A law aspirant comes from a variety of backgrounds. There is no specific type to the person who dreams of donning the robe in future. Depending on when the realization hits the student, a person becomes a law aspirant in different phases of life. One can become an aspirant before graduating high school or one can become an aspirant after spending a year preparing for tech school. The difficulty of managing Boards and CLAT is common to all.  You can check out these brands’ websites or make an order via their online stores to pick printed T Shirts in a variety of designs. Another brand that is popular for manufacturing Printed T Shirts for men is Represent.

The most commonly found law aspirant

The most commonly found law aspirant belongs to either XI or XII std and is about to take the board examinations. Depending on which stream the student belongs to, the workload on a law student varies. Not that any stream is better or worse but in terms of syllabus, the students of science stream have it tough.

Generally, every science student attends separate coaching for Physics, Chemistry and Maths. This leaves him with very less time to prepare for CLAT. The school, coaching and CLAT preparation would take away a big chunk from the 24 hrs we all get.

The problem that exists

CLAT in itself is not a very difficult examination, in terms of difficulty it will not rival IIT JEE or NEET since even the success rate is around 4-6 %, much higher than it’s counterparts. However, the issue lies in the other responsibilities that the aspirant has. It is not just the 5 subjects that they have to manage but also the long hours at school, the hours at coaching (Boards) and other necessary human activities.

It may not seem like much, but it has affected the result of many law aspirants over the years. Since the media coverage on law aspirants is meagre, we don’t get to know the stories. Let us decide with a similar example from our friends in the tech aspirants.

There were reports of students cracking IIT JEE and yet failing board examinations, failing mathematics particularly. No matter what their score was in the entrance exam if they failed board exams, they could not enter a college.

Boards and CLAT

These two gigantic hurdles between a law aspirant and their dream college are very demanding, much like the paramour you fancy. An aspirant cannot afford to mess either one of them. It is most important to crack CLAT since it decides whether the aspirants enters and NLU or not.

However, it is also empirical to do well in the board exams. not only do they need to score 45% marks to be eligible for CLAT but also score well since it reflects in their academic career and some big companies consider the board marks to decide which candidate to hire. In the event of you not doing well in your CLAT examinations, the only support that you have is a good boards score.

Yes they are both important and yes CLAT is the doorway to your dream college but it is important that you do well in your boards too.

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Plan your journey

The only way to be victorious while dealing with both these examinations is to plan every step of yours. The day you realise that you have to take CLAT examinations, you need to sit down and chalk out a plan. This is easier than you think, every major problem that ever came in our way has been tackled with effective planning.

Talk to your teachers about Boards and CLAT

If you believe you are not able to bridge the two together then it is time to seek some professional help. Start with your boards, whatever stream you are in, approach one of the teachers at your school. Tell them about your plans to take CLAT and that you need to score well in boards too.

Ask for reference books and other resources which will decrease the time you spend on boards preparation. The goal is not to become the topper but to do well in the exam. Take her/his help in chalking out a plan, evenly spread out the syllabus in the amount of time between you and board examinations.

Approach your CLAT coach.

What? You don’t have anybody of that sort? Believe me, you do! It is either your faculty at the coaching centre you attend for CLAT or that senior of yours who aced this exam.

The best coaching for clat will help you plan your strategy to crack CLAT. Tell them everything you know and ask them everything you want to know.

Stick to the basics for both Boards and CLAT

Ask anyone who has ever sat for the board examinations, most people ignore the NCERT books and rush towards fancy writers for their complex problems and solutions but he CBSE asks questions from NCERT. No matter which stream you are in, whenever you work hard for boards, invest most of it on NCERT books. They are cheaper, thinner and to the point.

The same applies to CLAT modules, there are aspirants who like to mix it up and use 2-3 modules at once. Stick to one module and invest most of your time solving mock tests or past year papers. Let yourself be aware of what is to come before it comes.

Here is a list of must have books for CLAT.

And Finally

Take a break here and there. Your brain needs rest and so does your body. Pushing yourself over and over again will only result in you falling sick. So sometimes, it is okay to go out for a movie or sleep a little extra.

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