How to find qualified legal translators in Dubai

How can you find the best qualified legal translators in Dubai? It’s quite simple actually! Your search starts and ends with us at Translators Emirates, your ultimate destination for any translation services, sworn transcription, interpretation, transcription, and simultaneous interpretation equipment. As your one-stop solution to all of your translation needs, we provide you with the highest quality translations by top rated professional translators and highly experienced interpreters that are recognized throughout the region for their expertise in their fields of study.

Why hire a certified translator?

This question is often asked by clients who feel there must be some hidden advantage of hiring a certified translator. At Bukhari Translation Professionals, we are on your side and will always be truthful with you regarding what certified translation means, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for your project. To put it simply, if your project falls within one of three areas – contract translation, medical/legal translation, or sworn transcriptions – then you should definitely hire a certified translator. The reason is simple: A document translated by a person with no official credentials has no leg to stand on legally should something go wrong down the line.

What is a certified translator?

A certified translator is someone who has translated documents for a specific industry before. The translation certification process is also about making sure that your translation or interpretation provider is 100% trustworthy and certified by major professional bodies. So, how do you actually hire a certified legal translator in Dubai? These are five key considerations: Industry-specific credentials, experience, training certifications, and references. An ideal legal translator has already translated official government records such as birth certificates, passports and other identifying documents; they must have substantial experience translating contracts; they should have completed some kind of certification program—and that includes interpreting at conferences or events.

Translator certification requirements

When you’re looking for a translator, you should look for someone who is certified. Translation and interpretation certifications can vary from country to country, but they are usually issued by translation associations or government bodies and require exams, a certain number of years of experience, or both. When possible, make sure that your chosen professional has certification from your country or at least from one of your major trading partners. In addition to adding credibility and professionalism to your project, having a certified translator on board means you won’t have any issues with international language regulations or disputes over what was actually said.

Certified translation vs regular translation

The term certified has multiple meanings when it comes to translation. The most important meaning is: authorized by a government or other official body (like a court) to do translations for them. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean that certified translators are better than their colleagues, such an authorization does grant them more trustworthiness among their clients—whoever hires them will feel much safer about the quality of their work. Obviously, a certification like that is not easily obtained and requires at least several years of professional experience—and sometimes even language studies outside of university or college.

Make sure you are dealing with someone who is certified

Many translation agencies will provide you with a translator, but it’s important that you deal with someone who is well-educated and certified. In a city like Dubai, you should be sure that your chosen company also has Arabic speakers on staff so they can make sure they are doing things accurately. The last thing you want is for them to translate something incorrectly or use incorrect grammar because they don’t know what they are doing. It may seem like a small thing, but these details could end up costing you money or time down the road.

Do your research before hiring a translator

A great way to ensure you’re getting high-quality service is by doing some background research before selecting a translator. Legally, every translator must have credentials that meet your needs. You’ll want someone who can translate accurately, communicate well with clients and attorneys, and keep up with a fast-paced courtroom environment. Take time to look into potential translators before hiring them so you can be confident they’ll be able to produce accurate and on-time translations for your business.

Expectations from translators

If you’re looking for a translator who can translate your texts perfectly, then we have bad news. No one is that perfect! Translating requires knowledge of two or more languages and each language comes with its own rules. What you need is a linguist who has a strong command over both your source and target languages and knows how to adapt and apply their knowledge while translating.

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