How To Calculate Shipping Charges And Taxes When Buying Grocery Online In Frankfurt?

With a sudden rise in online shopping for groceries and other essentials, many stores have started reaching out to customers through websites and apps. Due to a busy lifestyle and standard working hours, Indian and Asian immigrants in Frankfurt are accustomed to online grocery shopping.

Price is a crucial factor in online Indian grocery shopping. It is especially true if you have to pay shipping and taxes at the checkout. Taxes and shipping charges may vary depending on your shipping address. Both delivery charges and taxes can significantly increase the value of the total purchase bill.

Because food and grocery shopping is an essential part of anyone’s weekly and monthly budget, you must know how much the shipping costs for daily groceries are to save yourself from paying extra costs.

The purpose of this article is to share how to estimate shipping and taxes when shopping for groceries in Frankfurt.

How Does Online Indian Grocery Store Work in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is one of the famous and most preferred German states by Indians and other Asian expats. In a survey conducted to determine whether Indian expats prefer grocery shopping or home delivery, most residents chose home delivery because they are either studying or working.

The online grocery stores in Frankfurt provide multiple varieties of products, delivery options, discounts, and coupons.

Some stores claim to deliver orders in as little as two to three days. Not only do they offer free shipping after a certain billing amount. These are some benefits online stores provide to make your grocery shopping easy and feasible.

1. They provide multiple discounts offers and coupon codes for their customers to give them more benefits and future reward points.

2. Stores offer a return policy to their customers in case of wrong or undesired deliveries from their end.

3. They provide a detailed description for all their listed products, highlighting their name, manufacturing, and expiry date.

4. Have an easy order monitoring feature that allows you to track the status of your goods.

5. It provides you with a variety of products. For example, if you are looking for grains and flour, you can choose between five or six different brands while still getting the best quality.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Calculating Shipping Charges And Taxes?

For most people, home delivery is the most practical option. However, along with all of the benefits, there are some drawbacks. Some stores have higher delivery fees and fewer payment choices than others, so browse around to find the best deals for you.

These are some factors to consider while calculating taxes and shipping charges on online grocery shopping.

1. Order Quantity- Some stores deliver for free when you order in bulk, but others may charge a small fee. Also, if the order quantity is very much, then the mode of transportation used for delivery can affect your taxes and shipping charges.

You check the store’s website to know more about their minimum quantity for which they’ll provide free shipping cost.

2. Package weight and dimension- If the package weight exceeds the item's dimensional weight, stores will use weight to calculate shipping charges rather than the DIM weight. The parcel weight also determines taxes and delivery costs.

Usually, the online store provides free shipping below 150 lbs. If the weight is more than that, you have to pay extra depending upon your package. On the other hand, some Indian Grocery Store Frankfurt offers free delivery above the bill of $49, a marketing strategy to attract customers.  

3. Delivery Location- Shipping prices are affected by both departure and destination locations. When it comes to distance costs, no firm can do much. The longer your shipment travels, the more expensive it becomes. Calculate the distance from the store to your home and their charges/km to know the exact amount.

4. Delivery Surcharges- Delivery surcharges are extra costs that could sometimes come with eCommerce courier shipping. The most common delivery surcharges are area, handling fees, residential and fuel charges, overtime shipping charges.

5. Delivery Speed- Expedited delivery, such as same-day or overnight deliveries, is now possible and could earn you some brownie points with your customers. However, shorter transit times usually cost more.

6. Shipping Insurance and Tracking- Shipping insurance and tracking impacts shipping expenses. Although this service is not available to all retailers, it is an excellent selling feature. It guarantees customers that the package will be safe and secure throughout the delivery.

Zero Shipping Cost For Frankfurt People Want To Know How?

Seeing the above factors, we know that all websites will charge a basic shipping charge and tax no matter what you order. But there are some customer-oriented stores whose only goal is to provide the best quality products at affordable prices. is one of the most popular online Indian grocery stores in Frankfurt and other European cities, delivering real Indian taste to your doorstep. Its user-friendly interface allows you to order groceries from any location, at any time.

If you want to eliminate minimal taxes and delivery charges, then the Dookan offline store is now available in Frankfurt at an easily accessible location. With multiple product options and in-store offers, will surely put an end to your desi cravings.

Dookan- The Best Online And Offline Indian Store In Frankfurt

Indian customers in Frankfurt have rated as the best for home delivery and stacked categories. It operates both physically and online. This store has been popular for years, offering clients a wide range of products and Indian groceries. It majorly includes,

  • Spices and Masalas
  • Ready To Eat Food Items
  • Flours and Atta Mixes
  • Cereals and Pulses
  • Pickles and Chutneys
  • Organic Indian Tea
  • Packed Snacks Sweets

Aside from the many categories, the website features different tabs for offers like Stock Clearance, Promotional Offers, Summer Sale, Bundle Offers, and many more.

With the availability of almost all Indian brands dealing with spices and herbs, orders with Dookan online store can be returned or replaced within 14 days of order placements without any additional charges. Grab exclusive offers and discounts, and order authentic Indian groceries online without hesitation from

Visit the store or shop online, Dookan will offer you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can you calculate shipping costs on an online purchase?

The formula for determining the sales tax on a product or service is as follows: selling price x sales tax rate, and to calculate the total cost of a purchase, the formula is:

total sale amount = selling price + sales tax.

Q2. How does Dookan calculate shipping charges on a purchase? offers free shipping on orders above $49. If your item or product is not available, you should update your cart to obtain free shipping. In addition, some basic shipping fee applies if the package weighs more than 27 kgs.

Q3. Where to buy online groceries in Frankfurt without paying extra taxes? is the only easy-to-order platform that charges minimal taxes and offers you the best quality Indian grocery items at affordable prices. Every product has a detailed description of its authenticity with other pertinent information.

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