How To Download Twitter Video - Twitter video Downloader

We all know the Twitter Video Downloader, Twitter is a social media platform in which people connect well with each other. And as we all know that Twitter is such an official platform where people do not post unnecessary shares and only share important news or memes made on important issues and sometimes many such posts come while running Twitter.

People want to save twitter video  in the gallery but as we all know we can not save any post directly from twitter. Keeping this in mind, today I am going to tell you through my article how you can download for twitter.

How To Download Video On Twitter?

Friends, we all use tutors and also we all know that we cannot download any videos from tutors because the option of downloading videos is not available through tutors. But if you want to download the video, then let me tell you that only by the gender of the video, you can save it in your gallery, so let's know how it is done.

  • First you need to log in to your Twitter account.
  • Now play whatever video you want to download.
  • Now you will see an icon on the right side under the video. You have to click on it.
  • Some options will be seen in this. You have to click on Copy Link to Tweet in this, in this way the link of the video will be copied.
  • Now you have to open a browser and go to this Twitter Video Downloader website.
  • As soon as you open this website, In its home page you will see an empty box.
  • In this you have to paste the link of the copied video.
  • After presenting the link, you have to click on the option twitter to mp4 given below.
  • In this way your videos will start savetweetvid.

Sometimes it happens that due to some reason the given website does not work, then you can download Twitter Video by going to another website in this way. For that you have to follow the points given below.

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