How to Apply for a PAN Card Online?

A Permanent Account Number or PAN is a means of distinguishing numerous taxpayers within the country. Pan Card is a 10-digit unique identification alphanumeric number (containing each alphabet and number) assigned to Indians, mainly to those that pay tax.

The PAN identification system is computer-based and assigns a unique number to each Indian tax-paying entity. Through this method, all tax-related data for an individual is recorded against one PAN number that acts as the primary key for storing information. This can be shared across the country; thus, no two folks on tax-paying entities will have a similar PAN. Apply for PAN Card Online with Sarkari Suvidha, which makes a hassle-free experience of getting Government Authorized services, including a PAN Card

Once a PAN could be allotted to an entity, the PAN Card is given by the Tax Department. Whereas PAN is a number, PAN Card is a physical card with your PAN in addition to name, date of birth (DOB), father's or spouse's name, and photographs. Copies of this card may be submitted as proof of identity or DOB.

Your PAN Card is valid for some time as a result of it's unaffected by any amendment in address.

How to Apply for PAN Card

The following are the steps to Apply For a PAN Card Online.

  • Applicants must visit  Sarkari Suvidha's official website.
  • When you click on this link, fill PAN Card Form and all the required information and details, e.g., Applicant's name, full current address, Other details, and so on.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • After some time, you will receive your confirmation email.

You can also apply for offline PAN at any of the district-level PAN agencies. You'll be able to use it for a replacement Pan Card still as create correction or modification info yourself. You can even request a reproduction PAN Card or reprint the cardboard if you lose the original.

For new PAN, Indian citizens and NRIs (including companies, NGOs, partnership firms, native bodies, trusts, etc.) must be compelled to fill 49A, and foreigners and foreign entities need to use form 49AA. These forms and all the required PAN documents should be submitted to the income tax PAN Services Unit.

Once you apply for PAN Card or request corrections/changes, you'll be able to track the standing of PAN Application Online via the acknowledgment Number provided.

PAN Card Application Do's and Don'ts

Fill in the main points as per the identity and address proof documents you're submitting.

  • Get your thumb impression genuine by a Magistrate/Notary before submitting the form to avoid disqualification.
  • Write the complete address and supply the correct contact details within the document.
  • Fill in the form in capital letters.
  • Don't build corrections or overwrite a place on the form.
  • Don't use initials in the forename or surname columns.

Don't apply for a brand new PAN card form if your current PAN card is lost/stolen/defaced. Request for a PAN Card Reprint.

A PAN card is a vital document that you'll use for numerous purposes. Not solely it's across the nation accepted identity proof; however, it is additionally an essential document when filing revenue enhancement (IT) returns. Except for this, it also wants to perform various personal and business transactions.

The following is the list of transactions that can be done only if you have your PAN card:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Filing your IT returns
  • Applying for a loan
  • Using for a gas or telephone connection
  • Purchasing or selling a new property
  • Getting a debit or credit card
  • Opening a fixed deposit account
  • Making Income certificate
  • Making insurance premium payments

Documents required for applying for a PAN card

Here are the documents which are required for PAN Card Online:

Aadhar card

Voter ID card


It is essential to fill out the application accurately to avoid any issues regarding PAN Card.

General Uses/Advantages of Having PAN

Since PAN Card contains info like Name, Age, and photograph, it may be used throughout the country as legitimate identity proof.

Online PAN is the best, thanks to keeping track of your tax payment. Otherwise, you would possibly be needed to pay it multiple times since your tax payment can not be verified.

Since PAN is exclusive for each entity, its misuse is nearly not possible for functions of evasion or different devious means.

PAN Card can be accustomed to avail utility connections such as electricity, telephone, LPG, and internet.

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