How to Choose a Web Design Company

Web Design in our connected work a website is a cool part of any business and choosing a good web designer can be a tricky challenge after all your website is the foundation. your online marketing activity you've got to get it right so whether you're just about to have your first website design or simply want to make your existing one better there are some basics that you need to know first your website has one simple job to turn visitors into customers all your marketing efforts and techniques are built to bring visitors to your website to this single purpose in marketing terms we call this conversion the better your website works the more visitors exceed words to fail if your website is not converting you're wasting money on all the other marketing techniques you're using to drive traffic to it because a bad website simply won't convert so you see why it's so important to choose a web designer who's doing more than design a website with some projects photos and a link to your Facebook page what you need is somebody who understands that a website is more than information or website is a conversion tool that requires expert planning you need somebody serious about web design that's where we come in let us tell you about our unique seven step formula for creating the perfect website for your business

Step one is all about analysis we discuss with you important topics like the goals and purpose of your website what audience you'd like to reach and what kind of information you'd like to share,

Step two is the planning stage this stage involves defining a site map in structure as while selecting the technologies and tools will use to build the right site for you,

Step three is all about design power design phase goes beyond visual styles to include important factors like usability when we reach that pork we're at the content face here will work with you to organize and optimize your text and media content while making sure everything is optimized for both people in search engine that's fine is the development space now we're actually building your website using the latest including practices and standards subset your site is bills but we're not done yet next comes to texting we check out coding scripts for bugs and compatibility issues at this point we're also confirming that your website reach the goals we set out in step one that seven is the final step now we're ready to look for your site and launch it on to the World Wide Web so you can see that web design done well is a multi-stage process and through working with many happy customers we've mastered it we're here and ready to share our passion for high quality web design with you let's talk.

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