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How To Clean & Sanitize House & Offices Against Corona virus

How To Clean & Sanitize House & Offices Against Corona virus

COVID-19 or Corona Virus is known to spread through respiratory droplets, like mucus or saliva, from person to person. Those droplets can land on surfaces that others may come into contact with and become infected by putting their hands to their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Corona virus can live on surfaces for hours in the right environment, according to the World Health Organisation.

Corona virus is an envelope virus, which means it is 'enveloped' in a fatty layer that cannot be easily broken down by regular cleaning supplies.

We asked the experts like Elitessential Cleaning Services how best to clean our homes during a viral outbreak.

1. Routine Cleaning

Mop it every day with Finail or Detergent which kills germs. As we don't have any vaccine yet so you need to use which we have at home.

2. Wipes

Use sprays or wipes that promise to kill 99.9 percent of germs. nowadays lots of company introduced wipes which really help to clean germs. if you don't have wipes or spray then you can you good quality detergent to kill germs. Yes, it will not kill all germs but surely help you out.

3. Clean Touchable Surface

Don't ignore All those places where you and your family leave a million fingerprints every day. If you have Gloves at home then please use for home cleaning, but if that’s not, just be sure to wash your hands before and after you clean. if you start from entering home first you will touch the door handle so you can't ignore the cleaning door handle.

After opening the door obviously you will switch on light and fan. So Clean switch available inside the home. Refrigerator, Microwave, TV Remote, AC Remote, Counter, Table Top, washroom tab, toilet Tab, and the drawer is also important to clean.

4. Stay Home

Staying Home is one of the best ways to clean your home because if Even if you're not sick, just stay home if you can. Being in large crowds or gathering people outside or inside the house or going out to restaurants poses unnecessary risks not just to yourself but to the people around you. The more you're in public, the more chances the corona virus has to hitch a ride on your hands, clothes, or person. Millions of people are very vulnerable to this virus. Putting yourself at risk also puts other people at risk.

5. Sanitizing your area

While cleaning is the mere process of discarding the dust and making the room look clean. Sanitization is an action in which our experts will rigorously sanitize your space by following the given guidelines by CDC, WHO, and FDA, to lower the number of harmful viruses on the surfaces. You can now hire Exicare who will provide you top cleaning and santization services in Thane and Mumbai as well.

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