How to manage CLAT Preparation with Board Exams?

CLAT preparation along with board exams is a matter of contemplation for students who aspire to make a career in law. Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is the entrance test for any top law institute in India. To secure admission to BA LLB (Hons), BSc LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), BSW LLB (Hons), and BCom LLB (Hons) programs in national law universities, candidates have to clear CLAT. The eligibility of candidates for CLAT is to have completed 10+2 or equivalent examinations with English as a subject from a recognized board. Here in this article, you can read more about the various ways to prepare for CLAT from the prelims stage.

CLAT preparation with board exams

If you know the right ways to prepare, then starting CLAT preparation from the initial stage is an excellent decision. Reasons to start the preparation early are given below:

  1. You get to develop your knowledge of the legal field over time. Thus the basics will be solid in your mind.
  2. You may not need to take a one year break after 12th to prepare for the exam, just focusing on the facts will do the trick.
  3. When it comes to the language, you get an extended period of time to improve yourself in English so that you don't have to spend too much time on it when exam time comes.
  4. The extra time you get for preparation will help you to know different types of questions and problems, so the exam will seem very easy, which will help you to stay calm.

And as always, the early bird catches the prey!

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CLAT Preparation Methods

Given below are some ways to prepare for CLAT along with board exams:

Read Newspaper

CLAT preparation can be tough with board exams. So the preparation methods that a student should adopt should be on the lighter side so that they do not miss out on what they have to learn in school. A good place to start is reading newspapers like The Hindu. It helps you to build your vocabulary, helps you to know legal happenings across the world, and helps you to keep yourself updated with current affairs.

Join CLAT online coaching:

You can join Online CLAT classes for CLAT exam. In CLAT online coaching you not need to know any whare for CLAT preparation. You can prepare for CLAT exam at home a an affordable price. You can join Law Prep Tutorial which is the best coaching for CLAT.

Stick to Limited Resources

Another trick to remember is not to put in the extra effort to learn. The best option is to stick to limited resources. Do not try to get as much study material as it will confuse you further and hinder your performance in school. Take it step by step. One or two preparation books should do. Stick to it and solidify your basics.

CLAT Practice test

Taking mock tests can help you understand what areas you need to focus more on while preparing for CLAT along with board exams. You can also improve your time management skills along the way.

Start with weak areas

Once you have done the CLAT practice tests, you will immediately understand the areas in which you need to focus more. This is one of the advantages of starting the preparation early- you will have a lot more time to improve in the areas in which you are weak.

Know about the exam

The most important thing when attempting to prepare for CLAT with Board Exams- Know your exam! This is the first stage of preparation for any exam. Read more about the exam pattern and syllabus, so that you can prepare a study plan accordingly. This will give you enough and more time to fully understand all the topics covered in the syllabus by the time you actually appear for the exam.

Hope this article was helpful in understanding about CLAT preparation along with board exam. we wish you all the best!

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