How to Prepare for CLAT 2022 | Complete Preparation Strategy

In this article, candidates will get to know about the complete preparation strategy for CLAT 2022. The student who is preparing for LAW must know the ideal time to start preparation, which subject is weak or strong, reference books related to the exam, and various information related to the exam, which will help the CLAT aspirants to crack the exam. helps.

Check out the complete article for CLAT Preparation Tips and Tricks.

Start preparation as soon as possible

The main question is, "How long does it take to prepare for CLAT?" The candidates who want to appear in the CLAT exam should start preparing for the exam after completing class 11th. It helps to quickly complete the basics of the exam and take mock tests and practice with test papers. Start the preparation as early as possible, covering most of the topics will also help in deepening the knowledge of each subject.

Preparation Strategy

To crack the CLAT exam, it is important to have a proper strategy that helps in focusing more on the important parts that can lead towards their goal of cracking the exam. Preparation is different from other candidates who are preparing for the law exam. If you are weak in any subject join CLAT courses for CLAT preparation.

Some students prefer to study at night and in the morning, so prepare for the exam on a comfortable time basis. It is suggested to the candidates applying for CLAT 2022 not to change the strategy and try to focus on strong topics, do not think about open topics.

Clarity of exam pattern and syllabus

The candidates who are preparing for CLAT must know the clarity about the CLAT exam pattern and syllabus for both UG and PG courses. With the help of the complete CLAT Syllabus, it will become easier while preparing for the exam and knowing how much they have to study for the CLAT exam. For preparing for CLAT you should have the best books for CLAT 2022.

Doubt clearing and regular revision

Clearing all doubts is one of the important factors to crack the exam. A small doubt creates confusion whereby candidates can choose the wrong option for which candidates have to pay a penalty of 0.25 marks for the wrong answer. Candidates are suggested to revise regularly for the subject, which helps in remembering the facts and figures correctly, and the revised things will remain intact for a long time.

CLAT Online Mock Test Series

Aspirants preparing for law exam should also go through the previous year question paper and CLAT online mock test series, which helps to know the type of questions asked in the exam. Also, candidates will get an idea of ​​the exam pattern as well as the general questions asked from which section, how many questions are coming from the subject of the syllabus, etc.

Time Management

Time management is essential when one starts preparing for the CLAT exam as it is a national level exam. As per the exam pattern, 200 questions will be attempted in the time limit of 120 minutes (2 hours).

To manage time, candidates have to revise the syllabus regularly, practice continuously with the help of mock tests, etc.

Know Weakness and Strength

While practising, candidates get to know which area is weak and strong. Analyze the weak area, and start practising with extra efforts to understand it better, strengthen the ability, practice that particular subject or subject more, clear the doubts and try to improve it.

The subject or subject on which the candidate has a good hold will not be avoidable candidates should continue to practice on that also.

Best of Luck for the CLAT exam 2022.

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