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How to Clean Your Curtains at Home

How to Clean Your Curtains at Home

How to clean your curtains effectively is not as easy or as difficult but the well and management of your time can face this question. Cleaning experts prefer to clean your curtains regularly because it helps remove dust, dirt, allergens, stains and smells that your curtains absorb.

Some people prefer to wash their curtains by hand, some in a washing machine. And some of them has heavier fabrics they prefer to steam or deep steam cleaning. It completely depends upon you on how heavily you want to clean your curtains. Here, the curtain fabrics, weight, and how much dust and dirt they absorbed will decide the curtain cleaning mechanism.

We will for your understanding and doing your job of curtain cleaning split that into three  parts:

Performing a Routine Cleaning

Washing Your Curtains

Steaming Curtains

Performing a Routine Cleaning

Cleaning is all about caring and management. Performing a routine curtain cleaning will guide you towards your best results.

Take your curtains off of the rod if possible

Taking down your curtains for cleaning is the best option because you can separate and easily clean them but in case it requires time and techniques and doesn’t about your skill then leave it. Drop a simple cloth underneath your curtains to collect dust falling from the curtains.

Shaking your Curtains for 30 seconds

Hold your curtains from the upper side tightly and shake the curtains zigzag or any other moment that you like for about 30 seconds. During shaking, keep in mind to close your eyes and secure your nose with a cloth covid 19 deep cleaning. Rapid movements will remove dust and dirt.

Unfortunately, if your curtains are attached with rods then hold from the top end and shake them gently but not pull away from the rod.

Turn Your Curtains

Now, turn your curtains and hold them at the bottom, and repeat the same process as above.

Vacuum Your Curtains

Vacuum your curtains with a soft brush attachment. Hold the vacuum piper from the top of the curtains to the bottom to remove dust, dirt and debris. For the backside, repeat the process. Keep in mind use your vacuum device at a low speed your curtain is made of fabric, silk, or lace.

Use no heat Dryer Instead of Vacuum

You should use the dryer with no heat for only 3 to 5 minutes if your curtains are off the rod. Also, hurry in hanging your curtains to prevent the damage of wrinkling.

At least Use Duster

If you are out of any method or lack something to clean your curtains then using a duster to dislodge dust and dirt from the curtains is the only cheap solution. Start from the top of the curtains, hold a duster against the curtains. Rotate the duster in your wrist to turn the head and collect dust. Move your duster downwards until you have covered the whole curtain.

Wash Small stains with Warm Water

Your curtain can have small stains or spots then you do not need to worry. Let us tell a very secret but really secret formula that you already have in your home. Take a small cup, fill it with warm water, mix a dash of dish soap. Mix it for a while and then use it on those spaces where spots and stains are stuck to your curtains.

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Washing Your Curtains

When washing your curtains, not every curtain is made for the wash. So, make sure that you are washing the right curtain otherwise, the damage is in your luck.

Hand Wash Your Curtains

Mix a few drops of laundry detergent into a bucket filled with warm water. Gently place your curtains in the sink or bucket and after a while massage with both hands all sections of the curtain.

Standard fabric Curtains in the Washer

You can wash in a washing machine using standard laundry detergent for curtains like thicker cotton, polyester, and blended. Set your washing machine speed on a low key also known as “delicate cycle” and use cold water.

Dry Clean or Don’t Wash

There are different kinds of curtains in the market and made from different fabrics such as silk, linen, cotton, voile, damask weave, and nylon. So, different fabric curtain needs a different kind of cleaning treatment. Before cleaning your curtains you should carefully read the instructions on the curtain if it says “dry clean only” or “don’t wash” etc.

Steaming Curtains

Read the Tag on Your Curtains

Read the tag on your curtains before steam cleaning if it says “dry clean” then don’t think of “steam clean” because damage can happen. Most of the fabric curtains in the market can be steam cleaned.

Fill a Steamer with Tap Water

After you got to sure about dry steam cleaning. Now, fill the steamer with simple water and put it on a gentle heat setting, keep in mind highest heat can damage your curtains or discolouration.

Note: Don’t try steam cleaning to silk curtains, they will be damaged permanently.

Clean Your Curtains Vertically

Elitessential Cleaning Services came to us in 2010 without a digital presence and an urgent need to drive a consistent stream of qualified leads. This became increasingly urgent with covid 19 deep cleaning becoming a mainstay in Elitessential Cleaning service arsenal.

When steam cleaning your curtains, keep away the mouth of the house of your steam cleaner at the top 2-4 inches from the fabric. Try to hold the steamer with both hands and then trigger to steam your curtains.

Don’t hold steamer directly into the fabric. Also, if your curtains are still wet, keep away steamer from them.

And change your position or the position of your curtains and repeat the same process from top to bottom to get the best results of curtain cleaning.

In the last, I would like to share with you that if are confidently implementing the above tricks and techniques then don’t waste a single breath. If not, then there are several cleaning companies out there in the market or near you, and you can easily negotiate and they can clean your curtains easily.

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