How to Clear SSC Exam 2022 in First Attempt

Do you want to crack SSC Exam in first attempt? Of course who would say no to this question! So here firstly I'll suggest you the Best SSC Online Course also along with this here In this article I'll give complete guidance to crack SSC Exam 2022.

First you should know what is syllabus of SSC CGL.

Math and English - 250 marks each

Reasoning and GS - 50 marks each

Descriptive - 100 marks

You can see from here that math and English are of 500 marks out of 700 i.e. 72℅

Give English and Math more and more attention

First and foremost, if you want to get selected for CGL, avoid having too many friends, keep as few friends as possible, and don't waste time watching movies or other pleasurable activities. With just one mark difference, 1000+ candidates will cross your path, so keep that in mind. This is not a high school or college exam that everyone passes; rather, it is a competitive exam that only 10,000 people out of 3 million pass.

There is no difference in the syllabus for pre and mains, thus it's absurd that you're studying for pre now and mains later. Though you're studying math or English, treat it as if you're going to solve all of the questions, no matter how difficult they are.

SSC Online Course - Maths
Be prepared for Maths

Math is a horror movie for some pupils who are terrified of it, and a bed of roses for others who love it. The most crucial thing to do to earn good grades in math is to have a basic comprehension of the subject. If you don't have a basic understanding of the subject, you won't receive good grades. Develop a positive mindset towards mathematics, believing that your arithmetic is really strong; if you believe your math is weak, you will never get good grades in math.

Develop your fundamentals first, then accuracy, and finally speed.

To improve accuracy, you should get tuition from any teacher that suits you, or you can purchase Rakesh Yadav class notes for the basics after that.


Read The Hindu or The Indian Express for 40–45 minutes every day. When you look at a mains paper in English, you will notice that

45-47 marks for Active, Passive, and Direct and Indirect

20 marks for PQRS (Sentence Arrangement).

45–50 points for passage and Cloze test

10 points for idioms and phrases

130–135 out of 200 total. 65c/o

You can see from this that you don't need to put in a lot of effort if you have a basic comprehension that comes from reading the newspaper. These chapters should be read first. Many kids are terrified of English, much as they are of math, but in English, you may get a good grade without learning a lot of grammar, so keep that in mind. You can make ridiculous mistakes in arithmetic, but there is nothing like silly mistakes in English.

Give English Mains sample tests on a regular basis to establish a fundamental comprehension.

General Awareness - This is a subject that can propel you to the top of the class. It's only worth 50 points, thus wasting time on it isn't worth it in my perspective.

Concentrate solely on Lucent and Current Affairs; a score of 30 or higher is a good result. With only these two things, I was able to get a 45 in GA.

Give it your all in current affairs and static gk, since it will be worth 20–24 points out of a possible 50.

Reasoning - If your arithmetic skills are strong, you will naturally score well in reasoning. Only do last year's reasoning problems, and if your fundamentals are weak, you can watch.

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