How to Run and Manage a Successful Marketing Team


Marketing is arguably one of the most in-demand skills in the world. Very few businesses will succeed without at least some sort of marketing. But there’s a big gap between understanding the importance of marketing and knowing how to run and manage a successful marketing team.

In this brief article, we’re going to run through our six best tips for how to run and manage a successful marketing team.


  1. Find a well-rounded group of specialists
  2. Set goals and key performance indicators
  3. Create a water-tight marketing plan
  4. Use Teams or Slack
  5. Constant review meetings
  6. Use a project management methodology

Find a well-rounded group of specialists

Marketing is an extensive collection of different activities and roles. Being a generalist is excellent, and most marketers need to understand the basics of how everything works.

But when you want to achieve results, you need to find specialists that have dedicated significant time to honing their skills in one particular area.

Most marketing teams will need some expertise in email marketing, advertising, and content writing. If your team isn’t at the stage of hiring multiple individuals to focus on a single activity, then it’s completely acceptable to hire a generalist.

As your team starts growing, avoid bringing on too many generalists.

Set goals and key performance indicators

Settings goals and KPIs is excellent advice for any team, but it’s crucial for marketing teams. Making an impact on the bottom line through creative and effective marketing is incredibly difficult. Before you bring on any new team members, make sure you have key performance indicators defined. Your team should understand the goals their shooting for.

After all, if your team doesn’t understand what they need to achieve, they won’t know if they’re not hitting the mark.

Create a water-tight marketing plan

Creating a laser-focused marketing plan empowers your team. Everyone understands the direction and approach for getting to the destination. Having a document to consult is especially useful when significant hurdles and failures surface during the marketing process.

Your marketing plan doesn’t have to be correct, but it must be clear and well thought out. There’s no right plan, just one you and your team believe will be the most likely to succeed.

The steps to creating an effective marketing plan are pretty involved. Hubspot provides an excellent guide and template to get you started.

Use Microsoft Teams or Slack

It’s 2021, and communicating with your team is no longer as straightforward as turning up to the office at 9 am. Working from home is here to stay, and that means changing your lines of communication.

Luckily, Microsoft Teams and Slack are two excellent solutions to keep the lines of communication flowing. We lean more towards Slack, but it’s a simple matter of preference.

Slack integrates with just about everything, can be used as a notepad, sends reminders, stores files, and does many other beneficial things for marketing teams.

Constant review meetings

Every marketing team should take the time to review progress and personal performances. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to stop and look deeply at how your team is operating, but the insights are usually worth their weight in gold.

Allowing your team to provide feedback on what they believe is going well and what isn’t working can solve problems before they have any real impact.

Use a project management methodology

Marketing projects are often fluid and can need to change quickly. This is all the more reason to use a structured approach to managing the project.

Project management methodologies are associated with software development projects. While approaches like agile or waterfall may not be suitable for marketing teams, a hybrid approach that combines the best of the two methods can create real productivity gains.

Under this approach, the team would plan their activities out at the start of the project in sequence. From there, they frequently meet to triage and prioritize the essential activities and work on them in that order.


Running a successful marketing team is challenging and requires constant work. The most important tips we can recommend are developing clean goals and plans with your team. Including them in the process will empower and motivate them to achieve great things!

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