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How to Create a User-Centered Design for Your Online Store?

How to Create a User-Centered Design for Your Online Store?

In the ecommerce business world, offering a unique user experience has become critically important to give your online store a competitive edge. Ecommerce marketers need to find effective ways to create experiences that show that your brand really cares. You can offer free shipping, send personalized product recommendations and make a seamless checkout process to keep your customers happy and engaged.

How to Create a User-Centered Design for Your Online Store?

Creating a user-centered ecommerce design is another great tactic to attract more site visitors and fulfill your customers’ expectations. Your ecommerce website design should create an intuitive and familiar feel and guide users on what to do next. The goal of user-centered ecommerce design is to provide a great customer experience and optimize touchpoints to meet their needs at every stage of the user journey.

Creating a user-centered design is an iterative process that truly focuses on users’ needs and offers amazing experiences for your customers. Designers should be aware of all the user-centered design methodologies to come up with a perfect design that provides a better experience for online shoppers.

If you are thinking of updating your ecommerce design, here are some tips for designers to come up with a killer user-centered ecommerce design for your online store.

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Keep Target Users in Mind

Keep in mind that the goal of this design process is to offer an ideal user experience.  When it comes to designing a user-centered design for your ecommerce store, the web design team needs to carefully consider the demographics, purchasing habits, needs and specific characteristics of the target audience.

Having a clear understanding of your target audience will help the designer team to create a design that meets the needs of users. By involving users’ needs throughout the designing process will help the design team to make the accessibility of the products as easy as possible.

Don’t Confuse Your Visitors

When shoppers land on your ecommerce website, they look for the desired products. Providing them with too many choices will make them confused and delay the purchase decision. Give visitors simple and easy options to shop so that they can make one simple decision.

Display the relevant information to allow users to complete the task without becoming confused. When instructions are visible, they will definitely complete the task immediately. Try to make the buying process easier and simpler to help shoppers find what they want to buy. Avoid cognitive load to prevent users from investing too much effort to complete the task without confusion.

Design for Speed

If your ecommerce website takes forever to load, chances are no one will stick to your site and go to your competitor’s website to fulfill their needs. Designers should create a design by keeping the abandonment rate in mind and do their best efforts to improve the website loading speed. Keep in mind that websites that load too slowly will lose customers.

It is advised to check the loading speed of your website by using different tools and make sure it loads quickly, even with slow internet connections. When your site loads quickly, Google will send more traffic to your ecommerce website by increasing its rankings in the search engine result pages. If truth be told, it is a proven strategy for ecommerce websites to drive organic traffic and increase brand credibility.

Easy Navigation is Must

What’s the point of designing a fast loading ecommerce website when your visitors are unable to find the desired product? Navigation is the most important element of a user-centered design that directs users where they are now and where they can go next. Designing a well-functioning navigation will create a positive user experience.

Make sure the navigation system includes easy menus, page titles, breadcrumbs, and easy search features. Having a clear navigation hierarchy will help customers to find the desired product and make online shopping frictionless. The navigation of your ecommerce site must be simple, clear and user-centered to keep customers hooked and engaged.

Provide Live Support

Online shoppers want a quick response to their queries. Integrate a live chat button to your ecommerce website will guide the shoppers during the buying journey. You can harness the power of chatbots to provide prompt answers to shoppers’ questions to provide them with immediate assistance to complete the purchase decision.

When customers don't get the desired information about the product, they are considering purchasing, chances are they will leave the store and look for the option anywhere else. A survey suggests that approximately 53% of customers leave the site without completing an online purchase, if they can’t find quick answers to their questions.

Offering live chat support is the easiest way to value your customers’ time and make their shopping experience more pleasing. Using live chat software is the easiest way to provide your customers with instant answers so that they can keep shopping confidently.

Offer Relevant Options to Your Customers

Online shoppers expect personalization and want to purchase products from bands that provide relevant offers. A study suggests that more than 83% of customers are ready to share their data in exchange for a personalized experience. You can transform your ecommerce website into a personalized showroom by offering relevant product recommendations.

This strategy will help you engage shoppers, boost repeat purchases, increase conversions and drive more sales. According to statistics, marketers observe a 20% increase in sales when offering personalized experience. You can collect customers’ browsing data, purchasing habits and other interaction points to offer personalized product recommendations based on their needs and requirements.

A personalized ecommerce web design truly reflects that your brand understands customers’ expectations which will increase your brand credibility and strengthen customers’ trust.

Concluding Note

A good user-centered ecommerce design is important for offering an out-of-the-box user experience. By following these simple tips, you can make the user-centered design process simple and create a great ecommerce website that meets the requirements of customers and satisfies their needs. A professional web design company in Dubai will help you design an awesome user-centered design for your online store that will create a better experience for online shoppers.

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