How To Clean Stains From A Leather Product?

Leather is used a make millions of products like clothes, handbags, wallets, shoes, and many more products. It requires a lot of care of your leather product, but sometimes you notice that your product gets stains on it which is very awful. Because those satins decay your leather product over time.

To protect your leather products from stains you wash them by using leather soap for general stains, corn starch is the best option for removing the oil-based stains from your leather products and you can also use alcohol to get rid of ink stains from your leather product.

By using the above-mentioned methods, you can get your leather product safe from any kind of stain on it, but how would you use these methods let’s see what is the procedure?

Leather Soap For General Cleaning:

Leather soaps are specially made up for leather products for general purpose cleaning which helps to remove general stains like coffee, tea or anything else.

Always Check Leather’s Instruction Label:

There is one catch, that is you cannot use this leather soap on all kinds of leather products. For this purpose, you have to look at the label which is attached to your leather products like if you are going to remove a stain from a leather jacket the label is sewn inside the jacket lining.

Read that label which clearly shows that whether you can clean your leather product with soap or not and what should be the optimized temperature of water while cleaning those stains from leather.

Dust off Your Leather Product First:

Before you apply any leather soap on your leather product, always make sure that there is no lose dust left on it and the surface of that product must be clear. This is especially a must for the products that we wear to go outside like leather jackets, leather shoes etc. Because they get attracted to more dust than any other leather product which is always everywhere. So, this is the best practice to clean the surface first and then apply any soap on it.

Always Use A Clean Damped Cloth:

We all know that almost 90% of leather products cannot handle a lot of water while cleaning them because it can damage the leather product very badly. So, if you are going to wash or clean your leather product with water do not use a lot of water on it instead of it use water with a spraying bottle or sparingly on your leather product.

For this purpose, dip a clean piece of cloth or a towel in the room temperature water and rinse all the water from it until it is left barely damp and then use this cloth to clean your leather product.

Apply Leather Soap On Your Leather Product:

Leather Soap is the best option for removing the general or unidentified stains from the surface of your leather products. Apply some amount of leather soap on the surface and rub the soap with the clean and damped cloth until the lather appears on it. Once lather appears on the surface do not rinse that lather off but keep rubbing the surface with that cloth until a shine appears on the surface of leather.

How To Clean an Oily Surface:

To Clean, an oily surface on a leather product following is some methods which we can use.

Sprinkle A Little Amount of Corn Starch:

Corn starch is the best option for removing the oil stains from the surface of a leather product. To remove any kind of oily stains like the oil from salads or any other type of oil stain from your leather products just sprinkle a gentle amount of corn starch on that oily spot. But you have to do it as soon as you can when the oil drips on the product. If you didn’t pay attention to that spot, this may lead to the product being very awful for everyone who will sit on it.

Rub The Corn Starch On The Surface:

When you sprinkle some corn starch on the surface then start rubbing that powder with your fingers if the stained area is less if the area is large then you can have a brush or something else. While you rubbing the corn starch you feel some heat on your fingers which is caused by friction. This process reactivates the oil and makes it easier for the corn starch to absorb or soak up the excess oil from the surface.

Vacuum or Brush of the Corn Starch:

When the work on the corn starch is done and it soaked the oil and if the area is less than you can collect that powder by your hand and if the area is large then you can choose a brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of leather product.

Repeat Until The Stains Is Properly Gone:

It always depends on the stain that you are trying to remove. If the stain is old then you might need to repeat the process until the stain is properly gone. If you try to remove the stain more than three to four times and the stain is still there then you might need to contact a leather specialist or a professional leather cleaner for removing the stain from your product.

Wipe With Damped Cloth After Stain Is Removed:

When you are successful to remove the stain from your product than get a clean piece of cloth or a sponge dip it in the room temperature water and get it barely damped. Then clean the surface with that damped cloth and remove all the residue from the surface which was left while cleaning the stain from the surface.


In the end, the protection of your leather product is a must and if you pay attention to it than your product stays alive as long as much and if you didn’t then it will destroy as soon as possible. If you don’t have enough knowledge about how to remove any kind of stain or hoe to protect your leather product from the stains then you must have contact with a professional all the time who guide you to protect your leather product.

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