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How to prevent students from being distracted from their smartphones

How to prevent students from being distracted from their smartphones

Nowadays, most people are addicted to using their smartphones. Our phones can help us be more productive and surprisingly creative. People usually get very distracted by their phones.

Along with the amazing benefits, it is obvious that most people cannot control how much they use their smartphones properly, harmfully influencing their productivity and mental health.

On average, most people use their mobile devices between two to three hours daily. The time that people use their devices is often double their estimate. Here are a few interesting ways to prevent students from getting distracted from their smartphones.

Tip 1: Turn Off All Notifications

Something easy to change to reclaim control over your attention is to put the notifications from WhatsApp, YouTube and other apps off. Notifications along with alerts remain to tug at your attention from what you are busy with so that you reach for your phone to check your notifications.

The second that someone opens an app or website to see their notifications, the chances that videos and games distract them are immensely high.

By allowing your notifications to remain on, you let other people or companies, like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to disrupt you whenever they please.

People should at least turn their notifications off when they are working.

Tip 2: Be Focussed On Studies Instead

Study for one hour straight and then have a lovely 20-minute break to get a snack, drink, or do anything else productive to occupy yourself (according to many scientists, this will help your brain absorb more knowledge). Practice this maybe two times a day, depending on the workload. Save the phone time for when you do not have work or are on holiday. Also, make sure to submit assignments on time; check out the dissertation writing service uk for help with this.

Tip 3: Schedule Your Phone Usage Time

One easy thing that will assist with using less time on your phone is to evidently identify when it is suitable to allow yourself to use the phone. From scrolling through your messages to enjoying an entertaining movie or video, you can explore it all but make sure to stick to the time limits.

This is common practice with most people, where a cheat day is a day where you allow yourself to eat any food or drink no matter how unhealthy it is.

Tip 4: Use An App Or a Setting That Will Alert You When Your Screen Time Or Usage Is High Or Above a Pre-Set Amount.

Using an app or setting to do this will allow you to be able to know when to put the phone away.

Tip 5: Delete Certain Apps

Do not be afraid to delete a few apps. You do not have to delete the apps that you don’t use too often; those are easy to get rid of. Instead, get rid of many of the apps that will distract you, AKA the apps your usage, ties much more time with than you would hope. Totally eradicating approachability towards these apps is surely one of many ways to stop them from stealing your time, mental lucidity, and focus.

It might not feel easy at all. It will feel like you are losing out. However, it is mostly just your brain tricking you. The benefits of you deleting these apps are much greater than the burden of eliminating them. You can always find a less distracting way to access the same information.

Tip 6: Do Not Use Your Phone For The First, Half To One Hour Of The Day

Most people will check their phone within the first 15-20 minutes of the day, which will have them thinking about their massages and games for the rest of the day.

Instead of putting a start to your morning by concentrating on your aims, you are led to respond to different people’s material instead. It is more common for people who check their phones so early to experience more stress throughout the day than others do.

Instead, use the morning to toil to your goals, improve yourself, and prepare for a fruitful and joyful day.

A good suggestion would be to use an analogue clock and keep your phone silent so that notifications and alerts do not wake you up.

Tip 7: Move Around Your Apps To a Different Location.

Many people often find themselves on specific apps deprived of even grasping it. This displays how instinctive their phone use is. It frequently is muscle memory used to go onto a certain app so many times daily that it will lead to people doing this exact thing.

One method to battle this is by repeatedly altering your apps' position. In the opening few days, you will likely click where the app was at first. This shows how abundant of an involuntary routine using that app is to you.

By altering the setting of your apps to numerous different locations, you will have to devote additional effort to access them. This postponement will be exactly what you need to be intentional about your phone or device usage rather than it being a routine or usual gesture.

You will eventually get used to the app placement. A good idea to prevent this is to change their position on a schedule. It will be different for everyone because they will have to change it according to them and how long it takes to get the hang of the new app locations.

Tip 8: Do Not Always Keep Your Phone With You

Most people have not left their house or apartment deprived of their smartphones in ages. The phone has become a part of them. To regain your freedom and independence, make it a custom not to have your phone with you the entire day.

Enjoy a lovely stroll deprived of your phone, and solely relish your environment. Plan a coffee with an associate or family member and become completely ongoing in the chat.


All in all, the entire point is to have self-control and limit yourself to your phone usage and study times. This is all you need to help and improve yourself and your mentality.

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