time and get more custom and quality data for email marketing as per your needs in the shortest time.

You can search for email data on more than 66 search engines for any location by zip code and name directly and prepare a list of email contacts that are relevant to your targeting criterion.

In other words, these email data collection tools find, extract, and export emails from websites, search engines, and local files for more than 195 countries. You don’t need to worry about the quality of data that you have collected with these email collectors. Because these email scraping tools find and export data only that present on Google and websites. There are certain best email finder tools that you can use to collect data for email marketing.

1. Cute Web Email Extractor

2. Top Lead Extractor

What Are The Benefits Of Using Email Scraping Tools?

When you are using these tools, you are your own boss and you need to depend on others for email data collection. You can find and build an email list for any country, industry, and category by using these email collection tools. When you are buying data, you have to pay for it every different industry and country. While in the case of email scraping tools, you have to buy the license of the software for a year at a time and you can get unlimited data for email marketing for any country and industry with single one-time payment. The great thing is that you don’t need to learn any programing language or extra technical skills to use these tools. If you don’t want to pay a heavy amount for email collection for different locations and industries then you should try these tools at least one time.

Way # 2: Outsourcing (Buying Data From 3rd Party)

You can buy email marketing data from email data-providing companies. It is the fastest way to get an email database for any location. But it may be costly and irrelevant. If you are a freelancer and need an email database for many different locations for your locations. Buying email data may be the best and fastest but most costly solution for you. The best solution for you is to use the best email extractor software to get a valid email database.

When you purchase an email extractor software, you should look at the following important factors:

1. How fresh is the email data?

2. How fast is email extraction?

3. What is the accuracy of extracted emails?

4. How much data matches your targeting persona?

5. What is the price of the software?

6. Does the email collector provide data in Excel, CSV, Text, etc.?

7. How many countries, locations, and search engines the software supports?

The above-mentioned email finder and scraper tools have all these features and characteristics. They provide 100% accurate email data for more than 195 countries in CSV, Excel, and Text formats for use at affordable rates. Cute Web Email List Extractor price for the year is just $59 and Top Lead Extractor price for one year is just $79.

Why Cute Web Email Extractor Price Is Higher Than Top Lead Extractor?

Cute Web Bulk Email Extractor finds and extracts emails only while Top Lead Extractor finds and extracts emails, phone numbers, and social media links from websites and search engines. It means you can get email marketing, telemarketing, text marketing, and different mobile marketing campaigns by using this single software. I think it’s not a big deal if you are getting real and valid thousands of emails and phone numbers on a daily basis for just $79 for one year.

See How Software Works?

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