How to prepare Legal Aptitude for CLAT 2022?

The Legal Aptitude section in the CLAT exam assesses the candidate's inclination towards law and their problem-solving ability in a given time period. The section includes questions on legal principles.

  • This is the only section of CLAT which is completely new to all. So you need to pay a little attention to this section. This section will play a decisive role in securing a seat in the law college of your dreams.
  • You should have sound knowledge of important constitutional articles, historical/recent judgments and new laws/amendments.
  • Your legal aptitude will be tested in theory-fact questions. Practice as many mocks and previous year papers as possible to enhance your legal reasoning skills. Join CLAT online coaching for CLAT 2023 or 2024 if you are weak in any subject or want to get top rank in CLAT exam.

So, go ahead, prepare your strategy and execute it. It will take time, but you will eventually get a clear idea of ​​what you need to study and how to do it.

The Legal Aptitude section is very unique and relevant to CLAT for two reasons: first; This is the tiebreaker section; second; It can be mastered very quickly.

Here are some guiding tips to help you prepare for the Legal Aptitude section of CLAT exam:

  1. Know what this section is about: The first thing you need to know before you start preparing for the CLAT Legal Aptitude section is that this section is only going to test your legal reasoning. Legal reasoning is not about knowledge, it is about logic as you can tell from the name. Your knowledge of the law is not being assessed here.
    The Legal Qualifications section is divided into 3 sections as follows-
    (i) Legal reasoning
    (ii) Legal facts
    (iii) Legal GK

(i) Legal Reasoning: This section tests a candidate's skill in Legal Aptitude. Legal reasoning questions are theory and fact-based questions in which you are provided with a legal proposition (theory) and a set of facts on which the proposition (theory) is to be applied.
Subjects for preparation:
(i) In the previous year papers, questions have been asked from the following topics:
(ii) Indian Penal Code
(iii) Law of Torts
(iv) Law of Contract

(ii) Legal facts

Prepare the following topics well here:
(i) Fundamental Rights
(ii) Directive Principles
(iii) Preface
(iv) Important Amendments
(v) Important decisions
(vi) Recommendations and Chairpersons of Law Commissions

(iii) Legal GK
Legal GK section requires your awareness skills. The most reliable and best source to prepare Legal GK is a good financial newspaper. Legal GK questions include questions related to Constitutional Law, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Amendments and Historical Judgments.

Also, questions related to current legal events are also asked in this section. In addition, the meaning of legal proverbs is asked.

Also, know all the important amendments to the constitution and you can refer to a list of important legal principles to formulate a legal max.

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