How to Make a Dating App & How Much It Costs

So, you are thinking of developing a dating app? Tinder is likely the most popular dating app out there, and it has convinced many businesses and startups to create a dating app that would be the same yet unique.

The reason for such high interest is the target audience. Up to 57 million users spend more than 2 hours every day on dating apps. Dating apps have the potential to generate revenue and user engagement if successful matches are created.

So, how would your app beat the competition and be the next Tinder? Before we discuss dating app development, let’s figure out its stats:

Fact 1

In 2020, over 20 million users used online dating services, with 15 million using smartphone dating apps. Approx 60% of users install dating apps to get involved in a serious and long-term relationship. 40% use these apps for casual hookups and making new like-minded friends. And, 30% of people use dating apps for sexual needs.

The growth of single persons is a global phenomenon. With the number of singles, we can anticipate the popularity of custom dating apps to grow even more. But to outperform in the dating sector, you have to analyze your target audience and then plan a solid strategy. When building your own dating app, make sure to integrate the intuitive interface, attractive visuals, and elements that catch the attention of users.

Fact 2

According to a statistical analysis of the proportion of individuals using dating services in 2020, the most active age groups of dating service customers are 18-29 and 30-44, indicating the highest degree of user engagement.

Make sure your app is up to date with all of the newest trends in the age range you aim to target. You should focus more on younger people, but also offer something that appeals to people of all ages. After all, the younger generation might be more demanding in terms of functionality and convenience of use, so creating a dating app that appeals to all age groups is a sensible choice.

How to make a dating app?

Before building a dating app, you need to consider a few important factors;

Analyze the Target Audience

The first stage is to define the target audience that significantly makes an impact on the success of your dating app. Classify the target audience based on demographics that include age, gender, location, occupation, and marital status.

Developing a dating app in a certain niche might be game-changing for your dating app business. When you target a specific audience, you gain a competitive edge and may quickly develop a plan that boosts user engagement.

Analyze the Competition

As you know, the market is filled with so many dating apps. So, you need to study the existing apps carefully to stand out among them. Consider Tinder, Bumble, and other popular apps to know what are their USPs and feature-set. Moreover, note down their pitfalls that didn’t satisfy the target audience.

Let’s Match

The most important feature of the dating app is matches. You need to build an app that would create perfect matches. For that, you can consider different algorithms for the purpose. You can create a dating algorithm that will make your product stand out.

Tinder matches people based on their location whereas Hinge connects people based on mutual friends. Instead of combining all of these characteristics, create something unique for your matchmaking system. After all, your dating app shouldn't be simply another Tinder substitute. Here are some dating app development algorithms:

  • Similarity of location
  • Calculation-based
  • Preference patterns matching
  • AI-powered techniques

Basic Features to Include in Dating App

Any successful dating app must have a certain set of features. In general, your customers should be able to access your app via any of their social network accounts, such as Facebook. Following that, your users will enter information about themselves such as their age, location, gender, interests, and so on.

Allow them to like, detest, or even super like something. Your users should be able to exchange emojis, images, and other content to one another using a built-in chat system. You may also provide a reward system and provide points to users when they bring friends, post reviews, or do anything else. You can also incorporate the following features:

Social Login

The first feature that can engage users is a social login. Make sure to provide a quick and simple sign-in option with registration via social media platforms.

Profile Management

Make the profile management easier for users so that they feel more engaged and provide more details. It is important to create a user profile that can be edited easily.

Discovery Preferences

It allows users to choose probable candidates. Users can specify whether or not they want to view certain matches based on various filters.


Because of its simplicity and popularity among users, the Tinder-based approach of matching by geography has been imitated by the majority of dating applications. People that have a common location are more likely to match and meet.


Swiping may significantly enhance the user experience. This is why many dating apps have a Like or No button that can be accessed with a single swipe. Furthermore, it demonstrates to be the quickest and most handy method of viewing probable mates.

Voice Chat

Users need this feature to chat with their matches via texting and voice to make the communication more diverse.

Choosing a Dating App Development Company?

In reality, when you select a dating app development company, think about the future success of your project. Working with individuals that have a broad range of skills and a technical background is essential.

Tech Stack

Programming languages (mobile app development) - Java, Swift

Database - Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Frameworks - Node.js, Next.js, Express.js,

Payment gateway - Stripe, PayPal

Cloud storage - Amazon S3

Web servers - Nginx

General utilities - Twilio, Google Analytics, Google Maps,

How would you make money from a dating app?

Wondering how to monetize your dating app and generate revenue? You can earn impressively income through the following means:

Premium Access

Premium access is one of the most prevalent ways to monetize an app, meaning that the user has access to additional features. Provide a variety of plans, categorizing them as Basic, Value, Gold, or other comparable categories.

In-App Purchases

You can earn a significant amount by offering in-app purchases. However, this can happen only if the elements are enticing. Also, ads can help you generate revenue.

Local Partnerships

You can get into an arrangement with any local company to advertise them on your app. For example, you might use your app to market a hotel, restaurant, or flower store. This strategy is only applicable in areas where there are a large number of local users.

How much does it cost to develop a dating app?

The dating app development cost may vary from around $20,000 to $40,00, depending on the number of features you want to include. You'll also need to invest money in marketing, so establish a promotional budget.

The Final Thoughts

Whether we like the notion of online dating or not, dating apps are a reality that is here to stay. It opens up a plethora of new business prospects for both startups and serial entrepreneurs.

You can significantly ensure success while developing a custom dating clone app and save your time and efforts by taking advice from the best dating app development company like iapp Technologies. Our experienced team of mobile app developers offers consulting and comprehensive mobile app development services on any project. If you want to turn your dating app idea into reality, feel free to contact us.

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