How long should a video be? The right duration for marketing videos

Here there everywhere, videos are become the new form of entertainment and marketing today. The use of smartphones has made it very easy to record videos, also animated video can be made through video editing software’s.

Videos can now be edited and posted on various internet platforms such as popular search engine google, website, social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and messengers such as WATS app and telegram.

Explainer Mojo from Explainer Mojo on Vimeo.

Alone on Facebook there are 4 billion video views daily and the YouTube which is the most successful video uploading platform in the world has 7, 20,000 daily uploads on an average. These stats wow us, making videos a very useful modern marketing tool for businesses.

There are various groups on Facebook, telegram and WATS app this encourages video sharing easily among target groups. Social media platforms and search engine platforms both encourage video postings, as videos have higher engagements and more reach compared to written and photo content.

The question often arises that what would be the best duration for a video to be successful, which we will discuss shortly below. Until then let’s discuss about the most successful video types for businesses, organisations and industries to market their brand on the internet platform.

Explainer Video:

The most successful form of video marketing type are explainer videos, an explainer video company is responsible for marking successful explainer videos for businesses.

Explainer videos are short informative videos which give a brief or rough idea to the viewer about the product, service or brand you want to market.

Explainer videos are very powerful form of marketing, it’s observed that 81% of businesses use video marketing strategies this helps them create brand awareness. Videos give a huge advantage to its marketers, spreading business awareness at a much faster rate and reaching more people.

How To Get a Explainer Video

Well connecting to an explainer video company can be the best solution, often there are many local video editors which do make explainer videos.

Bute an explainer video company can give you a wide range of services with lower costs and better quality. Explainer Mojo is the best explainer video production company in the UK, USA and Europe.

Best Types Of Videos

There are many explainer video types, but animated explainer videos are the best form of explainer videos as they are highly successful.

Attracting 95% of the viewers focus on the video content, animated explainer videos have a significant advantage over other types of explainer videos. An explainer video production company can be the best suit for your business animated explainer video.


Animated explainer videos are the most successful marketing video types, the animated explainer video pricing is always a question asked.

Well animated explainer video pricing for a 5 minute video can be around 1,000 USD per minute and the animated explainer video pricing for a 1 minute video can be from 300 USD to 700 USD. Explainer Mojo is a explainer video production company that produces the best type of animated explainer videos at affordable prices.

Duration Of Your Video

Videos have proven to be the new marketing tool as its very friendly with modern marketing platforms such as social media, search engines and websites.

A well timed video can help engage more audience on the internet platform and get more website traffic thus get more conversions. Here are some tips to time your marketing video duration for being more successful.

Social Media: These platforms are made to engage more audience, each social media platform is different from another. Its best suggested to keep your video duration from 1 min to 3 min on average. As social media promotes 3 minutes videos more, and people using social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn are out there for entertainment or work reasons. A 3 minute video is not very lengthy or too short to view.

Website: Your business website can consist of a short explainer video on its home page or introduction page. Here on your website your video duration is much controlled. If you want to showcase your product in a lengthy form your video can go up to 7 minutes you can also opt for a shorter video of 3 to 5 minutes can be best.

You Tube: The most successful platform for videos is the You Tube, which is a video search engine. You can find videos of all duration on the You Tube platform. You can make use of You Tube shorts for a quick 1 min video or you can upload a video of 7 to 10 minutes depending up on your requirement.

Here were some tips for making a choice of the right video duration for your business. An explainer video company is best for you if want success in your video marketing activities.

Explainer Mojo is the best explainer video production company which provides you with a wide range of explainer video services, get connected to Explainer Mojo today.

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