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How Do you Make a Sunburst Wall Mirror?

How Do you Make a Sunburst Wall Mirror?

Making a DIY sunburst mirror is a simple way to change an inexpensive round mirror to something much more dramatic. With dowels made of wood and hot glue, spray paint as well as a circular mirror, you can make the appearance of a luxury mirror that will work with all styles of decor and is a fantastic option to fill up an empty wall.

Materials Needed

  1. Wooden dowels
  2. Small round mirror
  3. Glue gun
  4. Spray paint (your preference of paint color)
  5. Craft knife or Shears
  6. Measurement tape or ruler
  7. Painters tape
  8. Drop cloth
  9. Image hanging hook or wire

How to Make a Sunburst Mirror

STEP 1: Prep Materials

The first step I took was to create a thin disc from the middle of the styrofoam ball.

I wasn't entirely sure when I purchased the ball whether I wanted it to be an urchin with a smooth sunburst mirror or a dome-style urchin. So I purchased the ball to accommodate...

Knowing the mistake I made buying a disc straight from the beginning would eliminate any need to take the process.

STEP 2: Install Dowels

First, determine the circumference of your styrofoam disk My measurement was 15'', so I knew that my first eight dowels should be 1.875 1/8 of an inch away (15''/8).

Then I used my flexible measurement tape for sewing to mark and measure the areas around the edge of the disc.

To attach the dowels, I placed a glob of hot glue at the end of the dowel and then push it down into an edge on the styrofoam disc until it reaches half an inch. that I did in the final step.

After that, I repeat the process of measuring the measurement, marking it, gluing, and then putting up the eight 18 dowels.

STEP 3: Glue on Glass Center

Make sure you cover the entire front Styrofoam (this could be on either side I picked the less attractive one since I was covering it) using Liquid Nails.

I put it on top of the thickest layer because my styrofoam wasn't perfectly smooth and I needed to cover up some flaws. If you begin with an uncut disc, you likely will not require this amount.

STEP 4: Spray Paint

Now is the opportunity to get painting! I chose to use the gold metallic paint but you can choose any color that you like.

It is recommended to apply at least two coats on each side. I always begin with the front, so that I can apply another coat of paint on the front, but not on the back if I'd like to (front and back.)

STEP 5: Glue on Mirror

When your paint is dried and is ready for you to get to work with, you can apply glue to your mirror.

Put a big blue blob on the candle holders' glass "feet" and then press the mirror onto the top. I was just looking at the center...

There is a little space between the glass's center and the mirror but I'm not sure I'm noticing it when I hang it against the wall. If you're not happy with the gap, you can attach some ribbon or twine to the edge of the mirror to fill in the gap.

STEP 6: Install Hook and Hang

Not to be left out it is important to set up the hook that will hang it up on the wall.

I had no idea what I would accomplish until I reached this point... Chris has an unorganized drawer full of hardware, and I found an iron hook in the drawer that was perfect.

Simply bend the end at an angle of 90 degrees to your hook, then place hot glue at the end and place it into the styrofoam close to the edge. I also added some additional glue on the base after it was put in.

Then, put it up on the wall and enjoy your amazing masterpiece!

I'm loving mine on top of our mattress. It's stunning.

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