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How to Capture Amazing Photos of your Toddlers

How to Capture Amazing Photos of your Toddlers

Children do the cutest things while they are toddlers, i.e. aged one to three years old. There are so many first times, for the parents and the kids. These golden years are brimmed with exciting and memorable moments. Capturing them in the form of photos allows us to look back and relive those precious times. Toddler photo shoots sure do sound delightful, but they can literally become a pain in the neck. Kids under four are difficult to contain and they are pretty bad at taking instructions. One minute they seem perfectly calm and the next they are throwing a tantrum that gives everyone goose bumps. Follow these practical tips to attain some amazing photos of your toddlers without giving yourself a headache:

Be Spontaneous and Camera Ready

Toddler photo sessions work out better when they are not thoroughly preplanned. Many beautiful instances that are worth preserving come without warning, and they are impossible to recreate. You just need to keep your camera at arm’s length, no matter where you spend time with your child.

Exercise Patience (Don’t Force It)

Getting your toddler to look at the camera, hold a pose, or simply stand still for a few seconds can become mission impossible. It is easy to get worked up and want to pull your own hair out, but that doesn’t help. Don’t let the toddler catch onto your frustration, or he/she is likely to get upset. You cannot force the kid into giving a picture perfect instant. You just need to take a deep breath and wait for it to come naturally.

Prioritize Candid Moments

We all make the mistake of trying too hard to capture the perfect portrait. I agree that a snapshot of the child’s face with his/her eyes staring right back at you is magical, but we ignore the greater potential. The best kind of photography is all about seizing candid and heartfelt experiences. Let the toddlers be themselves, create chaos, and do ridiculous things while you click away.

Incorporate ‘Fun’

Toddler photo sessions do not need to be as methodical as estate planning. Engage the kid in a game or activity, so they do not feel the pressure of the camera. You can get them to stay in one place while they play with their car/doll or make a mess of the coloring book.

Partner Up

Running after the child with your camera and trying to navigate their actions alongside is exhausting. Ask your partner, a family member, or friend to help you out. Two heads are better than one and four hands can accomplish more than two.

Use Reverse Psychology

If the toddler has a rebellious streak, use it to your advantage. You know your child is going to do the opposite of what you say, so manipulate them with reverse psychology. I know it sounds devious, but no one gets hurt and you end up with some great snaps.

Turn off the Flash

Flashes are distracting and they give the subject laser eyes. Photograph your children in natural light if you are aiming for some phenomenal pictures of toddlerhood. Let the sun shine on them from different angles to see them in a different light every time.

Get on your Knees

Instead of hovering upon your toddler and zooming on their head, drop to their level to obtain the bigger picture. See the world with their eyes to understand them better and capture the true essence on camera.

Make use of Interaction

Talk to your child or sing them a favorite lullaby to grab their attention. Say words that your child recognizes or responds to, so they stay close and make eye contact.

Keep it Short and Casual

Your toddler may get anxious if you follow them around with a camera for too long and interfere with a natural flow of events. If the child seems annoyed or grumpy, wrap it up and give them space. There will be many more occasions for making memories, so don’t deplete their tolerance on a single one.

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