How Plastic Crates Are Going To Change Your Business Strategies

A few specific kinds of storage options are made available for the better movement of goods within the supply chain industry. There were cardboard boxes along with the wooden pallets made available earlier on, and this became outdated since the arrival of the plastic crates and pallets. These plastic crates can easily complete the need of the transportation norms due to several reasons as they can easily replace these wooden boxes.

The cardboard boxes are not quite versatile enough in terms of carrying all types of things, although they are quite cheap. After using it a single time, these boxes turned out to be environmental wastes eventually. In terms of retaining their conditions, they are neither sturdy nor a durable option. These boxes would be failing in terms of offering the needed resistance in regards to their contents and the other types of impacts. The best alternatives are plastic crates, as they offer the best storage option. They even are known to prevent issues with handling making sure that the customers are getting quality and undamaged goods.

These are mainly the most alluring reasons behind the popularity of these crates becoming the favourite one in terms of offering all types of products from beverage to food along with the supplies for the office. Today we will be sharing a few reasons behind making these crates the best option in terms of transporting your goods over the short as well as the longer distances. So, check them out!

• A lot sturdier alternative than cardboard or wood

Wood is not sturdier than plastic, although it is a sturdy alternative to cardboard. They might be breaking under the aggressive warp and impacts over time. This is not the case with plastic crates. They are quite strong and can be used for several years continuously without any kind of wear or tear, warping, or any kind of breakage after the rough use repeatedly. It is this characteristic that would make it an ideal option in terms of safeguarding the valuables against the weather and thrust elements and external calamities.

• Extremely hygienic alternative than wood

In terms of offering hygienic conditions to the goods stored in wood, it is the last resort that one can take. The level of hygiene within a wooden box is quite hard to maintain due to them being porous which allows heat, dust, and moisture. Crates made out of plastic, however, can be washed frequently with the use of water along with mild chemicals. HDPE plastic is used that is designed in terms of safeguarding the contents stored in them.

• Can be stacked easily, unlike the cardboard and wooden boxes

The crates made out of plastic can be stacked or nested easily. It means that they can keep one on top of the other without the risk of tumbling down. This is something that the wooden or the cardboard crates fail at offering.

• Highly protective option than cardboard or wood

The contents stored in the wooden crates are damaged easily due to the rough edges and surfaces, along with the nails and splinters that are protruding out of them. On the flip side, the plastic crates have no such sharp edges or points that can harm the contents stored in them due to their smooth body.

• Highly cost-effective alternative option

Plastic packaging is known for its being infamous. Plastic is known to save over alternatives in times of the cost of transportation and shipping due to it being lightweight. It can help in saving both in terms of the cost for getting the products to its consumers along with the cost to transport the post-consumer materials at the centres for recycling.

It completely depends on the kind of order picking system you are trying to implement in terms of the best packaging options for storage. Plastic crates are known to be the best selection you would be making due to their uniformity in strength, size, along with stability.

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