How to Clean and Maintain your Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important area in the house which requires more attention, because the kitchen is the space where we cook our food which is the ultimate key to your family’s health and wellness and have shared their tips on how to maintain your kitchen. Let us see what Basil Homes, the best interior designers in Pune have to say about maintenance of Stainless steel modular kitchens.

This type of modular kitchen can be more expensive in comparison to other modular kitchen layouts, but again stainless steel kitchens are tenacious and the luster remains for years. When it comes to a stainless steel you have no worries about termites and fungus as it doesn't absorb moisture like wooden materials do. The cabinets also are rust free, and the best part is there is no peeling or cracks in paint.

If you have a stainless steel kitchen, indeed that's a good choice as this helps your kitchen sparkle bright. The name itself defines "stainless" as it's surface is easy to maintain and it eliminates the risk of scratches and stains that keeps your kitchen brand new. But at times maintaining the shine might be a little difficult task for you.

No worries, here are certain steps that you can follow while cleaning your stainless steel modular kitchen.

1. Warm Water Wash

Water being the best cleaning agent can wipe out most of the stains. There are many harmful chemicals that are concentrated and can sometimes damage the surface on which they are applied. As we know stainless steel has been used for quite a long time and there were no chemical cleaning liquid during that period it was usually cleaned with warm water.

Stainless steel kitchen surfaces which are mostly found on cabinet and other compartments are usually rust free and do not get stains on it. This is because in our kitchen the trolleys get exposed to various types of oils, liquids and other chemicals. In order to properly clean these stainless steel parts the best option is warm water and a soft cloth. Just dip a soft cloth in warm water and clean the areas which are stained. This not only removes the stain but is like sanitizing the surface as warm water kills bacteria. To add shine to these surfaces you can always use some mild dish soap in warm water.

2. Mild Detergent

Detergent is a strong chemical which is used to remove stains like grease and grime, while a mild detergent is gentle as it only contains surfactants that are helpful in dissolving dirt and removing the stain. For a stainless steel modular kitchen mild detergent is the best option and it is quite sufficient as it will gently clean off the dirt without affecting the luster of the surface in comparison to other acids.

3. White Vinegar/ Baking Soda

White vinegar is said to be the best solution for cleaning stains as it doesn't contain any coloring agent. As well white vinegar contains about 4 to 7% of acetic acid and approximately 96% of water. Similarly baking soda is also any effective agent that helps remove tough stains immediately. For cleaning your stainless steel modular kitchen you can make use of either white vinegar or even baking soda.

4. WD-40

WD-40 contains alkanes hydrocarbons.It is completely a multi purpose product. Yes, that's right, you can use WD-40 to clean your kitchen sink, kitchen cabinets and even the stainless steel kitchen surface as well, this will help your kitchen shine bright.All you have to do is simply spray the WD-40 on a piece of cloth and then just wipe it off.

WD-40 not only cleans your kitchen but it is also helpful in maintaining the shine which is a bonus that is provided by the WD-40 solution. You might be worried about the fetid sticky smell, but no worries Wd-40 has a very mild and low odor, which completely erases the risk of bad odor.

However it is recommended do not use WD-40 for regular cleaning. You can make use of it only when the stain is stiff and hard to remove.

5. Olive Oil

Olive oil is the best friend of stainless steel. As we know that stainless steel has an amazing shine which enhances the look of your kitchen, but at the same point stainless steel appliances smudge up and eventually it makes the fingerprints more visible that actually spoils it's look.

That's the reason olive oil or even baby oil is best for application on stainless steel, is because olive oil works as a protective coating and works as a shield to keep all the stains away. You can simply use a soft cloth to apply olive oil, pour the oil on the cloth and rub it on the steel to leave a thin coat of protection for the surface.

What should you not use on Stainless Steel?

Now, that you have understood the necessary measures that you would take into consideration while cleaning stainless steel. It is important to understand what you should avert using while cleaning your kitchen that is made up of stainless steel, this can be done by checking the product manual or else you can also refer to this article.

Here are two Golden rules which you need to follow while cleaning your stainless steel kitchen-

  • It is better to keep your kitchen away from cleaners that contain bleach and chlorides, as this might have cleaning properties but eventually might create a dull finish and can lead to permanent stains.
  • Avoid using abrasive pads, steel wool and brushes as it can wreck the shine of the kitchen surface and give it a dull finish and it promotes rusting.

Don’t forget you take necessary measures during the cleaning process of your kitchen, as it is quite essential to clean it properly as it affects the look of your kitchen, so understand the do’s and don'ts well before cleaning.

Basil homes have designed one of the best modular kitchens in Pune and say that stainless steel is the finest material when it comes to having a modular kitchen, as it is easy, handy, accessible and it is very easy to maintain.

Now that you know how you can clean your stainless steel kitchen , it is important to ensure that you maintain and clean your kitchen from time to time, in order to sustain that shine and luster of your kitchen. Your kitchen is one of the most important space of your house, as the kitchen is not just a place where you cook and prepare food, but it’s the place where you create innumerable memories. So always keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

Let us know your tips that you follow for cleaning a stainless steel kitchen.

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