How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1311: Source File Not Found (Filename)?

QuickBooks is a great accounting software that has helped millions of small  business owners reach their goals. It's robust software, but it can also be buggy. A common error that QB users frequently report is error code 1311 in QuickBooks Desktop. This is displayed during a QuickBooks accounting software update or when you export a report from Financial Report Designer to MS Excel. Installing the software from the CD may result in errors. Therefore, in such a situation, an error will be displayed on the screen and will look like this:

QuickBooks error 1311: "Source file not found (filename). Check if the  file is available and it can access you. "

In the case of error code 1311, ask the system again to replace or cancel it, and check before continuing. If you want to correct the error,  tap  and continue with cancellation. Another way to solve this error is  the QuickBooks Error Support Helpline I.e .e +1-860-215-2261  Since the occurrence of errors is connected and talked, we will help you set up possible.

Cause of QuickBooks Error 1311

QuickBooks Error 1311 occurs when updating or exporting files. The following reasons for this error can be considered:
⦁ Microsoft Office corruption or corruption
⦁ You can install CDs are corrupted
⦁ Microsoft Office versions may not be  compatible with QuickBooks software.
⦁ CD-ROM drives have many problems

Procedure for fix quick book error code 1311
You can copy pre-installation installation files from the CD to your hard drive. Some of the possible solutions are explained.

Method 1: Copy the file to the hard driver and  install it

⦁ Starting with the insertion of the CDROM QuickBooks CD, check if the installation has started automatically. If you start automatically, tap "Exit" and exit.
⦁ Right-click the Windows Start tap and  click Search.
⦁ Create a folder on the desktop and copy the installation file
⦁ See QuickBooks CDROM and right-click it by right clicking on it
⦁ Find Qbook or other third party folders and then tap Setup.exe.
⦁ Press the File and Folder to copy the file while holding down the desktop CTRL button.
⦁ Insert these copied files into the new folder  you created
⦁ If an error occurs, it is a CDROM problem.
⦁ Call the Customerque Aegsekive to  help you  solve the mistake, and you can continue your work
⦁ If no error occurs when copying, open a new folder
⦁ Tap Setup.exe twice to start the installation
Method 2: Check Microsoft Office Compatibility
Microsoft Office needs to be updated to use the designer of financial countries. After that, the report can be exported directly from  QuickBooks to Office.
To check compatibility, you need to follow the specific steps below.
⦁ Move to the  control panel and then  tap  the program deletion or display.
⦁ Select Microsoft Office now and make changes.
⦁ The version of Microsoft Office is over 2000. If the version is not 2000 or later,  you need to change or fix it according to the instructions  to fix the problem.

Method 3: Restrict access to the CD-ROM

⦁ Click  the Start button on your keyboard to go to Settings.
⦁ Then go to  Control Panel and  tap Administrative Tools.
⦁ From the list of administrative tools, select Local Security Policy and Advanced Local Policy Folder.
⦁ Then you can select security options.
⦁ Click one of the security options depending on the version of  Windows installed on your desktop. RESTRICT CDROM access to  local users.

We hope this article can assist you to to Fix QuickBooks Error 1311. If the above-shown solution does not fix your problems effectively, it’s best to get technical assistance from a professional. Get in contact with our Error Support number at +1-860-215-2261  for technical help and they will help you to troubleshoot your issues efficiently.

Get quick steps to fix QuickBooks error code 1311

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