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How much Does it cost you to have a granite countertop?

How much Does it cost you to have a granite countertop?

If you are looking for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, granite is certainly the perfect choice to consider for your countertop. But how much does it cost you all?

Well, whenever it comes to remodeling, granite stands out of the class due to its extra strength and variability. However, in terms of cost, the typical range or the average range may have a significant difference. This natural stone has the heart of most homeowners as it adds warmth and character to any space.

Granite countertops are not only elegant but also play a part in increasing the resale value of your house. However, when considering the cost of granite countertops, ensure to consider the additional factors that might cost you more than the actual cost of granite slab. The pattern, color, and texture of stone also determine the overall cost of your counter slab. Here are some common factors that estimate how much it costs you to have granite counters.

Table of content

  1. Quality of the stone
  2. Size of your slab
  3. Color and cut of granite stone
  4. Type of granite you choose
  5. Labor and installation fees
  6. Additional costs and considerations
  7. Enhancements and improvements

Quality of the stone

Granite is certainly a great time that has its extraordinary application in residential and commercial fields. However, it comes in several grades that determine its quality. And so, it is one of the cost factors that determine the cost of your countertop. For instance, the lower grade granite usually has a thickness of ⅜ inches and has very usual colors such as gray, green, and whites. However, the mid and higher-grade granite has more variety in colors and has more thickness than lower-grade granite. The lower end of granite is more common as it costs low and is best for kitchen and bath use.

Size of your slab

We all know that the cost of granite counters mainly depends on the size of the slab we choose. Each slab of granite usually costs between $40 to $60 per square foot. However, you can see the significant difference in cost on higher grade granite. It becomes $70 to $100 per square foot. Also, the thicker the slab, the more it will cost you.

Color and cut of granite stone

As we discussed above, basic granite slabs can cost you between $40 and $60 per square foot. But you can observe the price jumps up to $75 to $100 per square foot for the rare colors, textures, and patterns of granite. Prices vary according to color, which can range from white to gray to green to blue. Pure white is one of the rarest colors of granite that cost the highest price.

However, some other colors such as gray, gold, black, and several shades of blue are also costly. In addition, the granite cuts are most challenging and will increase the cost up to $300 and more.

Type of granite you choose

Most granite countertops are slab countertops, but nowadays you can find the two other options. If you are interested in including granite in your kitchen differently, you can incorporate it in the form of tile or modular countertops.

The cost of granite depends on the type you choose for the application. However, the tile cost you around $8 to $15 whereas the slab will cost you around $40 per square foot.

Labor and installation fees

Labor can run from $35 to $85 per hour. However, the installation of your countertop cost depends on the labor cost in your area. The total labor cost also depends on how many countertops you are going to install, the countertop material, and the size of the project. For an average-size kitchen counter of 24 inches by 180 inches, expect to pay $600 to $1,500 for labor.

Additional costs and considerations

Aside from the whole cost of purchasing the labor and installation, some other factors cost you some extra bucks. These additional costs include the expense of removing your existing counters which might be extremely hard to remove.

Cutouts also cost you some additional expense as it depends on the area and space you want to install your countertop. Additional cutouts for hardware and pipes can increase the overall cost of granite countertops.

Enhancements and improvements

When you install your countertop in your kitchen, you may require some enhancement or improvements to create a sense of harmony. For instance, a granite backsplash is not necessarily required if you install a granite counter in your kitchen. Additions can include a stain guard or an under-counter cooktop.


Granite is the most popular stone and has gained popularity for substantial reasons. When it comes to the texture, granite has some significant veins and patterns. While some may like it, others may not; still, it will add a high level of sophistication to any kitchen style. Besides, granite countertops cost between $2000 – $4500 and are a much better choice for your home.

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