How ‘Corporate Private Investigator’ is profitable for you!

An Investigator offers his services intending to serve something good for the betterment of society. As there are different kinds of Investigations performed in this profession, so there are different types of investigators too. An individual investigator has his/her experienced hands in their respective field. An investigator is a fact-finder. Corporate Private Investigator is important for many good reasons. one can counter the seduction to form rash judgments and must disabuse their mind of all detriment in making decisions. Corporate Private Investigator is one of them. Let’s check out how a corporate private detective agency in Mumbai is favorable for your corporate work.

When should a corporate inquiry be carried out?

There are N numbers of corporate companies in India and rapidly flourishing in ITO, BPO, training, and other multinational companies. When conducting a corporate investigation, at the initial stage detectives investigate different types of allegations, criminal frauds, irregularities in accounts, electronic crime, embezzlement, information leaks, drug use, and other maleficent activities that are doubtful to have taken place within an organization.

1. Due Diligence Investigation-

This kind of investigation provides a deep history of the business, property, individual, or another subject. Venus Detectives act as a spotlight on past dealings and behavior which in turn may give you a glimpse of what to expect in the future.

2.IPR, Brand Protection(Copyright & trademark)-

IPR, Brand Protection includes auxiliary like trademarks, copyrights, patents, industrial design rights, and in some jurisdictions, trade secrets. The investigator conducts market surveys and identifies counterfeit goods of our owning clients which help us in preserving the Intellectual Property Rights of our clients.

3. Employee Cheating-

Employee cheating may harm your organization by performing illegal work at the workplace. They can mislead your organization by the purchase of low-quality products from vendors to pocket the money, enjoy dual employment, Double claim for expenses & inflated expense claims, Misappropriation of funds, taking payments, Running a parallel business, or running the same type of business and many other ways.

4. Corporate surveillance Services-

what you will do when you find one of your employees, a contractor, or temporary person acting illegally, or against your company's interests. ‘Corporate surveillance services’ will help you to determine the suspect. This ensures the management and mitigation of any threat to the company. This kind of surveillance may also help you to monitor a person or group’s behavior by a corporation.

5. Corporate theft/ Employee theft-

How would you like it when some other organization steals your precious employee or misuses an employer’s assets without permission? This is called ‘corporate theft/ employee theft. There are many methods used by an organization to steal from a company. Larceny/Embezzlement, Skimming, Fraudulent Disbursements, Stealing Business Opportunities are some thefts committed in a different way. ‘Corporate theft/ employee theft’ will help you to deal with this.

6. Employee Integrity Check-

We all learn in our schools that ‘Integrity is the best policy.’ On that ethic, all individual organizations run too and for that, they discover ‘Employee Integrity Check’. These kinds of tests are meant to measure honesty, dependability, and work ethic. Employee Integrity Check can add value to the hiring process by showing to be valid and somewhat better in predicting job performance than personality tests or unstructured interviews. By providing relevant documents a corporate private investigator works profitably for you.

7. Corporate Fraud Detection-

Fraud can be held as either commercial or not-for-profit, is not preventable. When an investigation begins there is no assumption how long it will go. This kind of Investigation takes place to detect identification of actual or expected fraud to take place within an organization. A corporate private detective agency in Bangalore may perform as a beneficial substance to you by finding out vulnerable employees at fraud risk, reducing exposure to fraudulent activities, Reducing costs associated with fraud, gaining the trust and confidence of the shareholders of the organization, and many more.

8. Mystery Shopping-

Nowadays companies hire mystery shoppers intentionally to identify the loopholes of their organization. Mystery shopping is defined as an individual carrying out under the company that desires to know the shortcomings of its own.

9. Online Investigation-

Online Investigation helps you to deduct and prevent online crime. In this digital world, many approaches can try to fool you into fraud. To deduct and prevent online crime, The first thing is to encourage the reporting of Internet crimes. The crime is significant in a law enforcement agency or a company getting the victims to be reported.

10. Insurance Claim-

In an Insurance claim Investigation, a company thoroughly assesses the circumstances surrounding a claim submitted for payment. This kind of investigation works with the objective that claims are truthful and complete and that there is no evidence of insurance fraud connected with the filed claim. To find out the truth behind the claim that an individual organization offers you can take the help of a ‘corporate private investigator’ who provides you with all the relevant facts as per your need.

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