How Do Antiviral Masks Help Prevent Spread of Viruses?

The outbreak of swine flu in the United States in 2009 was one instance after the start of this century which made people realize how dangerous virus transmission can be. CDC stated that the disease spread in such dangerous proportions mainly because there was limited availability of vaccine at that time.That is why, wearing face masks was considered as the only option to stay safe.

With the recent spread of Corona virus, people across the globe are again dealing with the same fear of transmission. Given that there is no cure for this highly contagious virus, there is an emphasis on the use of masks yet again for the sake of keeping the risk at bay. Among st various categories of masks available in the market, you can also buy antiviral masks. They are designed using advanced technology to prevent the spread of viruses, hence the name.

Science Behind Antiviral Masks

In general, masks tend to prevent the spread of droplets of bodily fluids, which may contain disease-causing germs. In this way, they ensure that neither we pass on any infection to others, nor catch it from them through the air.

But not all masks available online or offline these days are effective to filter out viruses. It is because the size of these microorganismsis so minute (in the range of a few hundred nanometres),that just about any average mask cannot capture it.Antiviral masks, on the other hand, are designed using nanotechnology. Their natural filtration helps protect you from dust, ash, allergens, and viruses.

Take an example of Airific Bethel antiviral mask from Nirvana Being. It is made of nanofiber filters and has a spider-web like structure that enables it to capture very small-sized germs also. Due to its extremely high capture index, it makes for the right mask that should be worn in severely polluted conditions.

Guidelines for Wearing Antiviral Masks

While antiviral masks themselves are effective in reducing the spread of the viruses, but if they are not worn properly, then they may not serve their purpose well. That is why, it is important to ensure that you wear the mask correctly for maximum protection. Here is what you should keep in mind while wearing antiviral masks:

  • Keep the strings of the mask over your ears to position the mask properly over your mouth, chin, and nose. Make sure you do not touch it again and again until you need to remove it.
  • If you are suffering from flu or any other viral disease, wear an antiviral mask before moving out side or also while going close to other people within your home.
  • Prefer buying washable masks for use, which do not get torn while washing.
  • Wash your antiviral mask regularly after use.
  • If you have worn the mask for around 200 hours, discard it and then wash your hands properly before picking another antiviral mask.

For Covid 19 Deep Clean and Sanitize

Covid 19 Sanitization

Covid 19 Deep Cleaning

Do You Still Need a Mask While Practicing Social Distancing?

There is a popular mnemonicrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic which talks about three W’s that can help you ward off risk of catching the virus.They are as follows:

  • Weara Mask
  • Wash your Hands Frequently
  • Watch your Distance

Out of the three, wearing a mask can be considered as the most important one. Doctors and medical representatives have emphasized that one major way through which transmission of Corona-virus takes place is through the inhalation of droplets that contain the virus. That is why even if you are maintaining a certain distance, you may still catch the virus through the air when a person speaks, coughs or sneezes. Therefore, it is best to cover your mouth and nose with a proper sized mask to be safe than sorry. Given the risk that prevails right now, it is advisable that you do not overlook either of the three measures as each one of them serves its own role in keeping you safe.

Does the Type of Mask Matter a Lot?

Other than the availability of different types of masks, what creates confusion is the factors you need to consider while buying one for yourself and your loved ones. While studies suggest that it is better to weara mask with high virus filtration efficiency, you should also consider the comfort level a mask offers. It is important to ensure that you choose a mask which does not cause you any discomfort, even if you need to wear it for longer durations. Therefore, the best mask covers both these aspects – comfort and virus protection.

If you feel that the mask you are currently using is not highly effective, switch to any antiviral mask which is also comfortable to wear and covers your nose and mouth properly.

Protect Yourself and Others from Disease-Carrying Viruses

To prevent the spread of Corona-virus, prevention is indeed, the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. An antiviral mask offers protection against the risk of contracting not just this contagious virus, but also others of this kind. However, you must-purchase antiviral masks from renowned companies like Nirvana Being. They sell masks that are certified by Nelson Labs, USA, with a 95-99% viral filtration efficiency.

While wearing the right type of mask seems effective for prevention, you should also follow other precautionary measures, such as washing hands often, maintaining necessary distance to ward off all possible risk. Also, be sure to make others aware of the importance of buying the right mask for protection. Stay safe!

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