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How To Optimize Your Organization By Breaking Down DATA Silos

How To Optimize Your Organization By Breaking Down DATA Silos

Optimize your organization by breaking down data silos

Data is valuable to organizations. Decision makers know how important data can be to their business development. From improving customer experiences and marketing strategies to improving sales and finance, data has a significant role across entire business aspects. In other words, data is the one of the driving forces in most enterprises.

Since data is crucial for business growth, it should be properly organized, easily accessible and shared between departments. Enterprises need to overcome the challenge of data silos to better position themselves for growth and opportunity.

Let us discuss the challenges of data silos and how you can optimize your organization by taking advantage of your data to move in the right direction.

What are data silos?

Data silos means a collection of data that is often inaccessible and isolated. Data can mean any information related to your business. Data silos do not make sharing data between departments possible, which hinders productivity and decision making.  For example, there may be information to be shared between departments including marketing, sales, and customer service, but is not happening.

What causes data silos?

Business culture

In larger enterprises departments often work as independent units. Employees may not disclose data they keep with each other for a variety of business reasons. They may feel that sharing data would become a threat to their job or they keep the information as part of competition with others. This work culture of not sharing data among departments does not provide a work environment where employees need to work together to achieve common business goals.

Organizational structure

Data silos could not be a problem for companies where an employee’s particular focus is on their relevant department only. But for larger organizations, the case is different. Achieving common business goals will require sharing of data across departments, management, staff, and various levels of management. Here data silos are an interruption to business growth.


Although technology plays a key role in the growth of an organization, it contributes to siloed data. Departments use multiple technology systems or applications to manage their operations, and department-specific data is stored in the respective systems. This makes it hard to share data among departments. For example, your sales team uses Salesforce automation tool to manage sales operations and your marketing department uses another tool. There might be common data that needs to be shared by sales and marketing teams. When using different applications or systems, imagine how difficult it would be to discover information.

Break down data silos with Microsoft

You can depend on the right data silos solution to combine your data. Using Microsoft Azure Synapse, you can gain insights from all your data, faster and efficiently.

Microsoft Azure Synapse is an analytics service that provides insights from all your data with quick speed. It provides a unified experience by bringing all your data together into a centralized location. By integrating data, you can save time and money and ensure that you get better business outcomes. You can better serve your customers, target the right customers, increase sales and marketing performance, share information between departments, and enhance business growth - all with deep insights from your data.

The data that comes from Dynamics 365 apps, Power Apps and Power automate is huge. Customers now manage and store this data in Microsoft Dataverse, Common Data Service for data management. Common Data Service acts as a secured database for Dynamics 365 apps. By combining data from across Dynamics 365 apps, Microsoft 365 and even third-party sources, your organization can get a comprehensive picture of your business.

When you want to unearth deep insights, it would be better to use Common Data Service with Azure Synapse Analytics. With Azure Synapse analytics solution you can break data silos and easily share data with different apps and users.

Get expert guidance from the Microsoft Dynamics partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan or anywhere in the MENA region

If your business wants to modernize data management, it is worthwhile to consider the expertise of Microsoft Azure professionals. They can help you transform your business operations with a modern and scalable data silos solution. Microsoft Azure provides a common workspace where you can organize and manage all your data in a single user experience.

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