How To Prevent Cyber Attacks During A War?

The world is witnessing the military attacks on Ukraine by the Russian army and government. It is very difficult to think about routine business operations in such circumstances. This is creating uncertainty for the businesses and there is more probability of cyber-attacks on the businesses. Experts are warning businesses especially financial institutions and banks of ransom-ware attacks. This is because it is the simplest form of attack to launch. Keeping this scenario in mind, businesses are reviewing their technologies and procedures that will assist in preventing, detecting and mitigating the impact of compromising on cyber security. However, an in-depth refurbishment of the cyber security program is not important and feasible. Therefore, it is very important to look for good security testing companies that can resolve the security loopholes.

Nevertheless, some steps can be adopted immediately.

Increase Your Security Awareness

Sometimes, people are the initial line of defence when it comes to recognition of malicious activity. The companies must ask the non-technical resources to find sudden emails, emails containing links and attachments, and emails with urgent requests. These could sometimes act as a doorway for phishing and ransom-ware. Companies are requested to provide extra guidance to the customers regarding the identification and reporting of any suspicious activities. The users must be aware regarding the quarantining email from unidentified sources like attachments and links. Therefore users must be taken into fold and make them aware regarding their valuable assistance.

Know What Is Normal

Security, operations and IT teams should pay attention to system monitoring tools and logs for suspicious behaviour. This includes executable, excessive app usage, rising outbound traffic, rising login attempts. Therefore, it is very important to have a baseline. If you have no idea regarding what is normal, get a present perspective and historical perspective. Hence, you must keep under consideration that normal in the remote world and hybrid work is not the same as it was 2 years ago. Technological teams are going to witness zillions of remote requests. This does not indicate an attack. However, knowledge of requests coming from harmless and legitimate insiders is motivated externally by threat actors. This plays an imperative role in identification of a cyber-attack.

Enhance Your Observing and Logging

The ability to take an immediate action plays an imperative role in winning against the cyber war. For this, you have to continuously monitor the endpoints, controls and internal systems. Your firewall processes, and enhanced security must be on their designated place to counter important alerts. There is always a good time to monitor app to app and host to host interactions, review the cloud configurations, to filter content and fine-tune web controls.

Evaluate Your Authentication and Access

If your company has not already transferred to password-less verification, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication (MFC), it is the best time to visit these capabilities again. You must guarantee that advanced requirements for access are in place for the advantaged users. Other than verification and access for advantaged users, you must take into consideration the zero trust policies for access. This incorporates app-level micro-segmentation, MFA by default, Just-in-time access and least privilege.

Safeguard Personal Devices

The hybrid and remote work in working space enables businesses to consider the users’ security condition on personal devices. Protection of end-point is also very important. Nevertheless, agent-based tools just view the point they are deployed at, a customer's jail-broken smartphone. This can spoil any efforts by security teams to implement sufficient security. As a result, the security team must provide defences, beginning by positioning end-point protection. This will allow them to implement privileged and advanced access management. It includes backing up systems, encrypting important devices and data and support systems to offer protection against whole complete failure.

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