How to Prepare for CLAT from Class 11

Many students start preparing for CLAT from class 11th onwards. Those who are sure about making a career in law by class 11th have the added benefit of having more time in hand. With the right strategy, students can start preparing for CLAT in class 11th and crack the exam.

  1. Firstly, candidates must read the entire syllabus of CLAT and understand the exam pattern. By doing this they will get an idea of ​​the basics of the exam.
  2. Time management is of utmost importance while starting your CLAT preparation in class 11th. While students have around two years to prepare for the law entrance exam, they also have to balance their schooling and other activities.
  3. Candidates can divide their CLAT preparation into three phases.
    Step 1: In this step, candidates will go through the complete syllabus, exam pattern and collect the study material for CLAT preparation. They will make a timetable devoting at least 2-3 hours for the study of CLAT every day.
    Step 2: The second stage will be the longest and candidates will cover the entire syllabus of CLAT. They will study all the topics that can be asked in the exam and also leave enough time for revision.
    Step 3: In the third stage, candidates will mainly focus on solving mock tests and sample papers. They will prepare for the exam by practicing questions on a regular basis.
  4. Every student has a different desire to study, so each person should make a study plan according to their abilities. Candidates should not bear the burden of studies and should make such a plan which includes other things also.
  5. Candidates should make the most of the weekend. If they fail to stick to their schedule during the week, they should make sure to cover it over the weekend so that next week's study plan is not disrupted.
  6. During school exams and exams, it is natural for students to not spend much time on CLAT preparation as they will be busy with their school studies. However, they have to make it a point to make it after the exam is over.
  7. Most of the experts recommend to start CLAT preparation from NCERT books. Students must go through all those NCERT books which contain CLAT syllabus at least once.

If a candidate completes his CLAT preparation and still has some time left, he can buy test series from a reputed CLAT coaching center. These tests and mock papers will help in getting comfortable and familiar with the exam pattern and will also boost the speed and accuracy of the candidate.

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